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UN, Rockefeller, & Bill Gates Launch 50-in-5 Global Digital Prison

November 18, 2023 | | Image Source | Another reason to Exit and Defund the UN.

An NGO called “Co-Develop”  has partnered with The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), The Inter-American Development Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others in launching the 50-in-5 campaign, involving deployment of globalist infrastructure that would permanently lockdown the world’s population inside a digital prison of constant biometric surveillance.




Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is being marketed as “a secure and interoperable network of components that include digital payments, ID, and data exchange systems”.


Link To Video Here


National governments want to share identity, financial, and health records of individuals with global government agencies  across borders, through “Data Exchange Systems”.


Linked worldwide to implement UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs), wireless systems of biometric surveillance tools include satellites, microwave antenna grids (“4G/5G/6G”), security cameras, cell phones, and ‘smart’ devices to connect the Internet of Things (IoT) & the Internet of Bodies (IoB). Under an overarching Artificial Intelligence (AI) prison, digital infrastructure is purposed  to constantly and forever track, identify, and calculate social credit scores to determine who would have access to services and permission to travel freely.


Many are choosing not to participate in the UN globalist agenda by getting rid of, or powering off cell phones and wireless devices, preferring hard-wired connections & rejecting wireless infrastructure deployments, supporting local businesses, using cash often, being mindful about sharing data, and disconnecting more often from the internet.


The UN, Bill Gates, & Co. would like millions of volunteers to lock themselves down into the digital prison.



UN & Bill Gates Launch “50in5” Global Digital Infrastructure Plans 

There’s nothing new there, for anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention. Digital identity and digital payment systems are self-explanatory (and we’ve covered them before). “Data Exchange Systems” essentially means national governments will share identity and financial records of citizens across borders with other nations, or indeed with global government agencies.

The key word is “interoperable”.

As we have written before, the “global government” won’t be one single health care system, identity database, or digital currency – but dozens of notionally separate systems all carefully designed to be fully “interoperable”.

As well as being a project of the UNDP, UNICEF, and the Inter-American Development Bank, the 50in5 is funded by various globalist NGOs and non-profits including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and (indirectly through an NGO called “Co-Develop”) the Rockefeller Foundation.

The eleven counties taking part in the program so far are Bangladesh, Brazil, Estonia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Moldova, Norway, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Togo. A careful spread from every continent, including first, second, and third-world nations.

It is a list noteworthy for including NATO, EU, and BRICS members. Interesting implications on supposed “multipolarity” there.

Link To Read Full Article HERE





THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What’s Coming Next…) 

Link To Article HERE



Exit and Defund the UN



200 Medical Journals and the UN Call for New Global Health Emergency 

Link To Article HERE



 Is Humanity Being Poisoned By Microwave Radiation?


Why You Should Destroy Your Smart Phone Now


Intelligence-backed Surveillance System Quietly Being Installed Throughout USA


Globalists call for ‘finance shock’ and global governance


STOP The Digital Prison


Red and Blue States Introducing Biometric Digital Prison IDs


Audit finds government agencies violate laws with fake cell tower spying


Microchipping & The Internet of Bodies ( IoB )

Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order

Bill Gates Foundation Funded CCP Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ American’s DNA Data Through COVID Tests.


ZeroTrust #IoT #IoB #IoNT #IoBNT


Targets-R-US: The Weaponization of BIG DATA and AI


Austin and Houston Join UN C40 “SMART” Cities




6G Wireless Systems, AI, The Internet of Bodies (IoB) and the Internet of Everything (IoE)










The Brain is the Battlefield: The Realities of Neuroweapons 



Psycho-Neurobiology and War 


A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception



Attack on the Brain: Neurowars and Neurowarfare 


Method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness



Federal government ramps up research to manipulate the human brain and engineer DNA


COGSEC – The Ministry of Truth – by Spartacus 


Declassify and Ban Neuroweapons 


What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with Radiation?






REJECT UN Power Grab! USA OUT of the W.H.O. 

Sovereignty Coalition Press Conference: Get the US out of the W.H.O. 

Depopulation is a UN Agenda 

Defund and Exit the United Nations 

The Amazing Deception 

Exit and Defund the UN 

Get the US Out of the UN – The Public Demands It! 

Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution?

