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New Yorkers Uniting to Stop Governor’s Quarantine Camps

December 1, 2023 | “On April 30th, 2019 Consul General Huang Ping met with Kathy Hochul, Lieutenant Governor of New York. The two sides exchanged views on China-US relations as well as exchanges and cooperation between New York State and China.”  Image Source |

New Yorkers Uniting to Stop Governor’s Quarantine Camps |

New York Gov Hochul appealed to overthrow the Supreme Court decision that had struck down the regulation 10 NYCRR 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures,” as unconstitutional.

Without proof that an individual is a health threat, the regulation provides that the Department of Health (DOH) can force people into isolation or quarantine for however long they want.

Get involved to end Hochul’s tyrannical efforts HERE



Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox outlines the ruling below:

Link To Video HERE


Link To Full Article HERE



New York Senator Borrello sent a letter to urge the governor to refrain from reissuing Rule 2.13., stating: “It is important to note that this rule conflicts with existing Public Health Law 2120, which was adopted by the Legislature more than 70 years ago and contains the due process protections that Rule 2.13 lacks.”

Link To Full Letter HERE

Learn More and Get Involved: Media – Cox Lawyers, PLLC



As their policies reflect, Kathy HochulGavin Newsom, and other governors have forged strong alliances with CCP leaders.

How a Chinese think tank rates all 50 U.S. governors (

  • “Governors can ignore orders from the White House,” the report claimed, “and state governments can change or even cancel local governments such as cities, counties, and school districts.”
  • State-level officials “enjoy a certain degree of diplomatic independence,” the report stated.


Link To Full Article HERE

PRC-Think-Tank-Study-on-US-Governors-Attitudes – English

PRC-Think-Tank-Study-on-US-Governors-Attitudes.pdf (




Chinese official tied to NY Gov. Kathy Hochul amplifies call for closer China-Russia relations 


NY Governor Fights to Lock Down New Yorkers in Quarantine Camps


Tenth Amendment Remedies


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership



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San Francisco Frantic Clean Up Act

November 10, 2023 | Image source | Something had to be done about the disaster in San Francisco.

San Francisco Cleans Up Homeless Encampments Just In Time For Chinese President’s Visit: REPORT

Link To Full Article HERE


City officials have been busy cleaning up in San Francisco before world leaders visit for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting November 11-17th. China’s Xi Jinping and Joe Biden are two of the VIP’s scheduled to attend the event.



San Francisco: Clean For Xi, Not For Thee

San Francisco Clears Homeless And Cleans Sh*t-Covered Streets For World Leaders Next Week


Major Clean Up Efforts Underway

Link To Full Article HERE


After Gavin Newsom’s lockdown and SF’s defund the police policies, the city been experiencing a surge in crime, filth, business closures, and homelessness.




The New York Times noted, “Some residents have wondered why San Francisco has been able to fix its notorious problems for the president, but not for them.”






Smith, Merkley to Biden: Press Xi on Political Prisoners, Human Rights

5 charts that explain the California and Bay Area exodus


Pro-Lockdown CA Governor Visits President Xi in Beijing



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Pro-Lockdown CA Governor Visits President Xi in Beijing


October 27, 2023 | Image source | Remember WHO Locked Us Down.


In continued efforts to self-promote and advocate for United Nation’s Agenda 2030 anti-human ‘climate’ policies, California Governor Newsom went to China this week to meet with fellow WEF globalist leader President Xi.


*Note: March 19, 2020, Lockdown in California and China*

Link to Full Article HERE


Gavin and Xi, friends of Klaus Schwab, have quite a lot in common such as locking down their entire population in lockstep with (almost) all world leaders and enforcing brutal CV19 policies that caused incalculable misery, suffering, suicide, economic devastation, and the deaths of countless innocent people.


These tyrannical policies were unconstitutional and unnecessary.


CDC: Teen Suicide Attempts Surged During COVID Lockdown 

Link To Article HERE


The result of Newsom leadership in California includes increased crime, dramatic increase in homelessness, and an exodus of people moving out of the once beautiful and economically thriving state.


