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Why is Gina Going to Beijing?

August 19th, 2023 | Image to article source

Here we are dealing with the catastrophic fires in Maui; wildfires in Washington State; a once-in-a-lifetime hurricane predicted to hit Los Angeles, California, which hasn’t happened since 1939; tornados and a fire in Rhode Island, prompting a state of emergency; escalating crime and unbridled shoplifting; ongoing illegal migration crushing sanctuary cities.

And then we see the former governor of Rhode Island, now Secretary of Commerce in the Biden administration Gina Raimondo heading off to China.

Now, why would she do that?


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Note: the highlighted blue area above. Does this sound like something Obama might say?  << You might be interested in this link.

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We’ve been led to believe that we are in an economic war with China. Does this mean the U.S. is winning the economic war? The U.S. broke the Soviet Union via economic warfare. If this was the case with China, wouldn’t such an announcement be more celebratory?

Under closer examination, it becomes startlingly clear that we are not adversaries with China. Rather, in the new global economy dominated by global corporations which have fully embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI), formerly independent economies and nations are being forced to collaborate. It’s not bad to collaborate, it’s rather peaceful. However this is forcing nations to merge into UN Agenda 21/2030.

This is historic what’s going on right now. It is imperative that men and women who value freedom bypass political parties and get directly involved locally in governance. Your city, town, or even neighborhood association needs your input and guidance. Because we are either going to be governed by AI or we are going to govern ourselves. It’s up to us.



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