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“Traveler Privacy Protection Act” Would Prohibit Use of Facial Recognition Scanners at Airports

January 30, 2024 | Image source | TSA has been expanding the use of facial recognition scanners at U.S. airports for a “biometrically-enabled curb-to-gate passenger experience.”  CAT-2 scanners  take photos of travelers without permission and it’s not widely understood that people may opt out of screening. These systems are violating the freedom of Americans to travel freely, further reinforcing the architecture of a digital prison, constantly tracking and collecting personal data.

The “Traveler Privacy Protection Act of 2023,” S. 3361, was introduced with bipartisan support at the end of last year and would prohibit the use of facial recognition technology in airports.

Sponsoring Senator Jeff Merkley stated “The TSA program is a precursor to a full-blown national surveillance state. Nothing could be more damaging to our national values of privacy and freedom. No government should be trusted with this power.”

Contact Senators to urge them to co-Sponsor and help to pass S. 3361, The Traveler Privacy Protection Act HERE



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S. 3361 The Traveler Privacy Protection Act



TSA uses ‘minimum’ data to fine-tune its facial recognition, but some experts still worry 

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