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February 27, 2021 |

“WHO insiders blow the whistle total immunity of BIll Gates through GAVI – world vaccine alliance.
Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and lawyer Dr. Justus P. Hoffmann interviewing Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger and Dr.Silvia Behrendt on total immunity of Bill Gates through GAVI – world vaccine alliance”

Link To Video

The entire video of Corona investigative committee Nr. 41:









WHO Insider Blows Whistle on Gates and Gavi  

|  By Dr. Joseph Mecola  | March 19, 2021 

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US Patent Aluminum Tolerance Gene for Crops

US Patent Aluminum Tolerance Gene for Crops


September 1, 2009 | US Patent 7,582,809 B2 | Source

To enhance tolerance to aluminum in crops


A method of producing a genetically transformed plant tolerant to aluminum.

Link To Full Patent_US7582809





Consequences of sulfate aerosol injection |











David Keith | Colbert Report 2013

Link To Video


Solar geoengineering using solid aerosol in the stratosphere



Link To Geoengineering: A Half-Century of Earth System Experimentation


Link to Rain and Snow Analysis containing Aluminum, Sulfur, and other geoengineering agents.


Link To OPPOSE weather modification, cloud seeding and other forms of geoengineering 




NOAA Earth’s Radiation Budget (ERB) Initiative and Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements; 15 U.S. Code CHAPTER 9A— WEATHER MODIFICATION ACTIVITIES OR ATTEMPTS; REPORTING REQUIREMENT








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China Owns Wind Farm In Texas, SolarWinds Hack Compromised Grid, Texas Catastrophe Uncovered

Simply In: China Owns Wind Farm In Texas, SolarWinds Hack Compromised Grid, Texas Catastrophe Uncovered

February 21, 2021 |

“There seem to be a few things that people aren’t aware of concerning the Texas weather disaster. One young woman appears to have hit the nail on the head.”

“A winter storm has left millions of people fighting for survival in Texas. People have resorted to burning furniture to keep warm. Families have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Frozen pipes have burst and grocery store shelves are completely empty. This is no freak event created by nature but the work of geoengineering and is a strategic attack on the power grid. There have been incidents around the world lately concerning cyber hacks and power outages. Even Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the mastermind of the Great Reset has spoken at length about it and suggested it will be more devastating than Covid-19.

Through the guise of climate change and the desire to phase out fossil fuels we can expect to see more events like this in the future. Weather modification is nothing new, and governments have been boasting about their capabilities for years. Climate change will be the next big crisis. Now that the covid-19 pandemic and the measures used to control it have been normalized around the world, we will see a strong push for similar measures to be used in order to deal with climate change as it will be the next global emergency the world needs to face “together”.”

Link To Video    Bitchute

Link to Full Article @ Source


First, look at the Fox San Antonio report from August 2020, concerning China’s purchase of a large wind farm in Texas:

A windmill project near Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio has many concerned because the owner is a Chinese company. Fox San Antonio investigates why some fear that company could tap into the U.S. Government.

Its 130,000 acres, the size of Tulsa, Oklahoma, bought legally for wind energy… so what’s wrong with that? Well, according to the congressman whose district includes Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, the question is: should a company that has connections to the ruling Communist Party in China, have the ability to connect to our grid and be so close to the air force base that trains so many?

Laughlin Air Force Base… since the 1950’s, more than 21,000 silver wings have been pinned on pilots trained here. American and allied nations invited to learn to fly, but now an uninvited neighbor has bought land by the base that has many worried about the security of the U.S. power grid and the security of United States secrets.

“The question about, should a company that has connections to the ruling Communist Party in China have the ability to connect to our grid?” said Congressman Will Hurd.

Congressman Will Hurd and Senator Ted Cruz have raised questions about Houston-based GH America Energy, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese Guanghua industry investment group. Its CEO, a former Sun Guangzin, a member of the Communist Party and a former member of the Chinese military, now wants to build wind turbines on the more than 130,000 acres that he has purchased since 2015 by Devils river.”

Link to Full Article @ Source



“Goldwind acquires Central Texas project that will have 64 turbines” May 2016






“The basic concepts and development of smart grid is described. The influence of large capacity wind farm interconnected on the smart grid…”

Source_A Survey on Problems in Smart Grid with Large Capacity Wind Farm Interconnected





“A Chinese wind-turbine company, with financing from Beijing”    October 2009



“Huge Texas Wind Farm Turbines Will Be Made In China”    October 2009 




“Members of Congress fear Beijing could use the facility for espionage and economic warfare. But the Trump administration is set to let it move forward.”

June 25, 2020





“China will soon control three different wind power farms in Texas, including one that will route power to a United states Air Force base.”

