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Construction of the kill box: legal history

May 4, 2023 | Image source

Author of Bailiwick news Katherine Watt, paralegal and law researcher, drafted an executive summary version of “the legal history of the biomedical police state kill box system.”

The document was compiled at the request of Senator Ron Johnson. After reviewing the materials, Senator Johnson chose not to proceed in the process of ending the killing program and holding those responsible, accountable.

Recently Katherine Watt updated the document:

May 2023 – Legal History – American Domestic Bioterrorism Program (PDF)

The LEGAL HISTORY – AMERICAN DOMESTIC BIOTERRORISM PROGRAM provides a timeline and footnotes outlining the statutes, regulations, executive orders, guidance documents and budget allocations enabling the program.

It’s clear that those responsible for C19 crimes must be prosecuted and face consequences for their actions (or inactions).

In addition, the legal framework and mechanisms enabling these programs have to be shut down and ended immediately.



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Construction of the kill box: legal history. 


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Merger of the Military Apparatus and Health Apparatus

How Public Health Has Been Militarized 

Will Anyone Be Held Accountable for the 300,000 Americans Murdered by the COVID-19 Shots in 2021? 

Discussion About Military Countermeasures 

Unplugging the Control Grid 

Oath of Office Certification Missing? Writ of Quo Warranto Filed Against Top Biden Officials 



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New York Food Police to Track Consumption

May 3, 2023 | Mayor Adams announced his plan to police New Yorker’s food consumption, as per UN Agenda 2030. The plan is to track everyone’s food consumption and carbon footprint.

In order not to comply, one will need to use cash for purchases, don’t use store cards to get points, and get rid of your ‘smart’ phone, that is the key to your own surveillance prison.

New York belongs to a network of C40 cities promoting “climate and environmental justice” based on technocracy and enslavement of the population.

C40 cities are referenced in Technology Convergence 2035 ushering in the world of AI and transhumanism. This plan has nothing to do with protecting health and everything to do with controlling the public.

The mechanism links the internet of things (IoT) and the internet of bodies (IoB) inside a wireless prison system (“4G”/”5G”/”6G”/Wi-Fi) under an overarching Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the United States, New York is experiencing a mass exodus, perhaps due to draconian policies during C19, and a governor who is actually fighting to lock people in quarantine camps. Additionally, New York City has more microwave towers and microwave antennas than anywhere in the USA.

This microwave grid (“4G”/”5G”/”6G”/Wi-Fi) is the digital surveillance prison to permanently lockdown and monitor the population. This infrastructure is the mechanism to track, surveil, and collect personal information 24/7/365.

According to, there are 690 towers and 9754 antennas within a 3.0 mile radius of Bayard St & Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013, United States:


According to building biology guidelines, the readings above are in extreme hazard territory.

Unfortunately, Mayor Adams is determined to add more microwave towers and antennas (“5G”) even though microwave radiation is harmful pollution.

This policy of increasing microwave radiation exposure for people and nature degrades the environment and public health.



Several New York City Communities Passed Resolutions for Moratoria on 5G • ZERO5G



May 2, 2023 |  By Armstrong Economics

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Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution? 

C40 Cities – A global network of mayors taking urgent climate action

Farmers and Truckers Stopped from Providing Food as Supply Chain Is Destroyed


Surprised? Billionaire Bill Gates Behind Biden’s Build Back Broke 

The Truth About Bill Gates 

Technology Convergence 2035: Humanity vs. AI 


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Why are federal agencies armed?

May 2, 2023 | Image source

According to a report by watchdog group, Open the Books, “there are now more federal agents with arrest and firearm authority (200,000) than U.S. Marines (186,000)”.

Since 2006, $3.7 BILLION has been spent by over 100 federal agencies not including the DOD, on guns, ammunition and military equipment.

Among the agencies are the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Social Security Administration (SSA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Veterans Affairs (VA), and Health and Human Services (HHS).

Why are these agencies armed?

These findings indicate the need for a swift independent review of federal agencies and shutting them down if violating the Constitution and/or the rights of the American people.



The Militarization of Federal Bureaucracy – Updated Statistics Through March 31, 2023 – News – News | Open The Books

Link To Article HERE



 Non-Law Enforcement Agencies Like IRS and EPA Spend Billions on Guns and Ammo, Watchdog Says

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House Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban IRS From Buying Ammunition 

U.S. Senator Demands Audit of the IRS 

IRS under scrutiny over ammunitions purchases and controversial job posting 

Why Does The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Own The Luciferase Patent? 

