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Idaho Senate Rejects Wind Turbine Project

April 16, 2023 |

House Concurrent Resolution 4 supporting a no-build option for the construction of 400 wind turbines, was unanimously adopted by the Idaho legislature.

The project was opposed for many reasons including potential harm to wildlife, environmental impacts, and energy generated in Idaho would be used in California.

Cosponsor of the legislation Senator Linda Wright Hartgen stated, “Why would multi-use public lands in Idaho be monopolized for California?”

Senate Majority Leader Kelly Anthon said, “Nothing like this has ever been built before. Idaho’s public land is the guinea pig. And why are we the guinea pig? Because California needs more power.”

There is growing opposition to wind turbines as more facts come to light regarding the true environmental cost of these facilities.



Link To House Concurrent Resolution No. 4 HERE



March 29, 2023 | By Lorien Nettleton |

A resolution opposing the Lava Ridge wind energy proposal has been adopted by the Idaho Legislature, after a unanimous vote in the state Senate on Tuesday.

LS Power and Magic Valley Energy have proposed a large-scale wind energy project on public lands east of Jerome. It would be the first such project on public lands in Idaho, and, if the targeted 1000 MegaWatt capacity is reached, it would be among the largest terrestrial wind energy projects in the country.

House Concurrent Resolution 4 states that the Legislature considers the concerns of the Magic Valley as justification to support a no-build option for Lava Ridge and asks Gov. Brad Little and Attorney General Raul Labrador to “review the project and assure that the interests of Idaho are foremost in the final decision.”

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