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California CV19 Misinformation Law Blocked by Federal Judge

January 26, 2023  |  California CV19 Misinformation Law Blocked by Federal Judge | Positive development in Høeg v. Newsom | Link to Decision HERE |

Request for a preliminary injunction was granted by Senior U.S. District Judge William Shubb to block California law, AB 2098, which would allow the state medical board to punish doctors for disseminating professional guidance to patients deemed to be “misinformation or disinformation” related to CV19.

In his ruling Judge Shubb stated, “Because the definition of misinformation ‘fails to provide a person of ordinary intelligence fair notice of what is prohibited, [and] is so standardless that it authorizes or encourages seriously discriminatory enforcement,’ the provision is unconstitutionally vague.”

The decision halts enforcement of AB 2098 pending resolution of the legal challenge. -JD



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Link to Decision HERE




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MIT Faculty Adopt Free Speech Resolution

December 31, 2022 | MIT Faculty Adopt Free Speech Resolution |

The ability to discuss ideas without being censored or persecuted is a cornerstone of a free society. MIT’s Free Expression Statement is an important victory for the First Amendment, acknowledging that, “We cannot have a truly free community of expression if some perspectives can be heard and others cannot.”

This is a timely resolution in defense of freedom of speech and expression. -JD


December 30, 2022 | By Jonathan TurleySource

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