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How Geoengineering and “5G” are Linked

July 23, 2023 | | The purpose of this article is to examine the link between “5G” (satellite and ground-based microwave antenna systems), Geoengineering / Weather Modification (weather control), and UN-led globalist governance of these activities. Bottom line is that these systems are interactive and may be purposed as weapons. Regulatory measures at local, state, and national levels can be enacted and implemented to prohibit weather manipulation and the release of hazardous emissions in our skies and at ground level.

In sum, the USA must exit and stop funding the United Nations and all UN affiliated organizations.

THE UNITED NATIONS exposed by G. Edward Griffin

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Just as the World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nations (UN) globalist agency for “health” governance, the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is the organizing principle of global weather control programs.  The UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) governs global standardization of microwave antenna (“5G”) systems and interactive satellite networks, toward the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of UN Agenda 2030.


In a 1961 speech to the UN, JFK stated: We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control. We shall propose, finally, a global system of communications satellites linking the whole world in telegraph and telephone and radio and television”. 


Weather control involves the intentional release and interaction of two categories of hazardous polluting emissions:

1. Cloud Seeding Aerosols (aka/ Cloud Condensation Nuclei/ CCN) 

2. Radiofrequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.


Patents below describe interaction between weather modification aerosol (CCN) and Radiofrequency Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.

Image fromSystem for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation,” describes the interaction between category 1., “substances” or aerosols (CCN), and category 2. “physical agents” like RF/MW Radiation. [Color highlighting is from ZG]

Link to Patent HERE


Cloud Seeding Aerosols and CCN are also called RF Absorbing elements: 


Description below from patent Weather Management Using Space-Based power System:

The energy absorbing element 3200 is a RF-absorbing chaff.

More Information on Chaff HERE, HERE, and HERE

Review of Advances in Precipitation Enhancement and Cloud Seeding Aerosols HERE


Patents below provide information regarding interaction between weather modification aerosol (CCN) and Radiofrequency Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.

Patent US 20140145002A1 System for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation.   

Patent US 2011/0204159 A1 Weather Management using space-based power system.

Patent US 2011/0174892 A1 Apparatus and related methods for weather modification by the electrical processes in the atmosphere.

Patent US 4,402,480 Atmosphere Modification Satellite


More Information HERE

Can we talk about the weather?



The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is the central organizing principle of worldwide weather modification (WM) or Geoengineering (GE), aka meteorology.

Link to Source at WMO HERE


The UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the organizing component governing global wireless systems.

Link to ITU Source HERE

“A hidden part of the information and communication (ICT) networks and devices we all use every day, ITU standards are rarely perceived by users but vital in enabling the interconnection and interoperability of ICT equipment and devices manufactured by hundreds of thousands of different companies around the world.”


The UN WMO and ITU collaborate to coordinate weather control and monitoring activities.


According to Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary-General ITU “Radiofrequencies are really critical for meteorological services and climate monitoring applications.”

“It is also a growing area of collaboration for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), as the shared used of radio spectrum is crucial for the study of climate change — and for the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Link To Source ITU HERE


“Monitoring” may also be interpreted as SURVEILLANCE.


A June 2023 White House report “Congressionally Mandated Research Plan and an Initial Research Governance Framework Related to Solar Radiation Management,” outlines the plan to deploy geoengineering programs, that are being framed as “research.” The report cites cooperative efforts with the WMO.

Link To Report HERE


More information:

Solar Geoengineering (

Origin of Meteorology see CIA 1960 Climate Control Report HERE

International Telecommunication Union: The Most Important UN Agency You Have Never Heard Of HERE

Feasibility of Space-Based Monitoring for Governance of Solar Radiation Management HERE


Globally interactive systems of weather engineering and wireless communication networks (ALL the “G’s” + Artificial Intelligence) together comprise the foundation for a global, military weapons system.

These interactive globalist control systems may be used for biometric surveillance, psychological warfare [MINDWAR], data collection, vaxx ID, CBDC’s, to cause fires, or even to induce disease and death.