San Francisco’s Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Is on Full Display in This Viral TikTok Video | ZeroHedge


San Francisco Tenderloin Area Effects of The Fentanyl Crisis and The People Affected By This Epidemic. Where is our protection ? There are so many concerns and protections in place for drug users and homeless people but what about the working class that have to pray that they make it to and from work in this environment. These are real dangers faced every single day just to be able to provide for your family . They got money for war but can’t feed the poor. These elected officials both republican and democrats continue to fail the people. No humanity.. We have a crisis right here in our backyard and we’re funding wars in other countries .. #fyp #communityleader #dreamkeeper #sf #mayorlondonbreed #govgavinnewsom #fentanylkills #fentanylcrisis #opiobsessed #anxiety #relief #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #homeless #community #change #addiction #protect #humanity #safety #cityofsf #49ers #gsw #gswarriors #tragedy #crisis #epidemic #warondrugsfailure #electedofficials #sfblogger #culture #lifeinsf #mentalhealthmatters #accesstohealthcare #shaderoom #hollywood #joebiden #kamalaharris #sfpd #help #humanity #failedgovernment #politics

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No one has figured out why this ‘lab’ was operating in Fresno…

“A Chinese-linked company was found running an unlicensed California biolab that contained at least 20 potentially infectious diseases, including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes.

The warehouse was discovered by local and federal agents in Fresno County. The illegal and unlicensed laboratory was full of lab mice, medical waste, and hazardous materials.”

Link To Full Article HERE



Notable is the fact that China has a negative environmental and horrific human rights track record.


Link to Article HERE


Link To Video HERE


Link To Article HERE


Newsom is a devoted climate evangelist, promoting the UN sustainable development goals (SDG’s) which has involved collaborations and signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with China.


In all the well-marketed climate hype, what we are not told about is the history of weather modification in California and current weather modification policies that destroy the soil, cause pollution & drought, increase explosive fire hazards, and cause extreme weather events.


China (and Russia) also have a long history of weather engineering activities.


Though most people would wholeheartedly agree that it is essential to protect our environment, the politically driven UN Agenda 2030 climate narrative is not intended to stop pollution or protect life on Earth.


1,609 scientists and informed professionals signed the Global Climate Intelligence Group’s “World Climate Declaration,” asserting that alarmist climate messaging is based on a globalist political agenda.



Human Rights Leaders Hit Newsom Over China Trip


Meteorologists, Scientists Explain Why There Is ‘No Climate Emergency’ 


The fact is, UN climate policies are not about protecting the environment, they are about the implementation of UN Agenda 21 / 2030, a one world totalitarian dictatorship.


Globalization involves the economic transformation (destruction) of the USA economy, specifically destroying the hard-working middle class on the road to the economic pivot to China.


This is why Agenda 2030 climate hype, and the “Green New Deal” is a really bad deal and why America needs to get back on track to follow the USA Constitution and Exit and Defund the UN. 


In the meantime, someone should let Mr. Newsom know that there is no climate emergency.



2022 California Advances Global Climate Leadership Through Expanded Partnership with China | California Governor

Link To Source HERE





Gavin Newsom won’t share details on $1B mask deal with China (



Event 201

Link To Article HERE



Link To Article-Need-To-Know Connection Between the Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 





Chinese Patent CN112220919A CV Vaxx contains graphene oxide 


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership


China has bailed on emissions reductions making US efforts pointless


The Amazing Deception


IRENA & the MULTI-TRILLION dollar climate hoaxers


Why the “Green New Deal” Is NOT A Good Deal At All; Biden: “How I learned to love the New World Order”; 2020 U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations recommends $15,000,000 for cloud-aerosol research


Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order




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Arkansas AG orders divestment of Chinese-owned farmland in Craighead County

October 19, 2023 |  Image source |  Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin ordered Northrup King Seed Co., a subsidiary of Syngenta Seeds, LLC, owned by China National Chemical Company (ChemChina) to divest its ownership of approximately 160 acres of land in Craighead County. Under the authority granted under Act 636 of 2023 by the General Assembly to ban prohibited foreign entities from owning Arkansas agricultural lands, ChemChina has two years to divest the land. The firm also received a civil penalty of $280,000 for not filing required disclosure documents on time.