Make America Safer: Shut Down the Department of Homeland Security 

DHS Plan: Expand Censorship and Suppress Americans’ Free Speech 

Short Course on Communist Takeover of U.S. 



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Defund and Exit the United Nations

April 30, 2023

In order to exit and stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO), the USA must stop financing the United Nations (UN). According to the April 26, 2023, Congressional Research Report, “The United States is the single largest financial contributor to the United Nations (U.N.) system.” The WHO is only one of the UN agencies that the U.S. is funding. China is the second largest funder of the UN, and Japan is the third largest funder.

The U.S. has been a major funder of the UN for over seventy years. The United Nations is a corrupt political organization, and the USA must sever ties completely.


The Amazing Deception




THE UNITED NATIONS exposed by G. Edward Griffin

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*U.S. Funding to the U.N. System .pdf (

Link To Article HERE



Funding the United Nations: How Much Does the U.S. Pay? | Council on Foreign Relations (

Link To Article HERE



Contributions received for 2023 for the UN Regular Budget – Committee on Contributions – UN General Assembly


Link To Source HERE



“NATO authorizations are expected to grow based on requirements

recommended in the common funded programs under NATO 2030″

Link To Document HERE






NATO – Topic: Relations with the United Nations


Is the U.S. Military Operating Under NATO Command? 




Exit and Defund the UN 

Get the US Out of the UN – The Public Demands It!  (

The Amazing Deception 

Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution?

Unplugging the Control Grid 


The American Sovereignty Declaration

USA Must Reject Illegal Proposals and Exit the WHO 

ALERT: International Health Regulations Designed to Override USA Sovereignty – Exit The WHO

100 Reasons to #EXITTHEWHO





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Banking Industry Links to Jeffrey Epstein

April 30, 2023 | Making sense of what’s happening in the world today has a lot to do with understanding the corruption of the world’s banking system. In her recent investigative series on the rise of JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, journalist Whitney Webb examines the connections between powerful players in the banking industry and their ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Dimon is involved in a civil suit over JP Morgan’s relationship to Epstein.



The problem is, is that the power structures, the government is essentially run by organized crime – the mob and the CIA came together in the World War 2 era. They basically are the mob, together. Intelligence agencies essentially operate not that differently than organized crime, and we’re at the point where these guys have taken complete control of the banking and financial services industry and they have been looting the American people for decades through a lot of past manufactured economic crisis and the taxpayer has consistently been left holding the bag and now we’re reaching the end of the line…”

-Whitney Webb

Link To Video



The Rise of Jamie Dimon (

Link To Article HERE



Crowning the King of Wall Street (


Link To Article HERE




Journalist Exposes “One Nation Under Blackmail” 


JPMorgan’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Were Deeper Than the Bank Has Acknowledged – WSJ


The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Jeffrey Epstein


CIA Director William Burns Met with Jeffrey Epstein According to Epstein’s Private Calendar – Vaccine Impact


Another Former Associate with Jeffrey Epstein Files to Run for U.S. President in 2024 (


Senators Question Biden’s Science Nominee, Epstein-Linked Geneticist 


Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Calendar: CIA Director William Burns, Goldman Sachs’s Top Lawyer, Noam Chomsky – WSJ



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Why are ex-presidents partnering with Soros?

April 24, 2023 |   George Bush is remembered for 911, illegal invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Bill Clinton is noted for scandals, ties with Jeffrey Epstein and approving sensitive technology transfers to China.  Barak Obama started numerous wars and orchestrated the 2014 coup in Ukraine with the support of Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland.

Now these ex-presidents are teaming up with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Soros is a friend of the WEF, billionaire ‘philanthropist’, and New World Order proponent.

It’s unlikely that the best interests of Americans are a top priority in these business dealings.

As many are aware, Soros invested in defunding the police and as a result many of our great cities are now overwhelmed with crime. Funding lawmakers and DAs has also been a big focus for Soros.

Now, in partnership with the ex-presidents, a new effort is underway that is likely to increase domestic hardships.


Link To Full Article HERE

Bush, Clinton And Obama NGO Teams Up With AmEx Global To Fly Migrants Into The US


Public scrutiny is urgently needed with regard to George Soros’ influence on domestic policies and the impact that these questionable endeavors will have on the lives of Americans.




