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Biden Arming Ukraine with Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammo

September 4, 2023 | Image source  |

In the latest installment of funding to wage war in Ukraine, the Biden administration continues to demonstrate complete disregard for devastating environmental destruction or any interest whatsoever in peace negotiations to save lives in Ukraine.

The arms package reportedly includes depleted uranium (DU) to be used with US-made Abrams tanks. The radioactive munitions are associated with health harms including cancers and birth defects. The UK has also sent DU to Ukraine, used with British-made Challenger 2 tanks. The toxic, radioactive DU remains in the environment for years or decades and poses extreme hazards to civilians and biological life.

U.S. leadership with NATO is leading the effort to facilitate war crimes in Ukraine.

Negotiations for peace and international stability are essential, ceasing all funding for wars.  Instead we must reprioritize spending to recover from environmental disasters and help financially uplift Americans here at home.



EXPLAINER: Why should we be concerned about depleted uranium? 

‘Where Is the Money?’ Military Graft Becomes a Headache for Ukraine



U.S. to send $250 million in weapons to Ukraine (

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration announced Tuesday it will send an additional $250 million in weapons and ammunition to Ukraine as part of its ongoing support of Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

Link To Full Article HERE



US to Arm Ukraine With Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammunition 

Link to Full Article HERE




Cocaine at the White House, Cluster Bombs to Ukraine


Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support 


Off-ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow


Introduced: ‘‘Ukraine Fatigue Resolution’’ to end military and financial aid to Ukraine


Putin, Xi discussing Ukraine peace plan, Biden sending more weapons


Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine 


Current Ukraine Scenario Written in 2019 By Rand Corporation 


Bush’s Afghanistan Quagmire Is Biden’s Vietnam 


NATO membership for Ukraine is a bad idea


The Amazing Deception


FTX Scandal Renders Election Illegitimate 


Ukraine NATO: Why it’s not a good time for the country to join 


Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe | Ukraine | The Guardian


Why Most of the World Isn’t on Board with the NATO-Russia War 





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Beware of the Next Round of Rushed mRNA Injections


September 2, 2023 | |  Mr. Biden last week announced a request to Congress for more funding of CV shots for all Americans, quickly drawing strong opposition.

Hopefully, important lessons were learned from the deadlyOperation Warp Speed” government medical intervention. According to FDA information, experimental mRNA gene therapy injections were known to have potential harmful effects prior to the roll out.
Link To Source HERE
CV19 “Spike Protein” is Pathogenic 
According to a recent study, ‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA presenting evidence of widespread vaxx harm, “unprecedented high rates of adverse events” occurred following injections, including multiple organ failures, neuropathies and death.
The conclusion of the study states, “In this narrative review, we have established the role of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, especially the S1 subunit, as pathogenic. It is also now apparent that widely biodistributed spike proteins, produced by mRNA and adenovectorDNA gene codes, induce a wide variety of diseases.”



The Whole Truth: Covid-19 Vaccines

Flashback 1981: Pandemic Genocide Predicted by Globalist Banker



Parry, P.I.; Lefringhausen, A.; Turni, C.; Neil, C.J.; Cosford, R.; Hudson, N.J.; Gillespie, J. ‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA. Biomedicines 202311, 2287.

Link To Full Article HERE

‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA


Conflicting Evidence of mRNA Technology Raises Serious Concerns About Rush for Use in New Vaccine Development (

News Analysis By Megan Redshaw, J.D.

The U.S. government and pharmaceutical companies are investing a substantial amount to develop new mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer, fueling a lucrative mRNA platform valued at $136.2 billion.

A newly established White House program announced on Aug. 23 that it is granting a total of $25 million over three years to Emory University, Yale School of Medicine, and the University of Georgia to develop personalized therapeutic vaccines against cancers and emerging infections, similar to how COVID-19 mRNA vaccines target SARS-CoV-2. They aim to use mRNA—an essential element in COVID-19 vaccines developed to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections—to program a unique class of immune cells called dendritic cells to initiate a desired immunological response.

Pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna, BioNTech, and CureVac are conducting clinical trials using mRNA-based vaccines with advanced melanoma, ovarian, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. The National Institutes of Health is partnering with BioNTech to develop a personalized vaccine for pancreatic cancers. In addition to COVID-19 and cancer, other mRNA-based vaccines in development target influenza, genital herpes, respiratory viruses, and shingles.

Link To Full Article HERE



American Domestic Bioterrorism Program – by Katherine Watt 

Link To Video

Click here for the document describing the kill box:





Operation Warp Speed CV19 Biochemical Weapons Under Scrutiny


Scientific Study: mRNA vaxx not safe or effective, it’s dangerous


CV-19 mRNA Injections Are Deadly Bioweapons



Image source


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Hawaii 911: FEMA Leads Censorship Efforts @ Ground Zero

August 27, 2023 | It’s been widely reported that FEMA sent a letter instructing responders not to share imagery from ground zero in Hawaii, revealing the attempt to censor information and control the narrative regarding the death and devastation in Maui.


The cover up seems to be in full swing. There are serious problems noted by survivors and keen observers that underscore how the official narrative does not add up including [but not limited to]:


Maui Fire Survivors Claim the Police Prevented People from Escaping – Dramatic Video Footage 

WARNING: Contains some graphic images and profanity. 

Link To Video HERE



Maui Fire: FEMA Demanded Responders Stop Posting Images And Videos – Summit News

Link To Full Article HERE


Report: Maui Residents Burned To Death In Their Cars Because Of Barricades Blocking Escape




Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development Overview  Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask

See especially, reference to rural cleansing and fires at 54:44:

LINK To Video



Was weaponized GIS used in Lahaina? – by Sasha Latypova 

Hawaii Digital Government Summit 2023 (

Hawaii’s Gov. Green goes to the UN to talk about the State (

Govtech Events




1985 | CNN Special Investigation | “Imagine the implications of a weapon with no visible trace…” Link

Link To Video HERE






Are fires in Hawaii the result of weather weapons?

Are Directed Energy Weapons and Geoengineering Triggering Explosive Fires? 

Fire Starters 

Weather Warfare, Directed Energy Weapons, Lightning Strikes, (NOT climate change) May Very Well Be The Cause of the Devastating Fires – California 2020

HAARP – Holes in Heaven • ZERO5G

China and Russia Building Attack Satellites – Defense One

China Exploits Fleet of U.S. Satellites to Strengthen Police and Military Power – WSJ

NOAA: National Weather Service’s systems hacked by China –

Defense Primer: Directed Energy Weapons  May 2023 (



Feb 2023

Green laser beams spotted off Hawaii from Chinese satellite: experts 

Link To Article HERE

China Flashed Mysterious Green Lasers Over Hawaii, NASA Says 








Directed Energy Weapons

Directed_Energy_Futures_2060_Final29June21_with_clearance_number.pdf (

U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather |

Lasers used to trigger thunderstorms for the first time | Principia Scientific Intl. (


China Plans To Build Space Solar Station |



Method and Apparatus for Altering A Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere

US PatentUS4686605A | August 11, 1987

Inventor: Bernard J. Eastlund 

Link To Full Patent






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How Geoengineering and “5G” are Linked

July 23, 2023 | | The purpose of this article is to examine the link between “5G” (satellite and ground-based microwave antenna systems), Geoengineering / Weather Modification (weather control), and UN-led globalist governance of these activities. Bottom line is that these systems are interactive and may be purposed as weapons. Regulatory measures at local, state, and national levels can be enacted and implemented to prohibit weather manipulation and the release of hazardous emissions in our skies and at ground level.

In sum, the USA must exit and stop funding the United Nations and all UN affiliated organizations.

THE UNITED NATIONS exposed by G. Edward Griffin

Link To Video


Just as the World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nations (UN) globalist agency for “health” governance, the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is the organizing principle of global weather control programs.  The UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) governs global standardization of microwave antenna (“5G”) systems and interactive satellite networks, toward the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of UN Agenda 2030.