February 23, 2021





Was The Texas Power Grid Hacked? The Danger From The Smart Grid That No One Is Talking About







Was Weather Modification or Cyber Hacking Involved in Texas Storm Damage?







“Scientists Pin Blame For Some Coronavirus Deaths On Air Pollution, PFAS, And Other Chemicals;” Potential for Aerosol Dissemination of Biological Weapons; Why Strict Regulations Are Needed ASAP To PROHIBIT Atmospheric POLLUTION



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FACT CHECK: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Contains POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, an Ingredient Used in Lethal Injections

FACT CHECK: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Contains POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, an Ingredient Used in Lethal Injections


How much poison would you allow to be injected into your body or into the body of your loved ones?  Please consider the facts.

Covid-19 injections have not been proven to be safe or effective.

It takes 10-15 years for a vaccine to be granted safety approval. The FDA has granted emergency use status for this injection (NOT THE SAME AS SAFTEY APPROVAL).

Potassium Chloride, an ingredient in the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, is an ingredient used in lethal injections.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is close to a 99% recovery rate, and there are safe and effective treatments, even if you do happen to get Covid-19, which is like getting a bad flu.

Additionally, should injury or death occur after an experimental Covid-19 injection, there is no one to sue for damages, since vaccine companies have been protected from liability by the government.   -JD




Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine Contains Potassium Chloride

Link to Video



Life and Death Row: How the lethal injection kills   LINK



FDA_Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers_Final_2.25.2021



Information Sheet Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Link



Vaccine ingredients and allergy information Link





PubChem Potassium Chloride        Link






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Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Equality Act ‘disgusting’ in epic rant against it

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Equality Act ‘disgusting’ in epic rant against it


February 26, 2021 | LifeSiteNews | Source |

The Republican ripped ‘Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the rest of the woke Democrats’ for ‘defying science, defying God’s creation, and only car(ing) about governing over people’s feelings.’

Featured ImageU.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia rails against the Equality Act passed by the House.

“WASHINGTON, D.C., February 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – After the U.S. House of Representatives passed the pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom “Equality Act” yesterday, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered a scorching speech in which she derided the act as “a completely evil, disgusting, immoral bill.”


“It’s not about stopping discrimination, it’s creating it. It’s creating discrimination against every single woman and girl in this country,” she lamented.

Greene criticized the lawmakers behind the bill’s success, particularly the Democrats, whom she said, “Under Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the rest of the woke Democrats,” they are “defying science, defying God’s creation, and only care about governing over people’s feelings.”


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Pentagon reports ALMOST 75 PERCENT of troops turned down Wuhan coronavirus vaccine

Pentagon reports ALMOST 75 PERCENT of troops turned down Wuhan coronavirus vaccine


February 25, 2021 | by:  | Natural News | Source

Image: Pentagon reports ALMOST 75 PERCENT of troops turned down Wuhan coronavirus vaccine

(Natural News) “The Department of Defense(DoD) reported that almost 75 percent of military personnel turned downthe Wuhan coronavirus vaccine. According to Pentagon officials, the vaccination being voluntary for members of the armed services is the main reason COVID-19 vaccination rates are low. But despite these figures, the Pentagon denied it was covering up exact data.

Top military figures presented the data to the House Armed Services Committee in a Feb. 17 hearing. Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Director of Operations Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro told lawmakers that vaccine rejection figures in the military were “somewhere in the two-thirds territory” and can vary by different groups. However, he noted that the data only indicates the initial findings and is not conclusive.

Taliaferro noted that some troops are refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 because they are not required to take it. Getting the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine is voluntary for the armed forces and top military officials believe that is the right course of action to take. The National Guard Bureau Operations Director Maj. Gen. Steven Nordhaus later added that the National Guard had vaccine reception rates similar to that of the military.”


Link To Full Article @ Natural News 







Vaccine Syndrome_Link To Video









“The main reason for not taking it or being unsure was the lack of trust in its safety.” 

Link To Article NY Post_ More than half of NY Firefighters will refuse CV injection








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The Covid Outbreak: “Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.”

The Covid Outbreak: “Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.”

-Lockdowns are a weapon of mass destruction.


February 25, 2021 | By United Health Professionals (UHP) | Source | Report by 1500 Health Professionals _US

“We are health professionals of the international collective : United Health Professionals, composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care physicians and infectious disease specialists) from different countries of Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania and, on August 26, 2020, we addressed to governments and citizens of countries around the world an alert message regarding the COVID outbreak.

We say : STOP to all crazy and disproportionate measures that have been taken since the beginning to fight SARS-CoV-2 (lockdown, blocking the economy and education, social distancing, wearing of masks for all, etc.) because they are totally unjustified, are not based on any scientific evidence and violate the basic principles of evidence-based medicine.

