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A Farewell to Virology

December 14, 2023 | | Image source |

Dr. Mark Bailey’s essay, A Farewell to Virology, is an eye-opening exploration of the fraud of germ theory. The report provides historical perspective and detailed scientific analysis challenging the claims of virology.

From the Abstract:

” A viral particle must fulfil defined physical and biological properties including being a replication-competent intracellular parasite capable of causing disease in a host such as a human. However, “viruses” such as SARS-CoV-2 are nothing more than phantom constructs, existing only in imaginations and computer simulations. In this paradigm, cases of invented diseases like COVID-19 are nothing more
than the detection of selected genetic sequences and proteins purported to be “viral.” The existence of a virus is not required in this loop of circular reasoning and thus entire “pandemics” can be built upon digital creations and falsely sustained through in vitro (“test tube”) molecular reactions.”



Dr. Mark Bailey Bids Farewell to Virology – ViroLIEgy

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A Farewell to Virology Part I

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A Farewell to Virology Part II

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