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Construction of the kill box: legal history

May 4, 2023 | Image source

Author of Bailiwick news Katherine Watt, paralegal and law researcher, drafted an executive summary version of “the legal history of the biomedical police state kill box system.”

The document was compiled at the request of Senator Ron Johnson. After reviewing the materials, Senator Johnson chose not to proceed in the process of ending the killing program and holding those responsible, accountable.

Recently Katherine Watt updated the document:

May 2023 – Legal History – American Domestic Bioterrorism Program (PDF)

The LEGAL HISTORY – AMERICAN DOMESTIC BIOTERRORISM PROGRAM provides a timeline and footnotes outlining the statutes, regulations, executive orders, guidance documents and budget allocations enabling the program.

It’s clear that those responsible for C19 crimes must be prosecuted and face consequences for their actions (or inactions).

In addition, the legal framework and mechanisms enabling these programs have to be shut down and ended immediately.



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Construction of the kill box: legal history. 


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