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Connecticut: 5G Moratorium Extended in Easton

December 19, 2023 | | Image Source |

On Thursday, December 14, the Board of Selectmen in Easton, Connecticut voted to extend their resolution for a moratorium on 5G for another year. Easton was the first town in Connecticut to halt 5G deployment, in May 2020.

Easton bans 5G technology rollout citing lack of research, testing 

Also recently in Connecticut, in October a committee of the Board of Representatives in Stamford voted to block State 5G telecoms installations. The Board cited pollution from antennas in their reasoning to reject the cell tower deployment plan.

In fact, AT&T and Verizon’s definitions of pollution include artificially produced electric fields, magnetic field, electromagnetic field, soundwaves, microwaves, and all artificially produced ionizing or non-ionizing radiation. 

People in communities everywhere are engaging in policymaking to ensure the interests of local residents are served.



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