Unplugging the Control Grid 


The American Sovereignty Declaration

USA Must Reject Illegal Proposals and Exit the WHO 



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Image source | October 31, 2023 | | Newly released records obtained by Judicial Watch in response to a FOIA lawsuit detail a heavily funded propaganda campaign to persuade Americans to take experimental mRNA CV19 injectable biochemical weapons (marketed as “vaccines”).

At least $1 BILLION of Biden’s $1.7 TRILLION stimulus was allocated the HHS and CDC for promoting the mRNA jabs.

[CV19 “relief” was a mechanism to orchestrate one of the largest transfers of wealth of all time, from the people to the super rich, by both the Trump (CARES Act) and the Biden (The American Rescue Plan) administrations.]

Screen writers, production companies, radio and television stations, stand-up comedians, late night hosts, influencers and celebrities were paid to promote the experimental mRNA injections that we now know have caused permanent injuries, suffering and deaths of countless innocent people.

Many knew about the CV19 Vaxx hazards from the beginning but were censored, jailed, ridiculed, shamed and silenced by celebrities and the bought media.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated, “These records show a disturbing and massive campaign by the Biden administration to propagandize and politicize the controversial COVID vaccine. It seems as if the entire entertainment industry was an agent for the government!”



Judicial Watch Uncovers Biden Administration Propaganda Plan to Push COVID Vaccine | Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it received 249 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) detailing the extensive media plans for a propaganda campaign to push the COVID-19 vaccine.

The records were received in in response to an August 2021 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)lawsuit filed after HHS failed to respond to a April 19, 2021 request for records related to the Biden HHS’ “COVID-19 Community Corps” program (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (No. 1:22-cv-02315)).

Judicial Watch is asking for all records regarding the application process; all organizations asking to be chosen to participate; all grants; and all communications of representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the program.

The newly released records include a document titled “PEC [Public Education Campaign] Plan April 19 -May 31 [2021],” which includes the following media plans and action items:

Major [Public Education] Projects in April

  • Vaccine engagement package to all entertainment talent and management agencies
  • Vaccine engagement package to all media companies and show producers
  • Outreach to major culture event producers
  • Outreach with WCDT [likely We Can Do This] brand and engagement ideas to major businesses and associations
  • Launch Community Corps Business Chapter
  • Start celebrity Share the Mics


POTUS May 1-31

  • Late night hosts vaccination video.


Additional Ideas to be Considered

Digital Media

  • Produce HHS question-and-answer videos featuring local Black doctors discussing the vaccines, how they work, and why the public should get vaccinated
  • Request that Tom Brady create a video with his parents encouraging vaccination (his parents had COVID last year and he has talked about their tough recovery).
  • Create custom partnerships with the social media platforms with algorithms to hit the audience.
  • Launch Hollywood comedy writers video content.


  • Work with YouTube on an original special about vaccinations targeted to young people (similar to the YouTube’s Dear Call of 2020 special).
  • Work with Instagram to produce a series about vaccines for @Instagram (the largest social media account in the world, 387 million followers). Feature young creators doing in-depth pieces about young people’s questions. Request a Stories Highlight on Vaccines on @Instagram to stay on the account through 2021.
  • Request major TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram influences to create videos of themselves being vaccinated and start a special campaign of funny and/or musical videos about being vaccinated to encourage others to create content and post.

Earned Media

  • Request a vaccination special on Christian Broadcast Network featuring Evangelical leaders.
  • Request that the major live TV entertainment shows feature hosts being vaccinated on air (ex: the hosts of The Voice).
  • Request that the TV morning and daytime talk shows feature special vaccination reunion moments with everyday Americans talking about what this means to them (ex: hugging grandma for the first time).
  • Convene an editorial meeting with the publishers of Catholic newspapers and newsletters across the country (ex: America Magazine, Florida Catholic, The Catholic Spirit, The Tablet).
  • Dr. Biden interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines for Magnolia.
  • Request vaccination specials with BET, The Undefeated, Desus & Mero, Sneaker Shopper. Hot Ones.
  • Request a vaccination special With Christian Broadcasting Netflix and Evangelical leaders.
  • Place a trusted messenger on the Joe Rogan Show and Barstool Sports to promote vaccination (work with outside expert to identify who will be most effective).


  • Work with the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, CMA to request they create content with their talent and release through their broadcast and social channels.  Also create a Share the Mic program where the talent elevates public health voices.
  • Work with all major sports leagues to send vaccination information to ticket holders.
  • Work with ESPN for hosts to provide vaccination information.
  • Partner with Disneyland Parks for vaccination events when the amusement parks reopen.
  • Work with the Hollywood guilds to work vaccination messaging into scripted and reality TV shows (ex: Writers Guild, Directors Guild.)


