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Biden Administration Blows $200 MILLION More on Zelensky’s Quagmire

August 16, 2023 |  The DOD announced plans to send $200 MILLION in weapons for Zelensky’s quagmire.

The DC war machine has stolen over $43.7 BILLION from Americans for Biden’s proxy war against Russia since he took office.  Mr. Biden is reportedly seeking an additional  $24 BILLION for Ukraine and other international “needs.”

Even though public support for war is lacking, both parties in Congress have failed to audit Ukraine aid and instead continue to drain America’s economy to prolong Zelensky’s lost cause.



Russia Flaunts Trophies at Moscow Annual Army Expo-captured US and Western supplied hardware taken from the battlefield in Ukraine


This policy must end NOW.

Peace negotiations to end the war in Ukraine are past due and matters of great urgency need to be addressed here at home.



Colonel Douglas Macgregor discusses why the Ukraine war must end now

Link To Video HERE





Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), a co-chair of the congressional Ukraine Caucus, said this week that he’s not sure if the Ukraine war is “winnable” and called for the US to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to pursue peace talks:

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