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Truth or propaganda?

October 18, 2023 | Image source | As unverified reports continue to spew 24/7, critical thinkers are paying close attention to the world stage and theatres of war to determine if the information is truth or propaganda.

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Is Mainstream Media the Disinformation Megaphone of the CIA? 

Mainstream Media: Weapons of Mass Deception


What most mainstream media “news” stories have in common is providing a constant flow of propaganda blended with an undercurrent of invisible emotional manipulation that often stokes fires of division.


Unsurprisingly, Mr. Biden is ready to steal more American money war.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has arrived at a perfect time to distract from the Ukraine quagmire, Joe Biden Impeachment, Hunter Biden scandal, Trump lawsuits, CV-19 crimes, cocaine at the White House, the border crisis, BRICS, increasing opposition to the UN, calls to exit and defund the WHO, widespread rejection of Agenda 21/2030, domestic economic stress, and a host of other unpleasantries.



Are Rep Tlaib, the New York Times, and Other Media Guilty of Disinformation of the Hospital “Strike”?

No evidence of bomb strike on hospital

White House walks back Biden comments that he had seen pictures of beheaded Israeli children 

The First Casualty of War is Truth

Propaganda Blitz: How Mainstream Media Is Pushing Fake Palestine Stories 


Understandably, a lot of people remain skeptical of mainstream media and are mindful of not being emotionally manipulated into choosing a “side” or a narrative.


After all, war and violence are the enemy. 


To be clear, self defense, as well as accountability from those who committed acts of violence is justified.

Retaliation, and aggressive warfare targeting the entire civilian population of Gaza is being marketed, but this is not self defense. The U.S. rejected a cease fire resolution, which indicates intent to wage war.


If we look closer, history shows that wealthy bankers have financed both sides of wars. War is a profitable business.

Crisis capitalists make money “building back better” after the destruction that they financed.


Stay vigilant, friends. Nothing is what it appears to be.

We are being lied to about the Israel-Hamas incident and everything else by masters of deception. The only ‘winners’ of war are war profiteers and the military industry.



Peace in Israel and Palestine 

Wag the Dog?



Biden Announces Aid To Israel And Gaza, Funding Both Sides Of Another War 

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George Bush jokes about not finding WMD’s:






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