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Microwave Radiation Is A Bigger Problem Than Tiktok

March 14, 2024 | | Photo: March 4, 2024 9:40 AM, EMF-390 reading, S River Rd, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110; RF Radiation PEAK: 31,868  µW/m²  / Electric Field 25 V/m  / EMF field 0.6 mG  / *Institute for Building Biology identifies > 1,000 µW/m2 (RF Radiation) and > 10 V/m (EF/Electric Field) as an EXTREME HAZARD / Zero5G World Radiation Tracker Map

The Tiktok controversy is about controlling the flow of public information and also Tiktok’s questionable links with the CCP.  While there is no dispute that protecting the personal data of Americans is vital, government control over the flow of information is extremely problematic as demonstrated in recent history.

In a free society, open debate and access to information is critical but what we are witnessing is the attempt for government to determine what information Americans are allowed to view. Sounds like the CCP and Russian systems of information and narrative control.

Instead, the focus should be on prohibiting the collection of our private data.  Take Action to Stop H.R. 7521 Tiktok ban HERE

A bigger problem is continuous exposure to pulse-modulated Radiofrequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation but few are actually looking at this extreme hazard.

While the harm of cell phone radiation exposure is becoming more widely understood, the ecologically disastrous implications of environmental contamination and continuous public exposure to RF/MW radiation needs more public awareness and protective safety regulation.

S River Rd, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110


Photo: March 4, 2024 9:40 AM, EMF-390 reading, S River Rd, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110; RF Radiation PEAK: — (too high to read) µW/m² / Electric Field PEAK 357 V/m / EMF field 0.5 mG / *Institute for Building Biology identifies > 1,000 µW/m2 (RF Radiation) and > 10 V/m (EF/Electric Field) as an EXTREME HAZARD


There are zero agencies in the US measuring or monitoring RF Radiation pollution in order to protect public health, the environment and wildlife.



World Radiation Tracker Map

5G “likely to prove to be an ecological disaster”


The map below shows AT&T wireless and “5G” “coverage” across the U.S.  Looks as though there are no significant gaps in coverage.

AT&T Wireless Coverage:

Link To Source HERE


AT&T definition of pollution:

Adding to the 24/7/365 RF Radiation pollution problem is the fact that AT&T is also collaborating with China on the Internet of Things (IoT). According to their website, AT&T has been in China for over 30 years.



Wireless infrastructure is the foundation for the digital prison.

UN, Rockefeller, & Bill Gates Launch 50-in-5 Global Digital Prison

Wireless infrastructure is a central component of Solar Radiation Modification.


Congressionally Mandated Research Plan and an Initial Research Governance Framework Related to Solar Radiation Modification

Several states have introduced legislation that would address the lack of safety regulation for RF/MW radiation pollution and prohibit SRM.


Harm from exposure to RF/MW radiation was known in 1978 but was never addressed.


1978 EPA reportEfforts by the Environmental Protection Agency To Protect the Public from Environmental Nonionizing Radiation Exposures. According to the 15-page report, symptoms attributed to low-level exposure to radiation include, “headache, weariness, dizziness, irritability, emotional instability, partial loss of memory, loss of appetite, cardiovascular effects, electroencephalogram changes, blood chemistry changes, changes in respiration, and possible genetic effects.”

1978 EPA Report: Efforts to Protect the Public from Radiation


A CIA FOIA reveals that in 1988 DC city planners were aware of the need to protect the public from adverse bioeffects of RF/MW radiation.

“The National Capital Planning Commission finds that certain microwave antennas may adversely impact the aesthetics of the National Capital Region and the health and welfare of the population. Therefore, in order to minimize the visual impacts of microwave antennas on the skyline of the Nation’s Capital and on the general appearance of Federal facilities and to protect the public from any potential adverse radio frequency bio-effect impacts from transmitting microwave antennas, the National Capital Planning Commission is providing the following Guidelines and Submission Requirements to be used by Federal agencies in the National Capital Region in the preparation and submission plans for antenna installations.” LINK



A 2002 study by Dr Neil Cherry, Associate Professor of Environmental Health, states:

“there is very strong evidence of serious adverse effects of EMR and EMF on the physical health and emotional and psychological wellbeing of people, as well as deleterious effects on plants and animals…” p.7

“…Because RF/MW radiation is odorless, invisible, colorless and tasteless, its presence is virtually ignored and its effects are extremely hard for most people to conceive. Like many invisible toxic chemicals, RF/MW radiation is shown by many independent studies, including at isothermal and very low exposure levels, to be genotoxic…

A genotoxic substance causes cellular DNA damage resulting in enhanced rates of cell death, mutation and cancer. If a substance is genotoxic, it causes cancer, cardiac, reproductive and neurological health effects and mortality. All of these health effects have shown rising rates in developed countries, over the past century, especially since the second World War.”  -p16-17


 Is Humanity Being Poisoned By Microwave Radiation?


Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences


Besides harm to human, animal, and environmental health, RF/MW irradiating infrastructure is dual purposed as weaponry and sophisticated surveillance.




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