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Artificial Intelligence, ‘SMART DUST,’ and the IoT Challenge

August 3, 2023 | Image source | Secret Militarized Arms in Residential Technologies or “SMART” systems, present one of the greatest challenges to free societies of all time.

Led by military research and development (R&D) without public consent or ethical constraints, “SMART” networks are built upon wireless communications systems to enable 24/7 monitoring, data collection, and biometric surveillance via the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). The deployment of wireless infrastructures is also recognized by many as a digital prison or kill box.

Toward a singularity with Artificial Intelligence (AI), “SMART” infrastructures and interactive wireless devices have global monitoring capabilities with the potential to modify the central nervous system as well as to manipulate human thought and behavior.

Smart Dust Applications Across Transport, Military, Factories & More

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According to a 2019 PRISM article on U.S. Telecommunications,

“Smartdust represents novel applications of micro-electromechanical and even biological systems such as sensors, as well as intelligent bots to detect a wide array of inputs and outputs.
Smartdust can be distributed over an area to detect prescribed environmental elements—temperature, light, vibration, etc. usually through radio-frequency identification. Initial tests have been highly successful, thus opening the way to further innovation in this field potentially providing novel vectors to pinpoint situational awareness to U.S. forces or intelligence operations.” – p.12


Report: Estimation of Technology Convergence by 2035:

“…once the smart dust is distributed, it is essentially impossible to recover. In turn, corporations would have access to a multitude of sensors capable of gathering audio and/or visual data without the consent of those being monitored.” – p.108 Link


American civilian involvement in regulatory policymaking is conspicuously absent from AI, “5G” and “SMART” R&D, much to our peril as free and independent beings.

More scrutiny, input, and leadership are necessary from the public, in order to reign-in these out-of-control technologies and protect life, liberty, and property.

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