Link to Read Full Article HERE



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Truth or propaganda?

October 18, 2023 | Image source | As unverified reports continue to spew 24/7, critical thinkers are paying close attention to the world stage and theatres of war to determine if the information is truth or propaganda.

Link To Video HERE


Is Mainstream Media the Disinformation Megaphone of the CIA? 

Mainstream Media: Weapons of Mass Deception


What most mainstream media “news” stories have in common is providing a constant flow of propaganda blended with an undercurrent of invisible emotional manipulation that often stokes fires of division.


Unsurprisingly, Mr. Biden is ready to steal more American money war.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has arrived at a perfect time to distract from the Ukraine quagmire, Joe Biden Impeachment, Hunter Biden scandal, Trump lawsuits, CV-19 crimes, cocaine at the White House, the border crisis, BRICS, increasing opposition to the UN, calls to exit and defund the WHO, widespread rejection of Agenda 21/2030, domestic economic stress, and a host of other unpleasantries.



Are Rep Tlaib, the New York Times, and Other Media Guilty of Disinformation of the Hospital “Strike”?

No evidence of bomb strike on hospital

White House walks back Biden comments that he had seen pictures of beheaded Israeli children 

The First Casualty of War is Truth

Propaganda Blitz: How Mainstream Media Is Pushing Fake Palestine Stories 


Understandably, a lot of people remain skeptical of mainstream media and are mindful of not being emotionally manipulated into choosing a “side” or a narrative.


After all, war and violence are the enemy. 


To be clear, self defense, as well as accountability from those who committed acts of violence is justified.

Retaliation, and aggressive warfare targeting the entire civilian population of Gaza is being marketed, but this is not self defense. The U.S. rejected a cease fire resolution, which indicates intent to wage war.


If we look closer, history shows that wealthy bankers have financed both sides of wars. War is a profitable business.

Crisis capitalists make money “building back better” after the destruction that they financed.


Stay vigilant, friends. Nothing is what it appears to be.

We are being lied to about the Israel-Hamas incident and everything else by masters of deception. The only ‘winners’ of war are war profiteers and the military industry.



Peace in Israel and Palestine 

Wag the Dog?



Biden Announces Aid To Israel And Gaza, Funding Both Sides Of Another War 

Link To Full Article HERE





George Bush jokes about not finding WMD’s:






Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare 

“We’re Funding Both Sides of This War.” – Mother Jones

Afghanistan: Funding Both Sides – Global Research

What Did the U.S. Get for $2 Trillion in Afghanistan? – The New York Times 

Costs of Major U.S. Wars – Congressional Research Service


Wag the Dog  Moment — Biden Escalates in Somalia

Should dual citizens in Congress and other public offices be required to disclose their citizenship status? 

Dual Citizens in Congress? We Need to Know; The Problem of Dual Citizenship 

Freemasons in Congress? Americans Need To Know. 

Depopulation Club: The Story of the Committee of 300 

The Amazing Deception 

Dual citizens or freemasons in public offices? 

Eugenics to Pandemics 

1981: Pandemic Genocide Predicted by Globalist Banker 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars




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Social media platforms are the main battlefield for cognitive warfare

October 18, 2023 | Image source | The brain is the new battlefield of war.  Goals of cognitive warfare include shaping and controlling the perception of individuals and entire societies.

For example, the CV19 war was hugely successful due to narrative engineering and controlling/blocking the flow of information on social media.

To successfully navigate the climate of deception and weaponized data it’s important to scrutinize information and verify facts and sources for ourselves.

According to a recent PLA article, controlling public perception includes “four social-media tactics, dubbed “confrontational actions”: Information Disturbance, Discourse Competition, Public Opinion Blackout, and Block Information. The goal is to achieve an “invisible manipulation” and “invisible embedding” of information production “to shape the target audience’s macro framework for recognizing, defining, and understanding events.”


