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Weather Engineering by Artificial Satellites

October 7, 2023 |  | Our weather is engineered. | Image Source

Most people have heard of genetically modified (GMO) food, GMO vaxxines, and even GMO mosquitoes. Climate and Weather Modification, however, is a new topic for some. Absent from most of the discussion on weather and climate extremes, the intentional manipulation of Earth’s weather and climate for over 70 years, is a factor that needs more public scrutiny and most importantly, requires regulatory oversight and prohibition.

Satellites may be used for weather management, as well as weaponry, surveillance, and communications.



Weather modification by artificial satellites

This invention is an aerospace system designed to harness solar energy to modify the earth’s weather.



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Starlink Satellite Map:

Live Starlink Satellite and Coverage Map (





Satellite transmissions of pulsed RF/MW Radiation or Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) are capable of traveling at the speed of light.

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6/02/2023 — Dutchsinse — Fires – Canada under attack? DEW or people?! 



*Concept and model for utilizing high-frequency or radar or microwave producing or emitting devices to produce, effect, create or induce lightning or lightspeed or visible to naked eye electromagnetic pulse or pulses, acoustic or ultrasonic shockwaves or booms in the air, space, enclosed, or upon any object or mass, to be used solely or as part of a system, platform or device including weaponry and weather modification-US20130015260A1


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*Directed Energy Futures 2060

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