George Soros has funded 75 pro-criminal prosecutors to the tune of $40M

Why Can’t We Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America? 

Candace Owens: Soros is invested in a country that isn’t America 

Defunding Police Backfires: Crime Soaring in Cities With Defunded Police Departments 

Ruth Edmonds on Police Funding 

George Soros’ son has easy access to White House honchos (



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Oath of Office Certification Missing? Writ of Quo Warranto Filed Against Top Biden Officials

April 20, 2023 |  Writ of Quo Warranto with Exhibits

Quo warranto is Latin for “by what warrant” (or authority). A petition has been filed to require Biden officials provide affidavits to verify their Oaths of Office. The Complaint alleges that without proof by certification, elected officials lack authority to serve in public office and all decisions made would be void ab initio.

According to the requirement of 5 U.S. Code § 3332, all public officials must take an Oath of Office. The Writ of Quo Warranto states, “Petitioner has sought the required affidavits prescribed in 5 U.S. Code § 3332 from all appointees referenced via the Freedom of Information Act requests (“FOIA”); and not one of the aforesaid appointees have produced a compliant affidavit consistent with the applicable statutes. Either the affidavit(s) are nonexistent, wanting, defective or the appointee has failed or refuses to provide the mandated affidavit to hold their respective offices.”



-Affidavits must be notarized or sworn under penalty of perjury 

Writ of Quo Warranto with Exhibits Final



April 16, 2023 | By Ann Vandersteel |

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Loyalty and the Public Trust 

How Public Health Has Been Militarized 

Operation Warp Speed: The Role of the US DoD and Partners in the CV19 War on Humanity 

Money Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework 

Merger of the Military Apparatus and Health Apparatus 




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The Amazing Deception

April 15, 2023

If the U.S. is funding NATO, and NATO is the UN’s military partner, and China is also funding the UN, and Russia is a permanent member of the UN… what exactly is going on here?

Exit and Defund the UN – JDfor2024

Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution? – JDfor2024


The Dumbarton Oaks Conference was held in Washington DC in 1944. Leadership from the U.S., UK, USSR and the Republic of China met with the intent of forming the United Nations, because its predecessor, the League of Nations was on its last legs.


Notably, after World War I, the U.S. Senate was opposed to joining the League of Nations due to concerns with regard to preserving U.S. sovereignty.


In October 1949, four years after the UN Charter went into effect, one of the richest men in the country, John D. Rockefeller donated land for the United Nations headquarters complex in New York City.


Rather rapidly the US dollar went on to become the world reserve currency once it was backed by oil and not gold or silver as the US Constitution prescribes. And if you recall, Rockefeller was an oil guy, and his biggest customer was China. Anyway, the US dollar dominated basically everything from that point forward and American lifestyle flourished. But things are changing.

Notice how the entire world has been sheltered in place and wartime-like mandates were passed as the people endured one of the most sophisticated psychological operations in world history. It was birthed out of the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and funded by the “philanthropy” of modern-day Rockefeller, Bill Gates.

Gates is notorious for his role in organizing Event 201, his (MICROSOFT) cryptocurrency patent, and financing of various eugenics endeavors, utilizing the continent of Africa as an open laboratory via an organization called GAVI.



Klaus Schwab, another billionaire philanthropist known for his “Build Back Better / Great Reset” marketing slogans over at the WEF has been priming the general population with “You will own nothing and be happy” while sporting his color-coded, circle lapel pin.


THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (

Link To Video HERE


Like Rockerfeller, Schwab and his WEF are in great standing in China.


And then, just as the shellshocked population started to notice that the still in clinical trial mRNA modification marketed as a vaccine may have been more harmful than the disease it was purportedly designed to stop, war in Ukraine consumed the news cycle.

Now there are almost weekly announcements of billions getting delivered to Ukraine for this proxy war in a country many Americans cannot locate on map, let alone are aware of the fact that US dollars and supplies are going directly to NAZIs to fight this war.

Image source



The U.S. is in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine…
China and Russia are close allies…


Link To Article HERE



In 1993, George Soros described a conceptual framework for NATO relative to a new world order.