On February 4, 2021, United Health Professionals sent a followup report to national governments entitled:

International Alert Message about COVID-19. United Health Professionals  

Neither the August report nor the more recent February report have been the object of media coverage.

The earlier UHP August 28, 2020 report (which was also submitted to national governments) laid the groundwork for the February 2021 report. 

The August 2020 report is entitled:

STOP the Terror, Madness, Manipulation, Dictatorship, Lies and the Biggest Health Scam of the 21 st Century,  


Read the pdf version 

list of signatories

1. We say : STOP to all crazy and disproportionate measures that have been taken since the beginning to fight SARS-CoV-2 (lockdown, blocking the economy and education, social distancing, wearing of masks for all, etc.) because they are totally unjustified, are not based on any scientific evidence and violate the basic principles of evidence-based medicine. However, we of course support reasonable measures such as recommendations of washing hands, sneezing or coughing in elbow, using a disposable tissue, etc.

It is not the first time that humanity faces a new virus : it experienced H2N2 in 1957, H3N2 in 1968, SARS-CoV in 2003, H5N1 in 2004, H1N1 in 2009, MERS-CoV in 2012 and faces the seasonal flu virus every year. However, none of the measures taken for SARS-CoV-2 has been taken for these viruses. We are told :

-“But, SARS-CoV-2 is very contagious” and we answer : IT’S ABSOLUTELY FALSE. This claim is, moreover, rejected by internationally renowned experts[1]. A simple comparison with the other viruses shows that the contagiousness of SARS-CoV-2 is moderate [2,3]. It’s diseases like measles that can be described as very contagious. For example, a person with measles can infect up to 20 people while a person infected with this coronavirus only contaminates 2 or 3, that is : 10 times less than measles. –

“But, it is a new virus” and we answer : H1N1 and the other viruses that we mentioned were also new viruses. Yet : we did not put countries into lockdown, we did not block the global economy, we did not paralyze the education system, we did not social distancing and we did not tell the healthy people to wear masks.


Link To Read Full Article @ Source_Global Research





February 18, 2021 | By United Health Professionals | Global Research | Source | PRESS RELEASE |

The lockdown « a global scientific fraud of unprecedented proportions »

International Alert Message about COVID-19. United Health Professionals

“We bring to the attention of our readers, this important international statement by health professionals, medical doctors and scientists,  which has been sent to the governments of thirty countries

Below is the complete text which was sent to the governments.

Link to original document: Very Urgent : International Alert message about COVID-19

See here for list of governments to which the letter  was sent.

The text includes quotations from prominent scholars and health professionals

Related Health Professionals Document (pdf version uploaded to GR)


Selected Highlights 

Stay home, save lives » was a pure lie.

Remove the following illegal, non-scientific and non-sanitary measures : lockdown, mandatory face masks for healthy subjects, social distancing of one or two meters.

The lockdown not only killed many people but also destroyed physical and mental health, economy, education and other aspects of life.

The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew

When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course.

Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies :

Stop the vaccination campaigns and refuse the scam of the pseudo-health passport which is in reality a politico-commercial project



Link To Read Full Article @ Source_Global Research


Link To Full Document_Health-Professionals



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Oklahoma House Passes Bill Allowing State to Review, Reject Biden Executive Orders

Oklahoma House Passes Bill Allowing State to Review, Reject Biden Executive Orders


February 27, 2021 | by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ | Breitbart | Source

“The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would allow the state to put the brakes on the power of President Joe Biden’s executive orders there.

HB 1236 would allow the Oklahoma state legislature to review each executive order and determine if the order should be given to the Oklahoma attorney general, who would determine if it is allowed under the U.S. Constitution.

If the attorney general deemed an executive order unconstitutional, the bill seems to indicate the attorney general could sue for a court order invalidating the executive order.

If the attorney general decides not to take action on an order, the legislature could conduct a majority vote declaring it unconstitutional.

If the legislature invokes its option to declare an executive order unconstitutional, the statute is unclear whether the Oklahoma government would file suit or the state would ignore the order inside the state, leaving it to the federal government to enforce or try to take it to court.

The bill states:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the state, county, political subdivision or any other publicly funded organization shall not implement any action that restricts a person’s rights or that the Office of the Attorney General or the Legislature by a majority vote determines to be unconstitutional.”


Read Full Article @ Source_Breitbart







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Idaho: Kootenai County Sheriff says deputies will not enforce “unenforceable” mandates on citizens

Idaho: Kootenai County Sheriff says deputies will not enforce “unenforceable” mandates on citizens


“It should be pointed out there is no provision in our constitution that suspends peoples rights during a declared emergency.”  -Sheriff Norris

January 11, 2021 | | Source

On Monday, the Kootenai County Sheriff Robert B. Norris announced the law enforcement agency will not be enforcing “an unenforceable law or executive mandate on its citizens.”

