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DC Policies Reflect Contempt for Americans

October 5, 2023 | Congress members are taking a week off after a grueling week of political theatre

“Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex” – Frank Zappa

A brief sampling of events in Congress this week:
-There was a pause in Ukraine funding —  though Congress has already given Zelensky BILLIONs in free money and weapons. 
*We have not heard much discussion about if or when Americans may expect that money to be paid back.

-Joe Biden and members of his administration remain determined to continue funding the Ukraine proxy war against Russia no matter what.
*Meanwhile, securing the borders is not a top priority.
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Rep. Greene met with members of CodePink who are working to help end the war and negotiate for a peace agreement in Ukraine.
-Bernie Sanders had 11 peace advocates arrested.

Representative Bowman pulled a fire alarm causing disruption to Congressional voting stating he wanted to get out the “emergency only” door and did not know the alarm would go off.

Many have pointed out that this action of disrupting Congressional proceedings is the crime for which January 6 defendants were charged.
After serving in Congress for several years, one would expect that Mr. Bowman would be able to locate another door.

-Kevin McCarthy was removed from his position as House Speaker.
-Donald Trump was nominated for House Speaker.
-Nancy Pelosi had to vacate her hideaway congressional office.
– Hunter Biden lawyers will reportedly mount a Second Amendment defense. 
-The Biden administration is attempting to rewrite history and avoid responsibility for unconstitutional CV19 policies, claiming that there were never any mandates.

Keep in mind it was the Trump administration that spearheaded Operation Warp Speed and funded The CARES Act.

Many realize that both political parties have created the current economic situation as well as national and international conditions with policies of endless war, including locking down the nation and weaponizing CV19 policies in lockstep with United Nations WHO-China protocols.
We are in an uphill battle, friends. Focusing efforts on policymaking, especially at the local and state level, is a path toward maintaining sovereignty while protecting individual liberties, families, and strengthening our communities.

“I know not how to aid you, save in the assurance of one of mature age, and much severe experience, that you can not fail, if you resolutely determine, that you will not.”
― Abraham Lincoln


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