US Col. Macgregor (ret.) provides honest assessment of realities in Ukraine war. (35 minutes)

Link To Video


As I type, the US dollar continues to weaken, and new financial global alliances are forming for a post dollar dominated world. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), a term introduced to the general public just last year, are now being taken very seriously by those in power. This change in how money works and moves is very attractive to a world run by technocrats.


Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, the global corporations and those who have been broken down and hypnotized by their manipulative marketing to the point of brainwashing, might really want the digital money that is specifically designed to be shut off should you step out of line. But for the rest who see through this sham….

In the immortal words of comedian George Carlin, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

You and I are not in the big club, so once again we will be forced to endure another circus show of an election if people don’t get their heads around what’s going on. We are in a war and it’s a war that’s been going on for hundreds of years.




A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception

Exit and Defund the UN

The American Sovereignty Declaration 

USA Must Reject Illegal Proposals and Exit the WHO 

Is the US military operating under UN NATO command?

Dual Citizens in Congress? We Need to Know. The Problem of Dual Citizenship 

Freemasons in Congress? Americans Need to Know. 

Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order


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Pentagon leaks confirm Americans being misled on Ukraine war

April 13, 2023 | Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents leaked online contain information revealing the Biden administration has no intention of ending their proxy war against Russia.

According to a Washinton Post report about the leaks, “Negotiations to end the conflict are unlikely during 2023 in all considered scenarios.”

Leaders in D.C. have failed to tell the truth that Ukraine is an unwinnable war, devastating for all sides. It’s urgent that America start negotiating to bring an end to the conflict now.





Link To Video



April 12, 2023 | by Dave DeCamp |

Link To Full Article HERE






Zelensky and His Generals Embezzled ‘At Least’ $400M from U.S. Aid Last Year, According to Intel. 


Off-ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow 


US governors meet with Zelensky 


Introduced: ‘‘Ukraine Fatigue Resolution’’ to end military and financial aid to Ukraine  


Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine 


Current Ukraine Scenario Written in 2019 By Rand Corporation 


Why Most of the World Isn’t on Board with the NATO-Russia War 


Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support 


Ukraine war should not have happened 


Stop Funding Zelensky’s War and Give Americans their Money Back


Did Everyone Just Get Played By The Piano Man? Zelensky Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine


Putin, Xi discussing Ukraine peace plan, Biden sending more weapons




Image source


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NOAA Aerosol Injection Geoengineering Directed by U.S. Congress

April 13, 2023 | |Image source

In a March 27, 2023 academic paper titled, “Injection strategy – a driver of atmospheric circulation and ozone response to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering,” NOAA and other agencies and institutions are cited in the acknowledgements for supporting grants. Among them: National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the National Science Foundation (NSF), Cornell University and Indiana University.


These types of reckless environmental interventions have been rebranded over decades, funded and directed by the U.S. government and the NSA without safety regulations, meaningful oversight, or public consent.

The resulting damage to nature after over 70 years of climate modification is incalculable.

Geoengineering must be prohibited to protect the environment and human health.



“The NSF/NCAR C-130 is ideal for studies of the middle and lower troposphere. In a typical research configuration, it carries 13,000 pounds of payload with 8 to 9 hour endurance, and there is considerable flexibility in adjusting payload and range to meet specific mission requirements.” Link

Link To Video



NOAA Climate Program Office | Earth’s Radiation Budget (ERB) Program

Link To Full Article HERE



Bednarz, E. M., Butler, A. H., Visioni, D., Zhang, Y., Kravitz, B., and MacMartin, D. G.: Injection strategy – a driver of atmospheric circulation and ozone response to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, EGUsphere [preprint],, 2023.


“The method would involve the injection of sulfate aerosols or their precursors into the lower stratosphere…”


Link To Full Article HERE

PDF_Egusphere-2023-Injection Strategy SO2


Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) PubChem

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) PubMed





Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) Strategies 


Environmental Protection: DOD Management Issues Related to Chaff


ACCRI_Report_final.pdf (


Efficient formation of stratospheric aerosol for climate engineering by emission of condensible vapor from aircraft (




US government coordinating and funding geoengineering 


FLASHBACK 2013: Harvard Professor Admits The Truth About Geoengineering


White House pushes ahead research to cool Earth by reflecting sunlight 


World Economic Forum Parrots SAI Geoengineering Strategies 




To learn more about how to get involved in advocating for prohibition of weather modification, stratospheric aerosol injection, and other atmospheric hazards email: or