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5G Warning Issued by Transportation Secretary

June 26, 2023 | Image Source_Scientists4WiredTech_Microwave Primer

Flight delays and disruptions due to increased transmissions of Radiofrequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation (“5G”) interference were announced by Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary. Buttigieg said some aircrafts do not yet have the necessary updated equipment that would prevent interference from wireless transmissions.

Even though RF/MW Radiation (“5G”) is not safe for public health, the environment, and is a known threat to the aviation industry, these hazards are not being addressed.

Instead, a free pass has been granted to wireless companies by the FCC and the federal government in collaboration with DOD to blast more RF/MW Radiation.

Note: Not a single agency in the USA is measuring or monitoring RF/MW Radiation pollution.



-The FCC and AT&T are partners with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the standardizing agency for global “5G”.

-The International Telecommunication Union: The Most Important UN Agency You Have Never Heard Of 

-ITU’s top contributors: China – ITU Hub



Buttigieg warns airlines to finish retrofitting planes to avoid interference from 5G signals


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Microwave analyzing meters to detect radiation is important in documenting data.

June 21, 2023, Noon: RF Reading 100,900 µWm2 Location Cell tower in State Game Lands in Warrington Twp., Pennsylvania.



January 26, 2022, San Rafael, California 



Sebastopol, California

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New York City

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Link To RF-EMR-Exposures-v5.pdf 

Link To Building Biology RF Radiation Guidelines


Local regulatory control over wireless facilities is critical to protecting families and communities from microwave radiation (“5G”) pollution.

Reaching out to alert friends, neighbors, family, and scheduling meetings with local and state policymakers is another important step to addressing this urgent public safety matter.


Some examples of successful local efforts to push back against microwave deployment here:

Massachusetts: Sheffield and Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications 

Dalton Gardens, Idaho Wireless Ordinance Defeated 

Lewis County Tennessee Resolution Passed Requesting Research Proving Safety of 5G 

Several New York City Communities Passed Resolutions for Moratoria on 5G

Victory in Long Beach, California Preventing 5G Tower 





DoD leading the charge on 5G 

NATO and the Militarization of 5G 

AT&T is a partner of China as well as a partner of the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

AT&T Collaboration Powers 5G-Enabled Defense Capabilities (

AT&T selects Ericsson for expansion of 5G network and C-band spectrum build – Ericsson

Ericsson selected for U.S. DOD 5G testing

Reigning-in Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation (“5G”)