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California Blizzard, Texas Wildfires, & the UN Climate Agenda

March 3, 2024 | Image source | California is under blizzard conditions in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where  up to twelve feet of snow is expected. Winds are reported to be over 100 miles an hour, with warnings of extreme avalanche danger.

Meanwhile the Texas panhandle has been ravaged by the worst wildfires in recorded history. Dozens of counties were under evacuation orders, forcing residents to leave their homes as firefighters struggled to get the fires under control.

Many people realize there may be much more to these weather extremes and catastrophic events including DEW’s, weather engineering, and UN Agenda 2030.

Several USA states have started taking legislative action to prohibit geoengineering and stop the UN digital prison.



GAO-23-106717, Accessible Version, Science & Tech Spotlight: Directed Energy Weapons

“DEW research and development has been ongoing for decades in many countries—including the U.S.—and is currently experiencing a surge worldwide.”

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Rosa Koire – Agenda 21 – Behind the Green Mask – Open Mind Conference 2013

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Climate Agenda & Rural Cleansing


The Agenda 21/ 2030 / 2050 plan includes removing people from rural areas to be housed in smart cities.

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