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Stop The Great Reset – Sign The Petition

Stop The Great Reset

by Ron Paul | Campaign for LibertyLink To Sign The Petition

“I am urging you to take action at once and sign the “Stop the Great Reset” petition to your U.S. Senators and Representative to say “NO!” to the so-called “Great Reset.”

For nearly a year now, authoritarian bureaucrats at all levels of government have used COVID-19 as an excuse to run roughshod over our most basic liberties.

>>Forced quarantines

>>Mask mandates

>>Businesses, schools, gyms, churches — SHUT DOWN!

Urge your Representative and Senators to say “NO!”to the so-called “Great Reset” at every opportunity.

Link To Sign The Petition

Campaign for Liberty




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3G/4G/5G National Security Failure

3G/4G/5G National Security Failure

February 26, 2020 | Scientists4WiredTech | Source

“. . . Proves That Big Wireless Is Selling A Defective Product/Service

IMP4GT Attacks (IMPersonation attacks in 4G neTworks) allows an attacker to impersonate a user towards the network and vice versa:

  • For the first time. our demonstrated exploit completely breaks the mutual authentication aim of 4G/LTE and 5G on the user plane in realworld settings
  • The results of our work demonstrate that Wireless carriers can no longer rely on mutual authentication for billing, access control, and legal prosecution.
  • The work emphasizes the need for user-plane integrity protection in mobile communication standards, which means the US Government — as a matter of National Security — should not allow the installation of the current 5G equipment, until this problem is fixed at the hardware layer.

Long-standing, Established 3G/4G/5G Equipment Security Flaw

Security researchers have discovered a novel 4G LTE / 5G attack vector.

Link To Video


Steve Gibson from Security Now | The paper, Impersonation Attacks in 4G/5G Networks, is here: web | pdf

Link to Forget TikTok. Feebly Secured Infrastructure Is Our Real Problem



A team of researchers who have been poking at modern cell phone security and integrity are presenting the worrisome results of their latest research today, the 25th of February, 2020 during NDSS, the Network Distributed System Security Symposium (which, I guess really should be NDSSS, but perhaps they thought that was one ‘S’ too many) in San Diego, California.

There’s a website for the work: ​​

And we have the pre-release of their presentation paper: ​

A full understanding for what they have, and have done, requires a thorough understanding of the inner workings of cell-system networking. And in this instance even the Abstract from their paper, which is normally useful, assumes too much background. But, their paper’s introduction does give us a good sense for the importance of this work

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest widely deployed mobile communication standard and is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The protocol offers high-speed Internet access and packet-based telephony services and has become an integral component of our daily communication.We fundamentally rely on the security of LTE for a variety of applications. The security goals of LTE include, amongst others, mutual authentication, traffic confidentiality, and location privacy; any attack vector undermining these security aims has far-reaching implications to the use of LTE as a communication medium.

In the context of mobile communication, mutual authentication is an important security aim since it ensures that both communication parties (i. e., the user equipment and the network) mutually verify their identities. As the wireless medium is accessible for everyone in the vicinity and identifiers can be easily forged, mutual authentication is essential for building trust between communication parties. Telecommunication providers rely on user authentication for accounting, authorization, and the association of data sessions to a legal person.

The latter case is of particular importance in prosecution, in which a possible offender is accused of committing a crime via a mobile Internet connection. Additionally, users rely on network authentication for the confidentiality of their communication. One important example for missing network authentication is the second mobile network generation GSM (Global Systemfor Mobile Communications): by faking the identity of a legitimate network, an attacker can impersonate the network in GSM and eavesdrop on the communication of the victim

In contrast to earlier network generations, LTE establishes mutual authentication on layer three of the network stack using a provably secure Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) protocol. Based on this protocol, subsequent encryption ensures the confidentiality of user and control data. Permanent integrity protection, however, is only applied to the ​control​ data. A recent study has revealed that missing integrity protection of the ​user​ plane on layer two allows to manipulate user data in a deterministic way. More specifically, a layer-two attacker in a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) position between the phone and the network can introduce undetectable bit flips due to malleable encryption and redirect traffic to another destination. While this attack demonstrates the potential consequences of traffic manipulation, it is solely limited to redirecting traffic to another destination.

