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Microwave Weapons

February 15, 2024 | | Image sourceBlueHalo Electromagnetic Warfare and Cyber | The FCC claims electromagnetic radiation has no effects. The military claims  electromagnetic radiation is a weapon. Who is telling the truth?  

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The 2006 report, “Interdisciplinary research project to explore the potential for developing non-lethal weapons based on radiofrequency/microwave bioeffects,” states:

“Our research is to lay the foundation for developing non-lethal stunning/immobilizing weaponry based on radiofrequency (RF)/microwave(MW) radiation. We are focusing specifically on identifying RF/MW parameters potentially capable of selectively altering exocytosis, the process underlying neurotransmitter release and hence nervous system functioning.
The overall objective of the research funded by this grant was to begin laying the foundation upon which RF/MW technology can be developed that would have an application for non-lethal weaponry purposes, such as stunning/immobilizing the enemy. To accomplish this goal, this proposal had as one of its objectives to assemble, characterize and optimize an exposure system that would allow us to undertake a carefully designed and controlled investigation of the MW exposure parameters in the 1 to 6 GHz frequency range that can alter exocytosis, the process underlying neurotransmitter release.”

According to an article by Nokia, “Mid-band spectrum (1 GHz – 6 GHz) is considered perfect for 5G…”


People in the USA and around the world are aware of the hazards of microwave radiation and the urgent need to reign-in military weapons in space and de facto ground based microwave antenna systems, including “5G”.


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