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U.S. leaders provoking unnecessary war with China

April 25, 2023 |

About 200 US troops, being called “advisors,” have been sent to Taiwan to support their Armed Forces training.

This destabilizing policy to deliberately escalate tensions with China over territorial disputes with Taiwan is unnecessary.

Now is the time for leadership to focus on negotiations to end conflicts and seek diplomatic solutions to secure the peace.

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U.S. Sends Troops to Taiwan!

The U.S. has sent another 200 soldiers — described as “trainers” — to Taiwan in the latest provocative move aimed at sending a message to China. China’s growing economy and increasingly powerful role on the international stage represents a threat to the unipolar world ruled over by the United States, and a possible war with China over Taiwan may be the only option available to U.S. leaders to downgrade this emerging power.

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Around 200 U.S. Advisers Instructing Taiwan’s Armed Forces: Report (

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