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Wireless systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks

December 23, 2023 | Hackability is built into wireless infrastructure. | Image source

Reports over the past several years have brought attention to the threat of cyber-attacks or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to America’s critical infrastructure. Cyber-attacks could cause major economic disruption and failure of critical systems. An EMP would be capable of causing severe damage to telecommunication systems, power lines, electronic equipment, and harm to biological life.


Additionally, wireless networks, both ground-based and interoperable satellite systems are the foundation for biometric surveillance, digital ID, CBDC, voting systems, AI, weaponry and other hazards.

Removing corporations, military intelligence, and foreign entities from positions of control over vital infrastructure, and hard wiring the systems instead of relying on inferior, hackable wireless, are ways to increase security and protect data, privacy, and health.


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Journalist Whitney Webb discusses threat of cyber-attack as a potential catalyst for regional war in the middle east.

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The Great Taking by David Webb

Central Bankers have a system in place to take everything from everyone.

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