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Foreign Policy Overhaul Needed

January 6, 2024 | Image Source | After the failure in Ukraine and Afghanistan, war profiteers are eager to fund more death and destruction in Israel’s war on Gaza, proving that doing the same thing over and over again brings the same results, which also may be characterized as the definition of insanity.

Both political parties financed decades of endless wars:



Laotian Civil War,

Lebanon Crisis,

Bay of Pigs Cuba,

Dominican Civil War,

Korean DMZ Conflict,

Cambodian Civil War,

Multinational intervention in Lebanon,

United States invasion of Grenada,

Bombing of Libya,

Tanker War Persian Gulf,

United States invasion of Panama,

Gulf War,

Iraqi No-Fly Zone Enforcement Operations,

Israel 1948-2028

First U.S. Intervention in the Somali Civil War,

Bosnian War,

Croatian War,

Intervention in Haiti,

Kosovo War,

War in Afghanistan,

American Intervention in Yemen,

Iraq War,

American Intervention in the War in North-West Pakistan,

Second U.S. Intervention in the Somali Civil War,

Operation Ocean Shield, International Intervention in Libya,

Operation Observant Compass Uganda,

American-Led Intervention in Iraq,

American-Led Intervention in Syria,

American Intervention in Libya 

and funded NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, waged the CV19 war on Americans, as well as participated in compromising election integrity with the hijacking of election machines by the military industrial complex and Microsoft in 2019.


It’s time to stop funding endless war(s) and get onto the path of diplomacy, enacting policies that serve the best interests of the people.




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