Act 636 of 2023 bans foreign-owned companies from nine nations from owning agricultural land in Arkansas. Those nations are: Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a press conference on October 17th, “Seeds are technology. China’s state-owned corporations filter that technology back to their homeland, stealing American research and telling our enemies how to target American farms. That is a clear threat to our national security and to our great farmers.”




Arkansas orders Chinese-owned seed company to sell its farmland – Arkansas Advocate

Link To Full Article HERE



Attorney General Griffin Orders Divestment of Chinese-Owned Land and Imposes $280,000 Civil Penalty

Link To Full Article Here

Read the letter to Northrup King Seed Co. and Syngenta Seeds, LLC, HERE




Bill introduced prohibiting purchase of U.S. farmland by foreign adversaries


National Security: Opposition Growing to Chinese Company’s North Dakota Farmland Purchase


Agriculture Security Legislation Introduced in Congress


A Chinese Influence Group Tied To Bill Gates Wants To Collaborate With American Agriculture Officials



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Mississippi Gov Says There Will Be No More Mask Mandates

August 31, 2023 | Regarding the recent talk of mask mandates, Governor Reeves of Mississippi stated, “The simple answer to the question being posed by ‘experts’ is no. We will not return to widespread masking or COVID rules.”

He continued, “We are never going back to 2020,” Reeves said. “People have a right to make their own decisions. To decide how much risk they tolerate. And no matter what pronouncements come down from the Biden/Fauci administration: we will go to school, we will go to church, we will go to work, and we will play sports. We will live in self-determination, not top-down fear.”

The self-appointed “experts” were proven wrong on masks. Additionally, masking policies violate God-given rights.

CV19 and countermeasures were invented by the WHO/CCP and the DOD along with American leadership blindly followed the plan.

Read The Plan: WHO-China-Joint-Mission-on-Covid-19-Final-Report.


Link To Full Article HERE




Gov: Mask mandates not coming back to Mississippi 

Is the mask attack back? 

 Review of scientific reports of harms caused by face masks, up to February 2021

Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy

Scientific Review Concludes mask Wearing Should not be Mandated

Cochrane Report Conclusion: No Evidence to Support Use of Masks

Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence. 

Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy 

New Scientific Research Shows Masks Don’t Work 

Guantanamo Torture: “surgical masks make breathing more difficult”



Image source

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Oklahoma Gov Signs EO to Protect Women and Girls

August 4, 2023 | Image source | Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed an Executive Order on August 1st “to protect women and ensure women-only spaces are reserved solely for biological women.”

Oklahoma is the third state along with Kansas and Tennessee to adopt the Women’s Bill of Rights, defining ‘sex’ to mean biological sex at birth.

The executive order is not permanent and is in effect only while the governor is in office, unless measures are passed through the legislature. 

There is no disputing that the equal rights and freedom of all Americans are protected under the law. Violence is the real enemy.



Oklahoma Executive Order — Womens Bill of Rights

Link To Document HERE




Governor Stitt Leads The Nation As First Governor To Issue Women’s Bill Of Rights By Executive Order 

The Women’s Bill of Rights 



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New Jersey Legal Action Calling For Criminal Investigations into CV19 Crimes

June 23, 2023 | Image source | National American Renaissance

The Petition presented in New Jersey could be a model document for other states. The goal is to provide evidence for law enforcement and prosecutors around the nation in order to bring accountability to those responsible for CV19 events.

An 82 page Grand Jury Petition with Exhibits and an Executive Summary were presented by The National American Renaissance Movement to the Governor of New Jersey, his Attorney General and twenty-one county Prosecutors requesting a criminal investigation into the crimes of CV19.

