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Florida Bill Would Require Businesses to Accept Cash


October 23, 2023 | The “Acceptance of Cash Payments by Businesses Act,” SB 106 was introduced in Florida, requiring certain businesses to accept cash payments for certain transactions.


The measure would prohibit additional fees or restrictions when accepting cash payments and would provide penalties for businesses that violate the policy.

Laws protecting the ability to pay by cash are important to protect consumers’ freedom to transact privately, as well as protecting personal data that is commonly collected with digital payments.

Government controlled central bank digital currency (CBDC) on the other hand, would allow money to be programmed and controlled by the government and central bankers/globalists, leading to financial enslavement.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, New Jersey Representative Donald M. Payne Jr., introduced “The Payment Choice Act of 2023,” H.R. 4128, which would make it illegal for retail businesses nationwide to reject cash payment for in-person, consumer transactions at stores.

Representative Payne stated: “Currently, there are 55 million Americans who are unable to pay for necessities with a credit card, debit card, or digital payment.  These Americans would be left out of the economy completely if cash is banned.”

He also noted, “In addition, cash is the only way to pay for items during a natural disaster.  If a hurricane or other catastrophe were to knock out a power grid anywhere in the country, Americans would not be able to pay for critical, life-saving supplies to protect them and their families.”

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Bill would require businesses in Florida to accept cash 

October 21, 2023 | by Raimah Sterling

According to the Florida Senate, SB 106, also known as the “Acceptance of Cash Payments by Businesses Act,” is a measure that requires some companies to take cash payments during transactions. Additionally, this bill prohibits those companies from adding fees or restrictions when accepting cash payments. Businesses that violate this will face penalties, if SB 106 is enacted.

Refusing to accept cash as payment might be perceived as discriminatory since it eliminates those who rely on cash for a variety of reasons. This bill is suitable for those who may not have credit cards or methods such as Apple Pay set up.

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Oklahoma legislators push back against CBDC with cash bill


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