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Why is the Biden administration opening instead of securing southern border?

May 6, 2023 | Image source

Title 42 border policy is scheduled to expire May 11th, as thousands of undocumented individuals seek to enter the USA. The Biden administration is sending 1,500 troops, but not to secure the border. Troops will be assisting with administrative tasks to facilitate entry into the USA.

There is a lawful process to come to the United States which involves screening and oversight to provide support as well as national security. Removal of Title 42 undermines national security and further strains cities and communities that are not equipped or prepared to handle the situation.

What about the American people who are struggling to make ends meet?!

The Biden administration has provided hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars for Ukraine’s border security and economy while throwing Americans under the bus.

Why Are We Spending Millions Housing Illegal Migrants While Americans Go Homeless?

NYCHA president: ‘City pays millions for migrants, but won’t help us’ 

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The border crisis is not new, though the problem has escalated with the support of federal agencies, under the Biden administration, according to reports.



Federal Whistleblower: Government Complicit in Trafficking Children

Biden Administration’s ‘Operation Allies Welcome’ Brought Suspected and Known Terrorists from Afghanistan to USA 



Governors and ex-presidents have also had a hand in undermining national security by bussing undocumented individuals into the USA.



Why are ex-presidents partnering with Soros? 

Florida governor keeps playing politics with national security 

Texas Governor Undermining National Security? 

Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot rails against Texas’ ‘inhumane’ migrant busing, says city out of space (

Orchestrating Crisis: How The Biden Administration and State Public Officials Are Undermining National Security 

Mayor Eric Adams says Biden’s migrant crisis has ‘destroyed’ NYC (


The borders must be closed and secured.




Biden sending 1,500 troops to Mexico border as Title 42 ends (

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Commentary: Why the end of Title 42 means the end to a secure border 

“if it gets out… the government is betraying the American People”

27 Texas counties declare invasion at southern border 

Biden Administration Confused About What Border to Defend? 

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night 



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Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed

April 9, 2023 |   There’s a reason why politicians rarely mention lockdowns and C19 countermeasures.

One of the worst crimes of all time against the American people was the C19 PSYOP and weaponized response. The mask mandates, business and school closures, and Operation Warp Speed bioweapon injections, were never necessary but they caused catastrophic economic, health, and societal damage.

 CV19 turned out to be a bad flu with over a 98% recovery rate.

It’s an inconvenient truth that every U.S. politician at the federal, state, and local level, with very few exceptions, participated in the crime of locking down the population. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense were key agencies in the C19 operation.


How Public Health Has Been Militarized 


Biden Touts Trump Getting Boosted: ‘Maybe One of the Few Things He and I Agree on:’ (


Corporate media and celebrities parroted false talking points and viciously ridiculed those who had questions.

Government officials partnered with media platforms to censor free speech and prevent access to health information. Store clerks and unelected bureaucrats obediently followed orders.  Our government stopped following the Constitution and instead followed the policy of the United Nations WHO and the CDC/CCP.


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership 


Those who failed to honor their oath of office and the Constitution by orchestrating, financing, enforcing, or participating in the C19 operation, must be prosecuted. -JD





April 6, 2023 | By Jeffrey A. Tucker | Brownstone Institute


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November 24, 2020 | By James CorbettThe Corbett Report |

What no one is saying about the lockdowns

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Operation Warp Speed: The Role of the US DoD and Partners in the CV19 War on Humanity 


Operation Warp Speed Florida: 19,000% Increase in Senior Deaths After CV Shots 


Opinion | Alex Azar: Americans Need to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine – The New York Times (


Governor’s lockdowns destroy lives and economies.


C*vid doesn’t destroy lives and economies–politician’s decisions and lockdowns do. 


Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING? 


End all lockdowns and health mandates and NEVER bring them back! 


C0v|d Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever 


Is Trump really cheering for experimental jabs and lockdowns? 


New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs” 


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US governors meet with Zelensky

April 4, 2023 | Once again we witness US governors turning their backs on Americans in their recent zoom meeting with Zelensky. Bipartisan governors declared their loyalty to his endless war while most Americans want a cease fire, negotiations, and to stop financing Ukraine’s quagmire.



Link To Article HERE



Similar to what we witnessed during the CV19 scandal, rather than following their Oaths of office and the Constitution, state governors shut down their states, implemented weaponized countermeasures, and followed the UN WHO and China’s policy.

Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution? – JDfor2024


Zelensky’s war never needed to happen. Lindsay Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Joe & Hunter Biden and Co., with bipartisan Congressional support, chose to start a proxy war with Russia rather than keeping Ukraine neutral and NATO off Russia’s border. It’s another Afghanistan disaster.


Lindsey Graham_August 2022:

“I like the structural path we’re on here. As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and economic support, they will fight till the last person.”

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Lindsay Graham 1-202-224-5972     STOP funding Ukraine’s war NOW.    Call  Representatives | Senators





Lindsey Graham, John McCain visiting AZOV (NAZI) Battalion & Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016.


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Off-ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow


To complicate matters, Zelensky has been announcing his interest in negotiating with China on a cease fire. Negotiations are important, but there needs to be transparency and open dialogue.

Did Everyone Just Get Played By The Piano Man? Zelensky Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine


America has environmental disasters, economic problems, crime (especially in cities and states that defunded the police), homelessness, open borders, and other urgent matters to address.


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BILLIONS have been wasted, lives have been lost, and Americans do not support Ukraine’s endless war. The governors are really showing their true colors are not red, white, and blue.






Ukraine war should not have happened 


Stop Funding Zelensky’s War and Give Americans their Money Back


Did Everyone Just Get Played By The Piano Man? Zelensky Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine


Putin, Xi discussing Ukraine peace plan, Biden sending more weapons


Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution? 


Why Most of the World Isn’t on Board with the NATO-Russia War 


Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support 


Off-ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow


Introduced: ‘‘Ukraine Fatigue Resolution’’ to end military and financial aid to Ukraine  


Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine 


Current Ukraine Scenario Written in 2019 By Rand Corporation 


‘Question All Of It’ – The Current Western Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale 


The Collapsing Covid Narrative is Being Replaced with Putin and Ukraine 


Biden Pledges $60 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

Jan. 2018 discussing March 2016 Ukraine visit:

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in,’ I think it was, ‘about six hours.’ I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden recalled telling Poroshenko.

“Well, son of a b—-, he got fired.

Link To Video _@52:00


Resurfaced Tape Shows Obama Regime’s Nuland Plotting Ukraine Coup With Biden’s Help – ‘F**k The EU’ –

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