In a 1961 speech to the UN, JFK stated: We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control. We shall propose, finally, a global system of communications satellites linking the whole world in telegraph and telephone and radio and television”. 


Weather control involves the intentional release and interaction of two categories of hazardous polluting emissions:

1. Cloud Seeding Aerosols (aka/ Cloud Condensation Nuclei/ CCN) 

2. Radiofrequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.


Patents below describe interaction between weather modification aerosol (CCN) and Radiofrequency Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.

Image fromSystem for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation,” describes the interaction between category 1., “substances” or aerosols (CCN), and category 2. “physical agents” like RF/MW Radiation. [Color highlighting is from ZG]

Link to Patent HERE


Cloud Seeding Aerosols and CCN are also called RF Absorbing elements: 


Description below from patent Weather Management Using Space-Based power System:

The energy absorbing element 3200 is a RF-absorbing chaff.

More Information on Chaff HERE, HERE, and HERE

Review of Advances in Precipitation Enhancement and Cloud Seeding Aerosols HERE


Patents below provide information regarding interaction between weather modification aerosol (CCN) and Radiofrequency Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.

Patent US 20140145002A1 System for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation.   

Patent US 2011/0204159 A1 Weather Management using space-based power system.

Patent US 2011/0174892 A1 Apparatus and related methods for weather modification by the electrical processes in the atmosphere.

Patent US 4,402,480 Atmosphere Modification Satellite


More Information HERE

Can we talk about the weather?



The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is the central organizing principle of worldwide weather modification (WM) or Geoengineering (GE), aka meteorology.

Link to Source at WMO HERE


The UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the organizing component governing global wireless systems.

Link to ITU Source HERE

“A hidden part of the information and communication (ICT) networks and devices we all use every day, ITU standards are rarely perceived by users but vital in enabling the interconnection and interoperability of ICT equipment and devices manufactured by hundreds of thousands of different companies around the world.”


The UN WMO and ITU collaborate to coordinate weather control and monitoring activities.


According to Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary-General ITU “Radiofrequencies are really critical for meteorological services and climate monitoring applications.”

“It is also a growing area of collaboration for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), as the shared used of radio spectrum is crucial for the study of climate change — and for the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Link To Source ITU HERE


“Monitoring” may also be interpreted as SURVEILLANCE.


A June 2023 White House report “Congressionally Mandated Research Plan and an Initial Research Governance Framework Related to Solar Radiation Management,” outlines the plan to deploy geoengineering programs, that are being framed as “research.” The report cites cooperative efforts with the WMO.

Link To Report HERE


More information:

Solar Geoengineering (

Origin of Meteorology see CIA 1960 Climate Control Report HERE

International Telecommunication Union: The Most Important UN Agency You Have Never Heard Of HERE

Feasibility of Space-Based Monitoring for Governance of Solar Radiation Management HERE


Globally interactive systems of weather engineering and wireless communication networks (ALL the “G’s” + Artificial Intelligence) together comprise the foundation for a global, military weapons system.

These interactive globalist control systems may be used for biometric surveillance, psychological warfare [MINDWAR], data collection, vaxx ID, CBDC’s, to cause fires, or even to induce disease and death.



How electromagnetic weapons induce disease and mentally disable entire populations


NATO and the Militarization of 5G 


Military leading the charge on 5G 


Unless Peace Comes – How to Wreck the Environment | A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons • 1968 


Technology Convergence 2035: Humanity vs. AI 


A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception


1985 CNN Report: RF Weapons, 60GHz Microwave Beams, Mind Control, Adverse Bio-effects 

Link To Video HERE


Public private partnerships provide borderless collaboration and control of Weather and Wireless Telecommunications Systems outside the context of legitimate governance. 


More Information on Artificial Intelligence, the ITU and the WMO below:


WMO and Artificial Intelligence HERE, HERE, and HERE


ITU and Artificial Intelligence HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE




United Nations Artificial Intelligence HERE



What can be done to ban weather engineering and other hazardous emissions:

Regulatory measures at the state and national level can be enacted and implemented to prohibit weather manipulation and the release of hazardous emissions in our skies and at ground level.

