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Arizona Whistleblowers Expose Crisis at the U.S. Border

July 7, 2023 | Image source | As the Biden administration and bipartisan Congress continue to spend BILLIONS for Zelensky’s failed quagmire in Ukraine, USA borders have still not been secured.

It has been reported that unprecedented numbers of Chinese nationals have entered the United States via the southern border, raising national security questions about possible “sleeper agents”.


China’s Saboteurs Are Coming to America :: Gatestone Institute

There is a lawful process to enter the United States which involves screening and oversight to provide support as well as to provide for national security. This lawful process seems to have been largely abandoned by the Biden administration.


Federal Whistleblower: Government Complicit in Trafficking Children

Biden Administration’s ‘Operation Allies Welcome’ Brought Suspected and Known Terrorists from Afghanistan to USA 

Whistleblowers from Arizona have come forward to reveal the horrific crimes of human smuggling and the sex trafficking enterprise in a new documentary called “Cages – Epic Human Trafficking Truth”.  According to reports, the U.S. Government and Mexican drug cartels are partners in the abuse and sexual exploitation of women and children.

It’s urgent to address this humanitarian and national security crisis, holding criminals and their accomplices accountable, and securing America’s borders.



Arizona Whistleblowers Expose the Human Sex Trafficking Business at the U.S. Border (


by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News

A new documentary titled “Cages – Epic Human Trafficking Truth” has just been published featuring whistleblowers from Arizona revealing the horrors of human sex trafficking that are happening every day at the U.S. Mexican border, where the U.S. Government is working together with Mexican drug cartels to allow this horrible sex trafficking enterprise to flourish inside the United States.

This business of human sex trafficking, and specifically pedophile child sex trafficking, is today one of the most lucrative businesses, if not THE MOST lucrative business, in the U.S. economy.

The money that is brought in through human sex trafficking buys lawyers, judges, law enforcement agencies like the FBI, and elections.

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