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Why is there a ban on incandescent light bulbs?

August 1, 2023 | The narrative around banning incandescent light bulbs is that LED bulbs will save money and energy.

Similar claims were made about ‘smart’ meters, when in fact, electricity bills skyrocketed, fires were sparked, and customers were forced to have harmful, involuntary RF radiation exposure as a result of the meters.

Additionally, we know that foolish ‘smart’ meters are monitoring our energy usage and collecting our data. We also know that smart meters allow for remote control to turn off our power.

LED lights present more health hazards and intrusion on privacy. Certain kinds of LED lights are known to be harmful to our eyes. Additionally LED lights will link into the Internet of Things (IoT),“5G” networks, and ‘smart’ cities infrastructure. The ban on incandescent light bulbs and forcing LED lights is more unconstitutional government overreach and spying on the public via the IoT.



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Integrating Lighting in the Internet of Things — LED professional – LED Lighting Technology, Application Magazine 

“IoT opens these “things” to regular Internet services and fast networks allowing (remote) control and data collection from these devices. The introduction of IoT as the backbone for connected lighting systems enables seamless communication, contextual services and data sharing between devices (“things”) and is bringing radical changes to the industries by converging multitudes of vertical markets.”

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