Understanding Unrestricted Warfare

Enter the Battleverse: China’s Metaverse War


Weaponizing Brain Science: Neuroweapons-   Part I   Part II



Link To Full Article HERE


In the recent article, China’s social-media attacks are part of a larger ‘cognitive warfare’ campaign, the authors describe this invisible warfare domain:

“Chinese government and military writings say cognitive operations aim to “capture the mind” of one’s foes, shaping an adversary’s thoughts and perceptions and consequently their decisions and actions. Unlike U.S. defense documents and strategic thinkers, the People’s Liberation Army puts cognitive warfare on par with the other domains of warfare like air, sea, and space, and believes it key to victory—particularly victory without war.”



China’s social-media attacks are part of a larger ‘cognitive warfare’ campaign – Defense One

By Josh Baughman and Peter W. Singer

The phrase “cognitive warfare” doesn’t often appear in news stories, but it’s the crucial concept behind China’s latest efforts to use social media to target its foes.

Recent stories have ranged from Meta’s “Biggest Single Takedown” of thousands of false-front accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, and Substack to an effort to spread disinformation about the Hawaii fires to a campaign that used AI-generated images to amplify divisive U.S. political topics. Researchers and officials expect similar efforts to target the 2024 U.S. election, as well as in any Taiwan conflict.

Chinese government and military writings say cognitive operations aim to “capture the mind” of one’s foes, shaping an adversary’s thoughts and perceptions and consequently their decisions and actions. Unlike U.S. defense documents and strategic thinkers, the People’s Liberation Army puts cognitive warfare on par with the other domains of warfare like air, sea, and space, and believes it key to victory—particularly victory without war.

Social media platforms are viewed as the main battlefield of this fight. China, through extensive research and development of their own platforms, understands the power of social media to shape narratives and cognition over events and actions. When a typical user spends 2.5 hours a day on social media—36 full days out of the year, 5.5 years in an average lifespan—it is perhaps no surprise that the Chinese Communist Party believes it can, over time, shape and even control the cognition of individuals and whole societies.

A recent PLA Daily article lays out four social-media tactics, dubbed “confrontational actions”: Information Disturbance, Discourse Competition, Public Opinion Blackout, and Block Information. The goal is to achieve an “invisible manipulation” and “invisible embedding” of information production “to shape the target audience’s macro framework for recognizing, defining, and understanding events,” write Duan Wenling and Liu Jiali, professors of the Military Propaganda Teaching and Research Department of the School of Political Science at China’s National Defense University.

Information Disturbance (信息扰动). The authors describe it as “publishing specific information on social media to influence the target audience’s understanding of the real combat situation, and then shape their positions and change their actions.” Information Disturbance uses official social media accounts (such as CGTN, Global Times, and Xinhua News) to push and shape a narrative in specific ways.

While these official channels have taken on a more strident “Wolf Warrior” tone, recently, Information Disturbance is not just about appearing strong, advise the analysts. Indeed, they cite how during 2014’s “Twitter War” between the Israeli Defense Force and the Palestinian Qassam Brigade, the Palestinians managed to “win international support by portraying an image of being weak and the victim.” The tactic, which predates social media, is reminiscent of Deng Xiaoping’s Tao Guang Yang Hui (韬光养晦)—literally translated as “Hide brightness, nourish obscurity.” China created a specific message to target the United States (and the West more broadly) under the official messaging of the CCP, that China was a humble nation focused on economic development and friendly relationships with other countries. This narrative was very powerful for decades; it shaped the U.S. and other nations’ policy towards China.

Discourse Competition (话语竞争)The second type is a much more subtle and gradual approach to shaping cognition. The authors describe a “trolling strategy” [拖钓], “spreading narratives through social media and online comments, gradually affecting public perception, and then helping achieve war or political goals.”

Here, the idea is to “fuel the flames” of existing biases and manipulate emotional psychology to influence and deepen a desired narrative. The authors cite the incredible influence that “invisible manipulation” and “invisible embedding” can have on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in international events, and recommend that algorithm recommendations be used to push more and more information to target audiences with desired biases. Over time, the emotion and bias will grow and the targeted users will reject information that does not align with their perspective.

Public Opinion Blackout (舆论遮蔽). This tactic aims to flood social media with a specific narrative to influence the direction of public opinion.  The main tool to “blackout” public opinion are bots that drive the narrative viral, stamping out alternative views and news. Of note to the growing use of AI in Chinese influence operations, the authors reference studies that show that a common and effective method of exerting cognitive influence is to use machine learning to mine user emotions and prejudices to screen and target the most susceptible audiences, and then quickly and intensively “shoot” customized “spiritual ammunition” to the target group.