In ​this​ work, we introduce a novel cross-layer attack concept that complements the known layer-two vulnerability (i. e., missing integrity protection on the user plane) with exploiting the default IP stack behavior of operating systems on layer three. More precisely, we make use of the reflection mechanism of certain IP packets, which allows us to not only redirect user-plane traffic, but also to create an encryption and decryption oracle that enables an adversary to perform a full impersonation of the phone or network on the user plane. We call this concept IMP4GT (IMPersonation in 4G neTworks, pronounced “impact”). IMP4GT completely breaks the mutual authentication property for the user plane on layer three, as an attacker can send and receive arbitrary IP packets despite any encryption.

This attack has far-reaching consequences for providers and users. Providers can no longer assume that an IP connection originates from the user. Billing mechanisms can be triggered by an adversary, causing the exhaustion of data limits, and any access control or the providers’ firewall can be bypassed. A possible impersonation also has consequences for legal prosecution, as an attacker can establish arbitrary IP connections associated with the victim’s identity.

That encryption/decryption oracle is the key to this. They establish a man-in-the-middle interception using a software defined radio (SDR). They are then able to probe the encryption by flipping bits, which results in a failure and retransmission. They actually inject ICMP Unreachable and ICMP Ping packets into the stream in order to get either endpoint to reply.

To give our listeners a better and more convincing sense of this, ihey explain the operation of their Encryption and Decryption Oracles as follows:

Encryption Oracle. The goal of an encryption oracle is to learn the keystream of a connection, which later allows [us] to encrypt and inject arbitrary packets. For encrypting a target plaintext, the oracle injects a known plaintext into the system. The system encrypts the packet by xor-ing the known-plaintext with a valid keystream for transmission, which is returned to the oracle. Now, the oracle can extract the valid keystream by xor-ing the known-plaintext on the encrypted packet. Any arbitrary payload can now be encrypted by xor-ing the target plaintext and the keystream.

Decryption Oracle. The goal of a decryption oracle isto decrypt and access the payload of an encrypted packet. T
achieve the decryption of a packet, the oracle manipulates the to-be-decrypted ciphertext and sends it to the system. The system decrypts the packet and subsequently sends it back to the oracle. In this way, we can receive the plaintext of encrypted packets

They go into far greater detail in their paper. But they have conclusively demonstrated a fundamental weakness in both 4G LTE and the forthcoming 5G, since neither of these systems provides the needed message integrity protection at the user layer. It must have been assumed — by non-cryptographers — that the encryption running at the user layer would sufficiently protect the user’s communications. But we know that XOR-based stream ciphers, while highly attractive due to their economy and ease of implementation, are also highly susceptible to interception attacks that can trivially reveal the keystream if the plaintext can be known.

They clearly state that the only way for this to be fixed is for all of our existing cell-system infrastructure hardware to be upgraded at the smartphone and cell tower level.They are hoping that there might still be time to head-off 5G, which repeats these mistakes, but they acknowledge that’s unlikely.

Services such as iMessage and Signal, which provide their own application-level encryption are secure against this. HTTPS is less certain, since we rely upon some aspects of the integrity of the underlying network, such as DNS and that we are actually connecting to the machine we think we are, that this work has demonstrated the power to subvert.

And, in any event, due to the need for physical man- in-the-middle proximity, this would only be applicable to targeted attacks. But it does, and it should, further shake the complacency we have with the security of our smartphones.”


Link To Read Full Article @ Source_S4WT





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How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions

How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions


January 31, 2021 | Analysis by Dr. Mercola | Dr.Judy Mikovits | Source


“* The COVID-19 vaccine really isn’t a vaccine in the medical definition of a vaccine. It’s more accurately an experimental gene therapy that could prematurely kill large amounts of the population and disable exponentially more

* Since mRNA normally rapidly degrades, it must be complexed with lipids or polymers. COVID-19 vaccines use PEGylated lipid nanoparticles, and PEG is known to cause anaphylaxis

Free mRNA can signal danger to your immune system and drive inflammatory diseases. As such, injecting synthetic thermostable mRNA (mRNA that is resistant to breaking down) is highly problematic as it can fuel chronic, long-term inflammation

* Many commonly reported side effects from the COVID-19 gene therapy “vaccines” appear to be caused by brain inflammation

* Anyone with an inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or chronic Lyme and those with acquired immune deficiency/dysfunction from any microbial pathogen, brain trauma or environmental toxin are at high risk of dying from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines”


Link To Interview Transcript_DrMercola-DrJudyMikovits-COVID-19-Vaccination

Link To Video

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The cost of stratospheric aerosol injection through 2100

October 19, 2020 | Author: Wake Smith | Environ. Res. Lett. 15 114004 | 



“The program relies on three successive generations of newly designed high-altitude tanker aircraft to deliver aerosols to an altitude of~20 km.”