Mexico banned Solar Geoengineering experimentation in January 2023.

PennsylvaniaMaryland, and West Virginia provide precedent from the 1960’s for prohibiting and preventing cloud seeding and weather modification activities. These kinds of policies could be reenacted at the state and national level today.

The Atmosphere Protection Act was introduced in Rhode Island in 2023 to prohibit deliberate polluting activities in the atmosphere and at ground level, including both aerosol injection and RF/MW Radiation.

Legislation to tackle geoengineering and weather modification pollution was also introduced in Connecticut and Illinois this year.

Take Action HERE

To learn more about advocating for legislation to prohibit weather modification, geoengineering, and other atmospheric/environmental hazards email: or



It’s possible and necessary to take control of wireless infrastructures at the local level. 


From Wire America:

Any county or locality can set the following WTF application requirement: the application will remain incomplete until the applicant submits substantial written evidence in the public record proving that the FCC has completed the U.S. Courts of Appeals-mandated work in Cases 18-1129, 18-1051 and 20-1025.

That applies to all 50 states in the USA. 

Case Vacated Portions of Result
Case No. 18-1129: Keetoowah v FCC FCC Order 18-30 The court vacated the National Environmental Policy Act and National Historic Preservation Act exemptions and vacated the very definition of “Small Wireless Facilities” — a definition that was never subsequently re-established by the FCC. As a result, every single WTF of any size must undergo NEPA and NHPA review and must be considered one-at-a-time, on a case-by-case basis.
Case No. 18-1051: Mozilla v FCC FCC Order 17-166 The court upheld the FCC’s decision to re-classify broadband Internet as an “information service,” and mobile broadband as a “private mobile service,” making neither subject to common carrier status or Title II regulation. The Court also concluded that the FCC did not show legal authority to issue its Preemption Directive, which would have barred states from imposing any rule or requirement to regulate broadband internet. The court vacated that portion of the order, freeing the states to regulate broadband as they wish.
Case No. 20-1025: Environmental Health Trust v FCC FCC Order 19-126 The court vacated the extension of the FCC RF microwave radiation exposure guideline to frequencies above 6,000 MHz and mandated the FCC to evaluate the 27 volumes of scientific evidence in the court’s record (see links in Appendix B) and then explain how the FCC RF microwave radiation exposure guideline adequately protects against harmful effects of exposure to RF microwave radiation, focusing on impacts on children, biological harms of long-term exposures, and adverse impacts on the environment. The FCC has ignored this U.S. Courts of Appeals-mandate for two years — and counting.


More Information from Wire America HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Vote No on AB-965: Scientific Evidence – Wire California

What to Do About The Digital Prison Act, HR-3557 – Wire America



Examples of Local Victories:

Massachusetts: Sheffield and Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications 

Coventry UK: Neighbors Team Up To Force Removal of 5G Mast “Monstrosity” 

Dalton Gardens, Idaho Wireless Ordinance Defeated 

Lewis County Tennessee Resolution Passed Requesting Research Proving Safety of 5G 

Good News From The UK! Two 5G Masts Refused: One in Urmston and the Other in Timperley 

Councils Invoking the Precautionary Principle – UK, Scotland, Ireland

Several New York City Communities Passed Resolutions for Moratoria on 5G

Victory in Long Beach, California Preventing 5G Tower 





Fire Starters 

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 2 – A Powerhouse of Ruin 

2023 Congressional Solar Geoengineering Report Acknowledges Likely Transboundary Effects

Geoengineering Parts I, II, and III

Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy

A Coordinated Strategy Could Focus Federal Geoengineering Research and Inform Governance Efforts

Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues

Weather and Climate Modification

National Weather Modification Policies and Programs 

DARPA-DOD Funding for Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Scenarios 

 DOD Management Issues Related to Chaff 

Are Directed Energy Weapons and Geoengineering Triggering Explosive Fires?

