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July 1, 2023 | | Image Source |Many are noticing the fascinating “coincidence” that malaria alerts have been issued in Florida and Texas, the same states that Bill Gates funded Oxitec mosquitos have been released.

In July 2009, Gates lectured about malaria and joked about releasing mosquitos:

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Bill Gates invests in a company called Oxitec, funded for “research” on mosquitos and malaria.

Oxitec | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



HORROR SHOW UPDATE: Are Genetically Modified Mosquitoes That Vaccinate Humans Now Causing U.S. Malaria Cases For First Time Since 2003?

Are Bill Gates & George Soros Funding Dangerous Genetically Altered Mosquito Projects? 



Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Company Profile | Atlanta, GA | Competitors, Financials & Contacts – Dun & Bradstreet 


The CDC, a for-profit company working with China that helped to promote and market CV19, is again at the forefront of hyping malaria “cases” and prospects of a vaxx.


Malaria is being reported in Florida. Everything you need to know from signs to prospects of a vaccine

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Unsurprisingly, Gates has funded malaria vaxx “research”.


Other “research” on GMO mosquitos has been funded by DARPA, NIH, NSF, and the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences:

Combating mosquito-borne diseases using genetic control technologies | Nature Communications

Combating mosquito-borne diseases using genetic control technologies DARPA



Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System: “A device for the aerial release of mosquitoes includes an unmanned aerial vehicle operable by remote control.”  LINK

Link To US8967029 B1 Toxic Mosquito Aerial Release System Mar. 3, 2015


With so much preparation, research and investment in GMO mosquitos, coincidences seem unlikely.


Finally, there are effective anti-malarial remedies so no vaxx is needed.




Sarasota for Vaccination Choice | Defending informed consent & exemptions. Questioning safety, efficacy, & ethics. Opposing expanded or mandatory vaccinations. 

*Flying Syringes: Scientists Genetically Engineer V@xx-Injecting Mosquitos 

*2017 Flying syringes
*Gates_US military

Citizen Fury As One Billion GMO Mosquitos To Be Released In Florida

*Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Set to Be Released in California and Florida 

*Help Stop Genetically Engineered Mosquito Release in California!

🪳Edible Bugs or Weapon? 

*Tell the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District: Stop GMO Mosquito Experimentation in Florida!

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