Link To Full Document_Smith_2020_Environ._Res._Lett._15_114004





*Laws and regulations are urgently needed to prohibit, fine, and criminalize human manipulation and contamination of the atmosphere and our environment by ongoing activities such as stratospheric aerosol injection and solar geoengineering.  -JD





Research The Geoengineering Act

Contact your legislators to OPPOSE Geoengineering 

Link To Americans4ZeroGeoengineering

Link To Worldwide4ZeroGeoengineering






US Patent: High altitude atmospheric injection system and method







High-latitude stratospheric aerosol geoengineering-SO2 injection

Link To Article_ZG 


Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Adverse Effects on Health:

National Park Service


Environmental Protection Agency






Biden_Obama Geoengineering Efforts; Paris Agreement Provisions for Geoengineering Governance








NOAA Earth’s Radiation Budget (ERB) Initiative and Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements; 15 U.S. Code CHAPTER 9A— WEATHER MODIFICATION ACTIVITIES OR ATTEMPTS; REPORTING REQUIREMENT






Stratospheric sulfur injection geoengineering

February 1, 2021 |By Philip Boyd | Britannica | Source  

Geoengineering — the large-scale manipulation of a specific process central to controlling Earth’s climate


“The formation of an aerosol layer of sulfur in the stratosphere would increase the scattering of incoming solar radiation. As more radiation is scattered in the stratosphere by aerosols, less would be absorbed by the troposphere, the lower level of the atmosphere where weather primarily occurs.”



Link To Read Full Article @ Source_Brittanica






2003 | Authors: David B. Levin, Giovana Valadares de Amorim |Medscape | Biosecurity and Bioterrorism : Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science |

“These data provide evidence that it is technologically feasible to disseminate biological agents from aircraft (or backpack sprayers, or truck-mounted foggers).”[23,24,25,26,27]

Link To Article







Take Action – USA








Link To JDfor2020 Communications Archive

Link To Americans4ZEROGeoEngineering




Zero 5G



Zero Mandatory Vaxx














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Young Italian Medical Professionals DEAD after Pfizer mRNA CVID Shots

45-Year-Old Italian Doctor “In the Prime of Life and in Perfect Health” Drops Dead After the Pfizer mRNA COVID Shot: 39-Year-Old Nurse, 42-Year-Old Surgical Technician Also Dead

February 4, 2021 | by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News | Vaccine Impact | Source 


“The Italian media has reported on several deaths among young hospital healthcare workers, just shortly after receiving the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID injections.

45-year-old Italian medical doctor Mauro Valeriano D’Auria – dead. Source.

Mauro Valeriano D’Auria, a gastroenterologist at Umberto I Hospital in Nocera Inferiore, reportedly dropped dead from a heart attack while playing tennis, on January 24, 2021.

He was said to be “in the prime of life, and in perfect health.”

He had boasted on his FaceBook page that he had taken the “vaccine” for Covid-19 and that it was perfectly safe. (Source.)

42-year-old Surgical Equipment Technician Nurse Luigi Buttazzo – dead. Source.

42-year-old nurse Luigi Buttazzo, a surgical equipment technician at the Tor Vergata Hospital in Rome, was reportedly found dead in bed, according to a report published January 27, 2021.

He had reportedly just received the second dose of the Pfizer mRNA injection.

A heart attack is suspected. (Source.)

39-Year-Old Nurse Elisabeth Durazzo – dead. Source.

Elisabeth Durazzo, a young nurse on duty at the Fabrizio Spaziani hospital in Frosinone, is reported to have died suddenly in her sleep from cardiac arrest.

Her hospital was one of the first hospitals in Lazio that between the end of December and the beginning of January required all their healthcare personnel partake in a massive vaccination effort against Covid, using the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID shot.

She was vaccinated on January 13, 2021, and was found dead with her small son 10 days later. (Source.)

As is standard protocol now with government health authorities, none of these three deaths are being blamed on the COVID injections.

