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Zelensky and Xi discuss peace plan for Ukraine

Instead of working to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible, the Biden administration is working hard to continue the conflict as long as possible.

As DC’s war policy continues to nosedive, China’s President Jinping has started efforts to lead negotiations, with a “long and meaningful” discussion yesterday with Ukraine’s Zelensky.  China intends to send a peace envoy to support diplomatic efforts.

The war in Ukraine never should have happened. The United States could have diplomatically resolved the matter and prevented the war. Congress is willing to bankrupt the American economy, spending BILLIONS of dollars on the quagmire that is causing misery, destruction, and loss of life.

In spite of the Biden administration’s commitment to continue Washington’s proxy war against Russia, the American people support starting negotiations to bring an end to the conflict.


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War is good for business in Ukraine

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently convened a gathering of business executives and government agency leaders to discuss the burgeoning prospects for profitability in Ukraine following the war, assuming the “right” side wins.

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Xi Jinping Tells Volodymyr Zelensky China Will Send Peace Envoy to Ukraine | By Democracy Now!

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