The Preliminary Statement explains: “There are numerous crimes involved in the Covid-19 Pandemic which present themselves as an organized criminal scheme to accomplish a number of sinister outcomes. Their clandestine onslaught leaves the public mind confused, disoriented and fearful. In this frightened bewildered state, the public is susceptible to irrational actions, and criminals have a freer reign.”




Link To Source HERE



We Are Naming Names 

Link To Article HERE




Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes

On American state-level prosecution for federal government chemical and biological WMD crimes. 

The New Constitution: Living War Crimes 

Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed 

Governor’s lockdowns destroy lives and economies.

C*vid doesn’t destroy lives and economies–politician’s decisions and lockdowns do. 

Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING? 

End all lockdowns and health mandates and NEVER bring them back! 

C0v|d Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever 

Is Trump really cheering for experimental jabs and lockdowns? 

New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs” 

Operation Warp Speed: The Role of the US DoD and Partners in the CV19 War on Humanity 

Discussion About Military Countermeasures 

Operation Warp Speed Florida: 19,000% Increase in Senior Deaths After CV Shots 



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Why is the Biden administration opening instead of securing southern border?

May 6, 2023 | Image source

Title 42 border policy is scheduled to expire May 11th, as thousands of undocumented individuals seek to enter the USA. The Biden administration is sending 1,500 troops, but not to secure the border. Troops will be assisting with administrative tasks to facilitate entry into the USA.

There is a lawful process to come to the United States which involves screening and oversight to provide support as well as national security. Removal of Title 42 undermines national security and further strains cities and communities that are not equipped or prepared to handle the situation.

What about the American people who are struggling to make ends meet?!

The Biden administration has provided hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars for Ukraine’s border security and economy while throwing Americans under the bus.

Why Are We Spending Millions Housing Illegal Migrants While Americans Go Homeless?

NYCHA president: ‘City pays millions for migrants, but won’t help us’ 

Link to video


The border crisis is not new, though the problem has escalated with the support of federal agencies, under the Biden administration, according to reports.



Federal Whistleblower: Government Complicit in Trafficking Children

Biden Administration’s ‘Operation Allies Welcome’ Brought Suspected and Known Terrorists from Afghanistan to USA 



Governors and ex-presidents have also had a hand in undermining national security by bussing undocumented individuals into the USA.



Why are ex-presidents partnering with Soros? 

Florida governor keeps playing politics with national security 

Texas Governor Undermining National Security? 

Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot rails against Texas’ ‘inhumane’ migrant busing, says city out of space (

Orchestrating Crisis: How The Biden Administration and State Public Officials Are Undermining National Security 

Mayor Eric Adams says Biden’s migrant crisis has ‘destroyed’ NYC (


The borders must be closed and secured.




Biden sending 1,500 troops to Mexico border as Title 42 ends (

Link To Full Article HERE




Commentary: Why the end of Title 42 means the end to a secure border 

“if it gets out… the government is betraying the American People”

27 Texas counties declare invasion at southern border 

Biden Administration Confused About What Border to Defend? 

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night 



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Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed

April 9, 2023 |   There’s a reason why politicians rarely mention lockdowns and C19 countermeasures.

One of the worst crimes of all time against the American people was the C19 PSYOP and weaponized response. The mask mandates, business and school closures, and Operation Warp Speed bioweapon injections, were never necessary but they caused catastrophic economic, health, and societal damage.

 CV19 turned out to be a bad flu with over a 98% recovery rate.

It’s an inconvenient truth that every U.S. politician at the federal, state, and local level, with very few exceptions, participated in the crime of locking down the population. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense were key agencies in the C19 operation.


How Public Health Has Been Militarized 


Biden Touts Trump Getting Boosted: ‘Maybe One of the Few Things He and I Agree on:’ (


Corporate media and celebrities parroted false talking points and viciously ridiculed those who had questions.

