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Mississippi Gov Says There Will Be No More Mask Mandates

August 31, 2023 | Regarding the recent talk of mask mandates, Governor Reeves of Mississippi stated, “The simple answer to the question being posed by ‘experts’ is no. We will not return to widespread masking or COVID rules.”

He continued, “We are never going back to 2020,” Reeves said. “People have a right to make their own decisions. To decide how much risk they tolerate. And no matter what pronouncements come down from the Biden/Fauci administration: we will go to school, we will go to church, we will go to work, and we will play sports. We will live in self-determination, not top-down fear.”

The self-appointed “experts” were proven wrong on masks. Additionally, masking policies violate God-given rights.

CV19 and countermeasures were invented by the WHO/CCP and the DOD along with American leadership blindly followed the plan.

Read The Plan: WHO-China-Joint-Mission-on-Covid-19-Final-Report.


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