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End Indefinite Imprisonment of Americans

September 24, 2023 | It was in 2012 when acting president Obama inserted a provision into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowing for indefinite detention of Americans. This blatantly unconstitutional policy serves no purpose other than denying the right of individuals to a speedy trial and due process of law.

Persecution and imprisonment of political opponents is what one would expect under authoritarian regimes, though we are witnessing this totalitarian tactic of targeted political persecution being applied in the USA.

Though the NDAA is unconstitutional and should actually be repealed, the most recent version of the NDAA in the Senate includes the provision for indefinite detention of Americans. This week members of both Houses will be drafting final versions of the NDAA in conference committee.

If the unconstitutional provision is not repealed, any U.S. President can indefinitely detain Americans and target their political opponents.

You can send your Reps a message >> HERE to demand the repeal of the NDAA provision for indefinite detention of Americans, as well as opposition to any CBDC schemes and the RESTRICT Act.

 DEMAND your lawmakers support the repeal of indefinite detention in the NDAA!



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