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Congress Acts To Defund Americans

December 21, 2022 |  Congress Acts to Defund Americans  | Photo image youtube screenshot: source

Today DC politicians on both sides of the aisle decided to blow $1.7 TRILLION on Zelensky’s endless quagmire and other reckless spending while Americans are struggling and our border is not secure.

We are in an uphill battle, friends. Focussing efforts at the state level is a path toward reclaiming freedom and sovereignty while protecting our families and strengthening local communities. -JD



December 21, 2022 |  By Jordan Schachtel  |  The Dossier



One such example happened on Tuesday, when Mitch McConnell declared that Ukraine (yes, Ukraine) is the highest priority item for Republicans in America today.



It’s truly incredible gaslighting in the face of survey data that shows Americans outside of Washington, D.C. don’t give a damn about the war between Ukraine and Russia. Mitch doesn’t care about that. He cares about Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, and the gang.



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Did Everyone Just Get Played By The Piano Man? Zelensky Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine




Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support





Freemasons in Congress? Americans Need To Know.




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Act Now: Americans would be better off keeping $1.7 TRILLION and Trashing DC’s Omnibus Bill

December 20, 2022 | Act Now: Americans would be better off keeping $1.7 TRILLION and trashing DC’s Omnibus Bill | Image

Here we go again.  Politicians are trying to steal $1.7 TRILLION dollars from Americans with the 4,155 page Omnibus spending package.  Some lowlights of the monstrosity: IRS: $12.3 BILLION,  NIH: $47 BILLION, Ukraine & NATO: $45 BILLION, Homeland Security, $60+ BILLION….

A much better plan would be for Congress to stop all spending and return the missing TRILLIONS to Americans.

We need to kill the bill NOW. Call the capitol switchboard to be connected to your Senators at (202) 224-3121 to OPPOSE this wasteful Omnibus spending scheme.  -JD



December 20, 2022 | By Tom Ozimek  | The Epoch Times


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The Solari Report

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The Missing Money


The Real Game of Missing Money


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Congress Stealing Another $37 BILLION For Ukraine

December 15, 2022 | Congress Stealing Another $37 BILLION For Ukraine | Featured Image Source_Screenshot |

Most Americans oppose funding Ukraine’s endless war, yet hidden in the Omnibus bill is another $37 BILLION bipartisan give-away to Ukraine. It’s time to stop financing destruction, lead the effort for a cease-fire, and start negotiating a peaceful way forward. -JD


A Stunning Visual That Displays The Ukraine Rip-Off Of The American People


Each of the dots represents $100,000 US tax dollars sent to Ukraine.

Red is military, Blue is for the Ukrainian government, Orange is for humanitarian aid.

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December 15, 2022 | Ron Paul Liberty Report  |  |

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NDAA Passes House

December 8, 2022 |  NDAA Passes House |

Bipartisan Congress members passed the 4,408-page National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorizing the DC war machine to spend $858 BILLION dollars, $45 BILLION more than requested by the Biden administration, increasing spending 8% over the FY2022 budget.

The bill excluded a much needed audit of the Ukraine budget, instead adding another gift to Mr. Zelensky for $800 MILLION. Taiwan will be receiving $10 BILLION in military aid through FY 2027.

Zero ( $ 0 ) dollars are going toward securing USA borders as national security is not a priority for the Biden administration.

While inflation is skyrocketing and so many American’s are struggling to make ends meet, it is an outrage that DC politicians continue reckless war spending overseas.

Due to the advocacy of many, the legislation rescinded the CV-19 vaxx mandate for the military and the “Digital ID” legislation was removed from the bill. Also, language to require women to register for the draft was removed. The Bill now moves to the Senate. -JD | Library of Congress  |  CPRT-118JPRT50665.pdf (


December 8, 2022 | By Brett Wilkins | Common Dreams

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December 8, 2022 | By Bryant Harris | Defense News

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