“In a statement, Sheriff Norris said it is not the Sheriff’s Office job to get involved in citizen’s health. He said that should be left between citizens and their doctors.

“It is my opinion that the facts are becoming clear with COVID-19, certain risk groups should take extra precaution,” Sheriff Norris wrote. “But the vast majority of healthy people who contract COVID-19 will experience flu symptoms and recover from the virus.”

Link To Full Article @


Link To Document_ Full statement from Sheriff Norris









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Student writes: my world has become a COVID prison

Student writes: my world has become a COVID prison

February 27, 2021 | by Tom Woods | Source

“I received this email from a young person the other day, and all I can say is: I cannot understand how we’ve allowed the deranged lunatics who are doing this to him to claim the moral high ground.

This isn’t pleasant to read, but as you’ll discover, it needs to be read:

I am a college student at a major US university pursuing a degree in STEM. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a very mild form of schizophrenia. I am considered extremely high functioning. I have friends, do well in school, and I am able to hold a part-time job where I get along with everyone.

Ever since the lockdowns began, our school has treated us in a manner that can only be described as abusive. Our online education has essentially meant that we have to teach ourselves, because our instructors won’t. The workload for every single class for everyone I know doubled as soon as we got sent home, since every instructor believes we have all the time in the world now. Homework and exams have been made more difficult in an absurd attempt to prevent “cheating.” (This is their own explanation.) They have given us no resources to work with, and instructors treat us in an almost combative manner.

I am a hard worker, but I can’t do this anymore. Last semester, I was working for about 16 hours every day, seven days a week, with no outside assistance outside of our halfhearted lecture videos. Near the end, I had five weeks in a row where I worked for 48 hours straight with no sleep to try and make deadlines I couldn’t even hit. A friend of mine was falsely accused of an academic integrity violation, given virtually no chance to appeal, and is now on probation for the remainder of his time here.

Our families are paying a fortune for us to teach ourselves through YouTube.

Walking onto campus feels like going to a wake. There is a morose atmosphere in the air, and everywhere is as quiet as a library. There is absolutely no social interaction except amongst friends who already know each other. There are volunteer students who act as the school’s Stasi to enforce covid guidelines.

I myself am reduced to a broken mess. I feel like I have nothing. All my friends are depressed from stress and work. My family cares for me but doesn’t know how to console me. The doctors just want to experiment with a cocktail of medications that have every side effect imaginable, and they aren’t even confident it would help me. I have nobody anymore.

I have always appreciated the work you and others have done to help advance the cause of liberty. I know you were aware of how much of a racket higher education was before all this madness again, but now it feels like a hostage situation. I can’t think of ever starting a family now if my child would have to go through this just to do decently well in life. I needed to write this so I could know that someone out there understands what they are doing to us.

I can’t stress how bad it is, sir. There are freshman killing themselves here. My mental health can’t take this. I feel like my youth has been stolen from me, and turned against me. Life doesn’t feel worth living anymore.

Please never stop fighting against this. This is a horrific institution run by genuinely evil people. The people at these universities are more soulless than anyone in office. People like you are all we have left.

I am truly speechless.

Even before the virus fiasco, we lived in a society in which major institutions treated people like you and me with open contempt.

Things are suddenly far worse.

The K-12 system isn’t exactly our friend, either, needless to say.

The well-known “serenity prayer” is probably the one good thing Reinhold Niebuhr ever did: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

I can’t change the university or K-12 systems.

But I can create parallel institutions, which is what I’ve done with Liberty Classroom, for adult victims for educational malpractice, and I helped create the self-taught Ron Paul Curriculum to give parents a top-notch alternative to the K-12 indoctrination factories.

My own site throws in $160 in free bonuses along with the curriculum, so check it out to see if it’s right for your family:”


Link To Read Full Article 







The Covid Cult

November 9, 2020 | By Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Source

De-brainwash COVID hysterics in 20 minutes:



“This is the greatest public health fiasco in the history of the world, and the media has distorted it so badly, that much of the general public is celebrating villains and hissing at heroes. And, even — perversely enough — celebrating the destruction of their own lives and their children’s lives.”

Link To Video





October 14, 2020 | By Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Bitchute |

“When it comes to Covid-19, bureaucrats and politicians keep moving the goalposts, changing the rules, and engaging in bait-and-switch tactics, so they can maintain the “new normal” dictatorship. Those who object, we’re told, “just want people to die.” It’s now becoming clear that “you can’t have your life back in some states unless you take it back.”

From the 2020 Supporters Summit, presented at the historic Jekyll Island Club Resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia, on 9 October 2020.”

Link To Video