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Weather Warfare Conceals Climate & C0v*d Crimes

August 22, 2023 | How is Hawaii Gov. Josh Green able to predict the future? He recently stated: “…there are going to be fires month in and month out, for the decades to come, and not just in Hawaii, but all across the country.

Mr. Green is a great promoter of UN Agenda 2030 and the implementation of UN “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG’s).

Gov Green Goes To The UN To Talk About Hawaii


Are fires in Hawaii the result of weather weapons?


United Nations Agenda 21/ 2030 is the globalist plan to install a one world government.

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Exit and Defund the UN 


Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development Overview  Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask

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Is Your City Following UN Agenda 21/2030 Instead of Following the Constitution?


Signed by former CIA director, George Bush Sr. in 1992, United Nations Agenda 21international atmospheric chemistry “research” programs were adopted by participating nations via the UN World Meteorological Organization.




Programs to change the weather and climate are also weapons of mass destruction.

Link To How to Wreck the Environment

HAARP – Human Health Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation


For decades, weather engineering programs including the use of satellites have been operating without safety regulations, public oversight or public consent.


With engineered weather events that we are seeing over and over again, it’s difficult to recognize the larger context of deliberate destruction in order to “build back better” as promoted by the WEF and UN.


Acting president Joe Biden, with bipartisan support has funded and mandated weather warfare, branded as Solar Radiation Modification.

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Catastrophic weather events are being engineered, easily deflecting public awareness away from horrific C0vid crimes and planned future “outbreaks to target the public with bioweapons, masking, and economic warfare.


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Public servants who are helping to install UN Agenda 2030 must be removed from office and prosecuted for crimes including failure to uphold their oath to protect and defend the people and the Constitution. 


Finally, those individuals, financial institutions, agencies, and corporations involved in funding and coordinating the war(s) on humanity and our environment must also be held accountable and face serious consequences for their actions.


Depopulation Club: The Story of the Committee of 300


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership



Gene Drive & The Great DNA War: Dr Merritt on V@xxines, Gene Editing, Depopulation & Rockefellers

August 6, 2022 |

“This is clearly a depopulation thing, by whom? That’s where you get to the real evil here.”


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To learn more about advocating for laws to prohibit geoengineering, and other atmospheric/environmental hazards email .





Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution?



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