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Involuntary Hospitalization Bill Introduced in DC

29 April 2024 |  In what seems reminiscent of NY Governor’s push for quarantine camps, DC Councilmembers have introduced measures which would allow for involuntary hospitalization.

Also known as involuntary commitment or civil commitment, involuntary hospitalization “is the legal process that mandates an individual to enter a hospital or psychiatric facility without their consent, temporarily, for mental health evaluation and treatment.”

Could mental health become weaponized to detain and drug individuals based on the assessment of an “expert?” Much wider public scrutiny of this legislation is warranted.

This legislation could open the door to massive abuse

Link To Document HERE


“The bill proposes broadening the pool of qualified healthcare professionals authorized to initiate involuntary commitment
processes, incorporating Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners who are recognized for their expertise in mental health assessments.”

Many people are aware of efforts by the WHO  to mandate “health” protocols, and rightfully so.  Let’s continue  to monitor and challenge legislation in our nation, as policymakers at home have not been so faithful in protecting our Constitution and God-given rights.

A public hearing on B25-0692 is to be held in July.




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