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San Francisco Frantic Clean Up Act

November 10, 2023 | Image source | Something had to be done about the disaster in San Francisco.

San Francisco Cleans Up Homeless Encampments Just In Time For Chinese President’s Visit: REPORT

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City officials have been busy cleaning up in San Francisco before world leaders visit for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting November 11-17th. China’s Xi Jinping and Joe Biden are two of the VIP’s scheduled to attend the event.



San Francisco: Clean For Xi, Not For Thee

San Francisco Clears Homeless And Cleans Sh*t-Covered Streets For World Leaders Next Week


Major Clean Up Efforts Underway

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After Gavin Newsom’s lockdown and SF’s defund the police policies, the city been experiencing a surge in crime, filth, business closures, and homelessness.




The New York Times noted, “Some residents have wondered why San Francisco has been able to fix its notorious problems for the president, but not for them.”






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