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What are the implications of BRICS and De-dollarization?

April 19, 2024 | Image source | Biden’s administration is accelerating the reckless spending and endless war policies of prior administrations. The American  people seem to be on their own as Washington politicians continue to prioritize domestic interests last, and escalate debt and destruction at every opportunity.  Related: More war funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

Emerging economic and geopolitical realities

Meanwhile  BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are quietly growing and creating an alternate system of currency, security and trade.  This year Iran,  Egypt,  Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have joined as new BRICS members.




BRICS – The Project Of The Century


Authored by Peter Hanseler via VoiceOfRussia.comZeroHedge

The Western media are prioritizing the Ukraine conflict, the green revolution and the woke revolution. In the shadow of this media coverage, BRICS is changing the world.

We bring you the latest figures and place them in the current geopolitical environment. – An analysis.



 “…the hegemony of the USA will come to an end as a result of de-dollarization. The combination of astronomical debts, rampant new borrowing and the fact that more and more countries in the Global South are turning away from the US dollar is accelerating the demise of the hegemon that ascended to the throne in 1945 and is increasingly harming itself through its aggressive geopolitics.” Link




After BRICS became BRICS-10 last August by doubling its membership and thus far outstripping the previous economic colossus G7, the current year is set to continue in giant strides. The gap to the G7 will definitely widen further at the BRICS summit in Kazan. It is still uncertain which of the formal applicants will actually be invited and thus become new members on January 1, 2025.

In my opinion, however, one thing is already a fact: the hegemony of the USA will come to an end as a result of de-dollarization. The combination of astronomical debts, rampant new borrowing and the fact that more and more countries in the Global South are turning away from the US dollar is accelerating the demise of the hegemon that ascended to the throne in 1945 and is increasingly harming itself through its aggressive geopolitics.

No world power has ever left voluntarily and peacefully. The aggressive stance of the USA towards Russia and China and its adherence to the alliance with Israel are de facto proof of the aggressive behavior of the sick hegemon.

This attitude could lead to a war between Russia and NATO in Ukraine, where a local conflict is still taking place, all the more so as the Americans have so far been on the way to inciting France, Great Britain and Germany to wage war against the giant empire.

In the Middle East, the attitude is downright perverse. In order not to alienate the Jewish lobbies in the USA, which traditionally have a major influence on presidential elections, the USA is supporting a genocide that has been clearly designated as such by the International Court of Justice. In addition to purely electoral considerations in the USA, the USA also supports Israel in order not to lose its last power base in the Middle East. These two ends obviously justify the means – and the means is genocide. The Israeli attack on Hezbollah in Lebanon has already begun and so there is ever less in the way of a burning Middle East.

Finally, they are also trying to provoke a conflict over Taiwan – a conflict that would be fought between Chinese and would therefore be a civil war. China’s intention to reach a diplomatic agreement with Taiwan in the next 20 to 30 years – that was the plan – is in jeopardy due to Washington’s aggressive stance.

The behavior of the US is unfortunately typical – the downfall is predetermined, the facts and figures in this article prove it. Whether the smouldering fires already blazing in American society will bring about a change and whether they will be aggressive or more balanced cannot yet be guessed. We will have to wait for the presidential elections in the USA, but a lot can still happen between now and November.

For a geopolitician, the world could hardly be more exciting – but for humanity, a little less tension and pressure would be a blessing. After all, people under pressure, especially politicians, have a tendency to make big mistakes.

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UN, Rockefeller, & Bill Gates Launch 50-in-5 Global Digital Prison

November 18, 2023 | | Image Source | Another reason to Exit and Defund the UN.

An NGO called “Co-Develop”  has partnered with The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), The Inter-American Development Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others in launching the 50-in-5 campaign, involving deployment of globalist infrastructure that would permanently lockdown the world’s population inside a digital prison of constant biometric surveillance.




Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is being marketed as “a secure and interoperable network of components that include digital payments, ID, and data exchange systems”.


Link To Video Here


National governments want to share identity, financial, and health records of individuals with global government agencies  across borders, through “Data Exchange Systems”.


Linked worldwide to implement UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs), wireless systems of biometric surveillance tools include satellites, microwave antenna grids (“4G/5G/6G”), security cameras, cell phones, and ‘smart’ devices to connect the Internet of Things (IoT) & the Internet of Bodies (IoB). Under an overarching Artificial Intelligence (AI) prison, digital infrastructure is purposed  to constantly and forever track, identify, and calculate social credit scores to determine who would have access to services and permission to travel freely.


Many are choosing not to participate in the UN globalist agenda by getting rid of, or powering off cell phones and wireless devices, preferring hard-wired connections & rejecting wireless infrastructure deployments, supporting local businesses, using cash often, being mindful about sharing data, and disconnecting more often from the internet.


The UN, Bill Gates, & Co. would like millions of volunteers to lock themselves down into the digital prison.



UN & Bill Gates Launch “50in5” Global Digital Infrastructure Plans 

There’s nothing new there, for anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention. Digital identity and digital payment systems are self-explanatory (and we’ve covered them before). “Data Exchange Systems” essentially means national governments will share identity and financial records of citizens across borders with other nations, or indeed with global government agencies.

The key word is “interoperable”.

As we have written before, the “global government” won’t be one single health care system, identity database, or digital currency – but dozens of notionally separate systems all carefully designed to be fully “interoperable”.

As well as being a project of the UNDP, UNICEF, and the Inter-American Development Bank, the 50in5 is funded by various globalist NGOs and non-profits including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and (indirectly through an NGO called “Co-Develop”) the Rockefeller Foundation.

The eleven counties taking part in the program so far are Bangladesh, Brazil, Estonia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Moldova, Norway, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Togo. A careful spread from every continent, including first, second, and third-world nations.

It is a list noteworthy for including NATO, EU, and BRICS members. Interesting implications on supposed “multipolarity” there.

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THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What’s Coming Next…) 

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200 Medical Journals and the UN Call for New Global Health Emergency 

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BRICS Expansion Plan to Reshape Global Governance

August 24, 2023 |

BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) held a summit this week in Johannesburg, as six new members were invited to join the emerging economic partnership: Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Characterizing the expansion of cooperating nations “historic,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “The expansion is also a new starting point for BRICS cooperation. It will bring new vigour to the BRICS cooperation mechanism and further strengthen the force for world peace and development.”

Failed U.S. foreign policy of sanctions and endless warfare has helped to spur the collaboration of BRICS nations to challenge the U.S. dollar and form alternative partnerships to counter Western dominance. Calls by BRICS members for an “inclusive and prosperous global order” underscore the foundation of UN Agenda 2030.

While U.S. leadership has been waging domestic and foreign wars for decades, economic and military partnerships are forming that are changing the global landscape.

What is urgently needed besides U.S. elected public servants upholding their Oaths of Office, is greater public involvement in policy-making, effective statesmanship, and strategies that are firmly rooted in freedom and opportunity for all, the original Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.



BRICS wants to end dollar dominance | Semafor

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Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran among six countries invited to join BRICS group | CNN Business

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Saudi Arabia, Iran among six nations invited to join BRICS | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera

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