Forest Fire As A Military Weapon 

Fire Starters 

Ways to Address Reckless Government Spending 



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Terminating the American Domestic Biowarfare Program

July 19, 2023 | Image Source

Comprehensive evidence compiled by Katherine Watt provides historical perspective of the architecture of the government funded, authorized, and coordinated CV19 (Operation Warp Speed) counter-measures program of biochemical weapons marketed as “vaccines”. The well-sourced information verifies an orchestrated plan to injure and kill Americans.

In her research documenting the American Domestic Bioterrorism Program, Katerine Watt states, ” A whole lot of things that once were federal and state crimes and civil rights violations have been legalized by Congress through legislative, statutory revisions to the United States Code, signed by US Presidents, and implemented at the administrative, regulatory level by the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense through the Code of Federal Regulations.”

Unconstitutional policies that have been imposed on Americans by U.S. presidential administrations in partnership with Congress, have aligned with globalist depopulation policies of the United Nations (UN). The UN and their affiliated agencies and organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Federal Reserve, and other unaccountable, unelected bodies such as the CDC should not be involved or have any role in USA policymaking. (The CDC is a for profit agency acting in partnership with China’s CDC and the WHO).

Potential remedies cited in Watt’s extensive research include:

–“Congressional repeal of 21 USC 360bbb, which enables the FDA Emergency Use Authorization biochemical weapons program, and 42 USC 247d, which enables the HHS Public Health Emergencies administrative power consolidation program, to expose the covert biochemical warfare program, and legislatively terminate it…

–Federal judicial review of 21 USC 360bbb and 42 USC 247d to expose the covert biochemical warfare program and judicially nullify the enabling acts and terminate the program.”

–Prosecute members of Congress, presidents, HHS and DOD secretaries and federal judges for treason under 18 USC 2381.

Immediately withdrawing from and defunding the United Nations and all partner organizations is a necessary step to get USA back on track toward liberty, prosperity, and Constitutional governance. Additionally, the 9th and 10th Amendments provide a solid foundation for USA states to declare all unconstitutional federal policies void and unenforceable.

Nullifying the Federal Reserve with State governments enforcing (Article I, Section 10) the Constitution’s Gold and Silver clause are other steps in the right direction toward responsible governance.

Those in public office who have violated their oath and/or aided our enemies in causing harm and death to Americans must be held accountable.


Construction of the kill box: legal history 

Merger of the Military Apparatus and Health Apparatus

How Public Health Has Been Militarized 

Will Anyone Be Held Accountable for the 300,000 Americans Murdered by the COVID-19 Shots in 2021? 

Discussion About Military Countermeasures 


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership



American Domestic Bioterrorism Program – by Katherine Watt (


Link To Full Article HERE



Stay as out-of-date as possible on the CDC-recommended biochemical weapons schedule. (

“Vaccines” are not medicines. They are camouflaged weapons of covert war.” – Katherine Watt


Link To Read Full Article HERE




Exit and Defund the UN 

EXIT and DEFUND the W.H.O. 

REJECT UN Power Grab! USA OUT of the W.H.O. 

Sovereignty Coalition Press Conference: Get the US out of the W.H.O. 

Depopulation is a UN Agenda 

Defund and Exit the United Nations 

The Amazing Deception 

Oath of Office Certification Missing? Writ of Quo Warranto Filed Against Top Biden Officials 

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1 –

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 2 – A Powerhouse of Ruin –

Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed 

Psychological control grid funding 

IRENA & the MULTI-TRILLION dollar climate hoaxers 

Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution?



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US Patent US6192598B1: The Use of Microwaves to Kill Insects

July 13, 2023 | | Microwave radiation induces insect mortality and…?

The use of millimeter and microwaves as an insecticide treatment is described in a 2001 US patent.


According to the patent, microwaves are an effective way to kill insects.


Link To Full Patent US6192598 Microwave and millimeter wave method and apparatus for controlling insects in stored-products


The grave implications for entire ecosystems involve not only the insect apocalypse.


