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Study: masks had no impact on C19 incidence among children

April 29, 2023 | In addition to being ineffective, forced masking violated Constitutional rights.  The mandating of what became a political symbol, caused harm to children and damage to society.

Forced masking empowered criminals to commit crimes while easily concealing their identity. Politicians and store clerks practiced medicine without a license by forcing a medical intervention.

There need to be serious consequences for those who formulated C19 policies and countermeasures; masks, lockdowns, experimental injections and the controlled demolition of the American economy.




According to our analysis, no additional effect was gained from mandating face masks, based on comparisons between the cities and between the age groups of the unvaccinated children (10–12 years versus 7–9 years).

Face mask recommendations in schools did not impact COVID-19 incidence among 10–12-year-olds in Finland – joinpoint regression analysis | BMC Public Health | Full Text (

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