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Environmental and Economic Destruction in Wake of Offshore Wind Projects

October 11, 2023 | Image source | Where are the environmentalists?

Federal regulators at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) have designated over 15,000 square miles, or almost 10 million acres of our oceans for wind farm development. Sonar, acoustic sounding, and other destructive activities involved with wind turbine operations and surveying are destroying marine life and must be immediately halted.

The fishing industry is fighting to protect ocean life and maintain their ability to provide food security for the American people.

Sign the petition HERE and tell lawmakers and regulators – it’s time for a moratorium on offshore wind.

A sobering report released by New England Fisherman Stewardship Association summarizing research on offshore wind projects found that “electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emanating from subsea cables appear to produce birth deformities in juvenile lobster.” That’s only the beginning.

According to the report, wind turbines “generate operational noise in a low frequency range (less than 700 Hz) with most energy concentrated between 2 and 200 Hz. This frequency range overlaps with that used by fish for communication, mating, spawning, and spatial movement.”

Undersea Empire: A Documentary

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Offshore Wind is an Economic and Environmental Catastrophe 


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Saving the Environment from Environmentalists

By Edward Ring

If you want to know just how far the environmentalist movement has fallen in recent years, the destruction of marine life off the coast of Massachusetts in 2023 provides a disgraceful example. Greenpeace, an organization that not only led the earliest vanguard of the modern environmental movement, but was specifically formed to save the world’s whales, is actively denying what is likely the most egregious massacre of whales by Americans in more than a century.

Greenpeace is not alone. This shameful demonstration of mass deceit is on full display by all the organizations that supposedly exist to protect wilderness and wildlife, along with the media that marches in lockstep with their every whim.  Continue Reading

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“These rolling walls of noise are no doubt too much for some marine wildlife. While little is known about any direct physiological effects of sonar waves on marine species, evidence shows that whales will swim hundreds of miles, rapidly change their depth (sometime leading to bleeding from the eyes and ears), and even beach themselves to get away from the sounds of sonar.”

– Scientific American





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