The Insect Apocalypse Is Here – The New York Times

On the FCC guideline in relation to the health and viability of horses at Churchill Downs 


Massive deployments of ground and space-based wireless systems are a threat to the health of all biological life by continuously contaminating our environment with microwave radiation, a hazardous physical agent:



Militaries use electromagnetic radiation as weapons:

Link to Video


Directed_Energy_Futures_2060_Final29June21_with_clearance_number.pdf (


Additionally, microwave radiation exposure causes plants to produce increased levels of highly flammable terpenes.

“Microwave irradiation resulted in thinner cell walls, smaller chloroplasts and mitochondria, and enhanced emissions of volatile compounds, in particular, monoterpenes and green leaf volatiles (GLV).”

Link To Article HERE



Link To Influence of microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation on terpene emission and content in aromatic plants





On the topic of fires and the massive increase in highly flammable plant terpenes, Dr. Martin Pall stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have just gigantic, huge fires all over the place from 5G.”




AT&T Maps – Wireless Coverage Map for Voice and Data Coverage from AT&T (

AT&T Maps – Wireless Coverage Map for Voice and Data Coverage from AT&T (





Military leading the charge on 5G 

NATO and the Militarization of 5G 

Reigning-in Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation (“5G”)



Image source

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New Jersey Legal Action Calling For Criminal Investigations into CV19 Crimes

June 23, 2023 | Image source | National American Renaissance

The Petition presented in New Jersey could be a model document for other states. The goal is to provide evidence for law enforcement and prosecutors around the nation in order to bring accountability to those responsible for CV19 events.

An 82 page Grand Jury Petition with Exhibits and an Executive Summary were presented by The National American Renaissance Movement to the Governor of New Jersey, his Attorney General and twenty-one county Prosecutors requesting a criminal investigation into the crimes of CV19.

The Preliminary Statement explains: “There are numerous crimes involved in the Covid-19 Pandemic which present themselves as an organized criminal scheme to accomplish a number of sinister outcomes. Their clandestine onslaught leaves the public mind confused, disoriented and fearful. In this frightened bewildered state, the public is susceptible to irrational actions, and criminals have a freer reign.”




Link To Source HERE



We Are Naming Names 

Link To Article HERE




Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes

On American state-level prosecution for federal government chemical and biological WMD crimes. 

The New Constitution: Living War Crimes 

Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed 

Governor’s lockdowns destroy lives and economies.

C*vid doesn’t destroy lives and economies–politician’s decisions and lockdowns do. 

Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING? 

End all lockdowns and health mandates and NEVER bring them back! 

C0v|d Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever 

Is Trump really cheering for experimental jabs and lockdowns? 

New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs” 

Operation Warp Speed: The Role of the US DoD and Partners in the CV19 War on Humanity 

Discussion About Military Countermeasures 

Operation Warp Speed Florida: 19,000% Increase in Senior Deaths After CV Shots 



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Gates Partners with Beijing on infectious disease research

June 17, 2023 | Image source

Billionaire eugenics expert Bill Gates met this week with China’s President Xi, where he announced collaboration with the Beijing Municipal Government and Tsinghua University in support of the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI) by providing $50 million dollars over the next 5 years.  Tsinghua University holds “secret-level security credentials” for classified military research and according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, has carried out cyber attacks for the CCP government.

Bill Gates has gained notoriety for his “philanthropy” with regard to funding experimental CV19 injections and organizing the CV19 Event 201. Even though Bill is not a doctor and was not elected to any office, Gates has a great deal of influence at the UN WHO and in government policymaking.


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership

The U.S. CDC and government of China have been collaborating for the past 30 years.  LINK


Meanwhile, the US House Appropriations Committee passed the 2024 defense bill on June 15, which halts public funding to labs in China.

The ‘‘Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2024’’

Link To Document HERE


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is not subject to the policy however, raising questions regarding national security and ethical considerations.


Gates stated: “I’m hopeful China can play an even bigger role in addressing the current challenges, particularly those facing African countries.”