Government officials partnered with media platforms to censor free speech and prevent access to health information. Store clerks and unelected bureaucrats obediently followed orders.  Our government stopped following the Constitution and instead followed the policy of the United Nations WHO and the CDC/CCP.


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership 


Those who failed to honor their oath of office and the Constitution by orchestrating, financing, enforcing, or participating in the C19 operation, must be prosecuted. -JD





April 6, 2023 | By Jeffrey A. Tucker | Brownstone Institute


Link To Full Article HERE



November 24, 2020 | By James CorbettThe Corbett Report |

What no one is saying about the lockdowns

Link To Video 







Operation Warp Speed: The Role of the US DoD and Partners in the CV19 War on Humanity 


Operation Warp Speed Florida: 19,000% Increase in Senior Deaths After CV Shots 


Opinion | Alex Azar: Americans Need to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine – The New York Times (


Governor’s lockdowns destroy lives and economies.


C*vid doesn’t destroy lives and economies–politician’s decisions and lockdowns do. 


Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING? 


End all lockdowns and health mandates and NEVER bring them back! 


C0v|d Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever 


Is Trump really cheering for experimental jabs and lockdowns? 


New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs” 


Link To Video




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US governors meet with Zelensky

April 4, 2023 | Once again we witness US governors turning their backs on Americans in their recent zoom meeting with Zelensky. Bipartisan governors declared their loyalty to his endless war while most Americans want a cease fire, negotiations, and to stop financing Ukraine’s quagmire.



Link To Article HERE



Similar to what we witnessed during the CV19 scandal, rather than following their Oaths of office and the Constitution, state governors shut down their states, implemented weaponized countermeasures, and followed the UN WHO and China’s policy.

Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution? – JDfor2024


Zelensky’s war never needed to happen. Lindsay Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Joe & Hunter Biden and Co., with bipartisan Congressional support, chose to start a proxy war with Russia rather than keeping Ukraine neutral and NATO off Russia’s border. It’s another Afghanistan disaster.


Lindsey Graham_August 2022:

“I like the structural path we’re on here. As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and economic support, they will fight till the last person.”

Link To Video

Lindsay Graham 1-202-224-5972     STOP funding Ukraine’s war NOW.    Call  Representatives | Senators





Lindsey Graham, John McCain visiting AZOV (NAZI) Battalion & Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016.


Link To Video


Off-ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow


To complicate matters, Zelensky has been announcing his interest in negotiating with China on a cease fire. Negotiations are important, but there needs to be transparency and open dialogue.

Did Everyone Just Get Played By The Piano Man? Zelensky Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine


America has environmental disasters, economic problems, crime (especially in cities and states that defunded the police), homelessness, open borders, and other urgent matters to address.


Link To Source


BILLIONS have been wasted, lives have been lost, and Americans do not support Ukraine’s endless war. The governors are really showing their true colors are not red, white, and blue.






Ukraine war should not have happened 


Stop Funding Zelensky’s War and Give Americans their Money Back


Did Everyone Just Get Played By The Piano Man? Zelensky Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine


Putin, Xi discussing Ukraine peace plan, Biden sending more weapons


Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution? 


Why Most of the World Isn’t on Board with the NATO-Russia War 


Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support 


Off-ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow


Introduced: ‘‘Ukraine Fatigue Resolution’’ to end military and financial aid to Ukraine  


Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine 


Current Ukraine Scenario Written in 2019 By Rand Corporation 


‘Question All Of It’ – The Current Western Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale 


The Collapsing Covid Narrative is Being Replaced with Putin and Ukraine 


Biden Pledges $60 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

Jan. 2018 discussing March 2016 Ukraine visit:

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in,’ I think it was, ‘about six hours.’ I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden recalled telling Poroshenko.

“Well, son of a b—-, he got fired.

Link To Video _@52:00


Resurfaced Tape Shows Obama Regime’s Nuland Plotting Ukraine Coup With Biden’s Help – ‘F**k The EU’ –

Link to Video



Image Source