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DHS to Fly Foreign Nationals to US and Grant Gov Work Permits

July 8, 2023 | Image source

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a new program to fly foreign nationals to the USA and provide these individuals with government work permits.  At a time of increasing homelessness and unemployment in the United States, the move by the DHS is:

1.) Reducing opportunities for housing and jobs for American people currently facing unemployment and homelessness.

2.) Undermining national security because the legitimate path to attain USA citizenship traditionally takes many years in order to pass the required security checks.


One important question regarding the DHS program is what kind of government jobs will be provided to non-Americans? In Illinois for example, legislation has moved forward that would grant non-citizens the ability to arrest Americans.


Non-Citizens To Have Arrest Powers As Police Officers In Illinois 


Another factor in the equation is the level of corruption of the DHS and other agencies who have been abusing their authority and have no meaningful public oversight over their activities.

Why are the DHS and the Department of State (CIA?) enacting programs beyond the lawful parameters of the Constitution?

Recognizing the depth of corruption, many are questioning whether alphabet agencies are constitutional or whether these agencies should exist at all.

Facilitating increased migration into the USA is not a power granted to alphabet agencies by the Constitution.


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