October 3, 2010 – Melinda Gates discusses her philosophy on population reduction:

Link To Video



Gates Foundation to donate $50m to partnership in China amid Microsoft co-founder’s visit – Global Times


Link To Full Article HERE

Gates Foundation renews funding to GHDDI on innovative therapies | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Exposing The Gates Agenda in Africa

Obianuju Ekeocha  |  #ExposeBillGates

Link To Video




The Truth About Bill Gates


Bill Gates India


Bill Gates Media


Bill Gates Jeffrey Epstein


Bill Gates V@ccines    


Bill Gates CDC


Bill Gates Marburg


Bill Gates Vaxx Investment Return


Bill Gates 5G    


Bill Gates Geoengineering


Bill Gates GMO’s


Bill Gates Farmland


Bill Gates Eugenics_Agenda


Bill Gates DNA Mining


Bill Gates UN WHO


Bill Gates Cryptocurrency_MICROSOFT_Patent_WO2020060606A1

Link To Patent HERE

Bill Gates_Injectable Controlled Release Fluid Delivery System_US9067047




 Further Reading

Flashback 2009: Billionaires discuss tackling overpopulation 

REJECT UN Power Grab! USA OUT of the W.H.O. 


Defund and Withdraw from the WHO 

Defund and Exit the United Nations 



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Depopulation Club: The Story of the Committee of 300

June 15, 2023 | In the immortal words of comedian George Carlin, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” Those in positions of power are chosen by wealthy elite or corporate sponsors who [illegitimately] dictate policy.

Did you know? Depopulation is a UN Agenda 

When trying to make sense of current events and the depth of corruption involving politics, media-propaganda, the intentional demolition of our economy, health, and environment, it’s helpful to understand history, and those who create policy.

The Committee of 300 is essential information for those who are interested in understanding how the world works.

Educating ourselves on important matters and becoming involved in policymaking at the local and State level is critical to preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights.



John Coleman: Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300


Link To Video

Link To Article _Dr John Coleman – One World Order – Socialist Dictatorship




Dual citizens or freemasons in public offices? 

Eugenics to Pandemics 

1981: Pandemic Genocide Predicted by Globalist Banker 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Fire Starters 

Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership 

A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception

The Amazing Deception 

Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order 

NASA Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

Dr. Lee Merritt: Your Darkest Suspicions about Covid ‘Vaccines’ are Valid 

Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order 


Re: Tenth Amendment

LACAG: A Victory For The 10th Amendment In Louisiana 

“Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act” Introduced in Tennessee

Montana Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Adding 4th Amendment Protection to Digital Data 

North & South Dakota Legislators Plan to Nullify Biden’s Executive Orders at the State Level 

Oklahoma House votes to enable legislature to block Biden’s executive orders 

Maryland Cloud Seeding Prohibition 1965



Image source

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Eugenics to Pandemics

June 6, 2023 |  Americans and the entire world’s population are targets of a well-funded genocide campaign, that has been underway for over a century.

Eugenical Sterilization in the United States

Those bankrolling early efforts to exterminate large numbers of the population were wealthy “philanthropists” such as John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, and J. Pierpont Morgan.

During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, efforts to create conditions for fertility decline were led by Henry Kissinger who advocated for the United Nations to take an active role in reducing the world’s population.

1974: Action to Create Conditions for Fertility Decline

Bill Gates has gained notoriety for his “philanthropy” with regard to funding experimental injections and organizing the CV19 Event 201.

The documentary “Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics” provides an overview of the history of the Eugenics movement and the usefulness of pandemics to achieve plutocrat‘s globalist goals of depopulation aka, genocide.





Link To Video HERE





Beyond genocide, is ecogenocide: environmental warfare to destroy the environment. Omitted from much of the discourse on the CV19 bioweapons war, is the role of mass public exposure to Radiofrequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation.

Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G.

As with the CV19-Operation Warp Speed war against the people, the DOD is spearheading “5G” and geoengineering.


DOD leads the charge on 5G and Operation Warp Speed

DOD Funding for Stratospheric Aerosol Injection 

How to Wreck the Environment

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 




$30 Trillion Questions – by Sasha Latypova 

When a philanthropist gifts you a toilet, run. 

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