How electromagnetic weapons induce disease and mentally disable entire populations


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Unless Peace Comes – How to Wreck the Environment | A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons • 1968 


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A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception


1985 CNN Report: RF Weapons, 60GHz Microwave Beams, Mind Control, Adverse Bio-effects 

Link To Video HERE


Public private partnerships provide borderless collaboration and control of Weather and Wireless Telecommunications Systems outside the context of legitimate governance. 


More Information on Artificial Intelligence, the ITU and the WMO below:


WMO and Artificial Intelligence HERE, HERE, and HERE


ITU and Artificial Intelligence HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE




United Nations Artificial Intelligence HERE



What can be done to ban weather engineering and other hazardous emissions:

Regulatory measures at the state and national level can be enacted and implemented to prohibit weather manipulation and the release of hazardous emissions in our skies and at ground level.

Mexico banned Solar Geoengineering experimentation in January 2023.

PennsylvaniaMaryland, and West Virginia provide precedent from the 1960’s for prohibiting and preventing cloud seeding and weather modification activities. These kinds of policies could be reenacted at the state and national level today.

The Atmosphere Protection Act was introduced in Rhode Island in 2023 to prohibit deliberate polluting activities in the atmosphere and at ground level, including both aerosol injection and RF/MW Radiation.

Legislation to tackle geoengineering and weather modification pollution was also introduced in Connecticut and Illinois this year.

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To learn more about advocating for legislation to prohibit weather modification, geoengineering, and other atmospheric/environmental hazards email: or



It’s possible and necessary to take control of wireless infrastructures at the local level. 


From Wire America:

Any county or locality can set the following WTF application requirement: the application will remain incomplete until the applicant submits substantial written evidence in the public record proving that the FCC has completed the U.S. Courts of Appeals-mandated work in Cases 18-1129, 18-1051 and 20-1025.

That applies to all 50 states in the USA. 

Case Vacated Portions of Result
Case No. 18-1129: Keetoowah v FCC FCC Order 18-30 The court vacated the National Environmental Policy Act and National Historic Preservation Act exemptions and vacated the very definition of “Small Wireless Facilities” — a definition that was never subsequently re-established by the FCC. As a result, every single WTF of any size must undergo NEPA and NHPA review and must be considered one-at-a-time, on a case-by-case basis.
Case No. 18-1051: Mozilla v FCC FCC Order 17-166 The court upheld the FCC’s decision to re-classify broadband Internet as an “information service,” and mobile broadband as a “private mobile service,” making neither subject to common carrier status or Title II regulation. The Court also concluded that the FCC did not show legal authority to issue its Preemption Directive, which would have barred states from imposing any rule or requirement to regulate broadband internet. The court vacated that portion of the order, freeing the states to regulate broadband as they wish.
Case No. 20-1025: Environmental Health Trust v FCC FCC Order 19-126 The court vacated the extension of the FCC RF microwave radiation exposure guideline to frequencies above 6,000 MHz and mandated the FCC to evaluate the 27 volumes of scientific evidence in the court’s record (see links in Appendix B) and then explain how the FCC RF microwave radiation exposure guideline adequately protects against harmful effects of exposure to RF microwave radiation, focusing on impacts on children, biological harms of long-term exposures, and adverse impacts on the environment. The FCC has ignored this U.S. Courts of Appeals-mandate for two years — and counting.


More Information from Wire America HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Vote No on AB-965: Scientific Evidence – Wire California

What to Do About The Digital Prison Act, HR-3557 – Wire America



Examples of Local Victories:

Massachusetts: Sheffield and Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications 

Coventry UK: Neighbors Team Up To Force Removal of 5G Mast “Monstrosity” 

Dalton Gardens, Idaho Wireless Ordinance Defeated 

Lewis County Tennessee Resolution Passed Requesting Research Proving Safety of 5G 

Good News From The UK! Two 5G Masts Refused: One in Urmston and the Other in Timperley 

Councils Invoking the Precautionary Principle – UK, Scotland, Ireland

Several New York City Communities Passed Resolutions for Moratoria on 5G

Victory in Long Beach, California Preventing 5G Tower 





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