We are just supposed to believe that these 3 young hospital workers all died of cardiac arrest from “natural causes” despite no pre-existing conditions, and that this has nothing to do with the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID injections that each one of them received.

To admit that the experimental COVID mRNA injections had anything to do with these deaths would be bad for business and the development of these new multi-BILLION dollar shots and the market they are hoping to develop.”


49-year-old pharmacist, Miriam Gabriela Godoy – dead. Source.

Pharmacist gets vaccinated and dies. Ausl (Health Authorites): “Vaccine has nothing to do with it” – But really?


A 49-year-old pharmacist, Miriam Gabriela Godoy, of Porto Corsini, a seaside resort on the Adriatic coast, died last Wednesday after receiving the anti-Covid vaccine. This was reported by the Resto del Carlino and Ravenna Notiziathat explain how the woman would have died from an illness.

The pharmacist had undergone vaccination on January 14. The next day she had gone to the pharmacy to work and felt ill. She was urgently transported to the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, where she died a few days later, Wednesday, January 20th.

The woman, who leaves 4 children, had no autopsy performed to ascertain the real causes of death.

Among colleagues – writes the Carlino – someone in recent days has been concerned because the woman had recently received the vaccine when she felt ill: in this regard, Ausl specifies that “there is absolutely no correlation between the vaccine and what happened to the woman.”

But really?  And how do these “experts” Ausl assert this without having carried out any autopsy, then have in hand evidence that it was not the vaccine to kill the poor woman?

A sad story, like so many others, punctuated by many mysteries and omissions. (Source.)

Translated with help from (free version)


Link To Read Full Article @ Source 






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February 4, 2021 | RACHEL ELNAUGH | Video

Link To Video




Full Dr Vernon Coleman video:​

Link To The Nuremberg Code





Doctors’ Alliance calls for Nuremberg-style trials for all of those responsible for covid crimes

February 1, 2021 | by Caratacus | Truth11 | Source 

“We fully support these brave doctors of the World Doctors Alliance.

Their call is for justice and the bringing to account all of those responsible for engineering of the Covid 19 hoax.

This must include all those who assisted and collaborated with this psychological warfare attack upon the People and who furthered the agenda of mankind’s oppressors.

The crimes that have been committed in pursuit of the agenda driving the Covid 19 hoax are egregious.They include the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of citizens, the confiscation of the liberty and human rights of millions, a parasitic “redistribution” of wealth and, through the sickness and death caused by the experimental biochemical agents disingenuously touted as vaccines, outright mass murder.”


For more info and to connect up and give your support:

World Doctors Alliance

World Freedom Alliance


Link To Article @ Truth11






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58-Year-Old Woman Dies Hours After Getting First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine

February 5, 2021 | By Children’s Health Defense Team | Source

“Doctors said Drene Keyes, whose death is under investigation, died of flash pulmonary edema likely caused by anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction, which some people have experienced after receiving the COVID vaccine.”


“State and federal officials are investigating the death of a 58-year-old woman in Virginia, who died hours after receiving the first dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Drene Keyes, described as a “gifted singer and grandmother of six,” found herself unable to breathe and began vomiting within a couple hours of being vaccinated, according to media reports. She was rushed to Riverside Tappahannock Hospital, where doctors administered an EpiPen, CPR and oxygen.

Keyes’ daughter, Lisa Jones, told WKTR:

“They tried to remove fluid from her lungs. They called it ‘flash pulmonary edema,’ and doctors told me that it can be caused by anaphylaxis. The doctor told me that often during anaphylaxis, chemicals are released inside of a person’s body and can cause this to happen.””


Link To Read Full Article @ Source Children’s Health Defense






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January 30, 2021 | The Greater Reset | Link To Video


“On Monday January 25, 2021, Rosa Koire spoke at the inaugural The Greater Reset Activation! Rosa talks about the true agenda behind Agenda 21/2030 and The World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset.

Rosa Koire is an international activist for individual rights and free speech. As the author of BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 she has exposed the face of United Nations Agenda 21 and shown activists how to identify and fight it locally. Her popular interviews and speeches have garnered millions of views on YouTube etc and she speaks around the world. Rosa’s message of hope and encouragement has helped to activate a worldwide resistance movement against the technological superstate.”

Source: The Greater Reset Activation





Rosa Koire: UN Agenda 2030 exposed; Honourable Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Population Control, Global Government







Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order