This aligned within another PLA article entitled, “How ChatGPT will Affect the Future of Warfare,” .” Here, the authors write that generative AI can “efficiently generate massive amounts of fake news, fake pictures, and even fake videos to confuse the public” at a n overall societal level of significance[8].   Their The idea is to create, in their words, a “flooding of lies”” while by the dissemination and Internet trolls to create “altered facts” creates confusion about facts and .   The goal is to create confusion in the target audience’s cognition regarding the truth of “facts” and play on emotions of fear, anxiety and suspicion. to create an atmosphere of insecurity, uncertainty, and mistrust. The end-state for the targeted society is an atmosphere of insecurity, uncertainty, and mistrust.

Block Information (信息封锁). The fourth type focuses on “carrying out technical attacks, blockades, and even physical destruction of the enemy’s information communication channels”. The goal is to monopolize and control information flow by preventing an adversary from disseminating information. In this tactic, and none of the others, the Chinese analysts believe the United States has a huge advantage. They cite that in 2009, for example, the U.S. government authorized Microsoft to cut off the Internet instant messaging ports of Syria, Iran, Cuba and other countries, paralyzing their networks and trying to “erase” them from the world Internet. The authors also mention in 2022, Facebook announced restrictions on some media in Russia, Iran, and other countries, but falsely claim that the company did so to delete posts negative toward the United States, for the US to gain an advantage in “cognitive confrontation.”

Continue Reading Article HERE



Cognitive confrontation on the battlefield of social media – Ministry of Defense of the People’s Republic of China (

Link To Full Article HERE

Cognitive confrontation on the battlefield of social media 



5G/6G (and beyond), wireless infrastructure, and Artificial Intelligence are the core of these systems.

Wireless infrastructure (including satellites) is the key to this weaponized surveillance grid, linking the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Bodies (IoB).

Using cash and unplugging from ‘smart’ devices, social media, and wi-fi are steps we can all take to start exiting from the digital prison.

Civilian leadership and regulatory oversight of infrastructure are urgently needed to reign in out-of-control military operations and weapons of war.


The internet domain & the invisible war on your brain


Future of Warfare: Military Document Outlines Advanced Technology



The Amazing Deception




NATO Review – Countering cognitive warfare: awareness and resilience

The Brain is the Battlefield: The Realities of Neuroweapons 

How electromagnetic weapons induce disease and mentally disable entire populations 

Psycho-Neurobiology and War 

A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception

Attack on the Brain: Neurowars and Neurowarfare 

Method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness

Disconnecting from the UN Digital Prison 

Federal government ramps up research to manipulate the human brain and engineer DNA

COGSEC – The Ministry of Truth – by Spartacus 

Declassify and Ban Neuroweapons 

What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with Radiation?

Defund and Exit the United Nations 

Depopulation is a UN Agenda 








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Peace in Israel and Palestine

October 12, 2023 | Weapons of mass distraction or weapons of mass deception? | The last several years have provided clear evidence that the media and Big Tech is in partnership with the White House, federal agencies, and intelligence agencies to censor Americans’ free speech and to manipulate public perception.

Facts, not fear.  

Unfortunately, without verified facts, politicians and mainstream media are now attempting to promote another war that could serve as a perfect distraction from failure and corruption in Ukraine, pressing domestic and economic matters, failure to secure the borders, treason and CV19 crimes, UN Agenda 2030, and so forth.


White House walks back Biden comments that he had seen pictures of beheaded Israeli children 

The First Casualty of War is Truth

Propaganda Blitz: How Mainstream Media Is Pushing Fake Palestine Stories 


War is not a solution. 

People of faith and conscience oppose violence and remain steadfast to creating peaceful solutions, starting with an immediate cease-fire to end the fighting and prevent any more harm or bloodshed on either side.


Violence is the enemy. 

To be clear, violence is criminal behavior and is to be harshly condemned and punished, no matter who commits atrocities. Those who are charged with violent crimes must be investigated and if found guilty with substantive evidence in a court of proper jurisdiction, prosecuted to face serious consequences for their actions.



You Have No Idea What’s Happening In Israel 

Nobody Can Support This Once They See It. “Pure Panic Everywhere You Look,” “Gaza Is Under A Complete Seige. No Water, No Food, No Electricity, and No Escape.” 

Israeli-Palestinian Mothers Want Peace


Some important facts to consider about the decades-long Israel-Palestinian conflict:

1.)Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II.”

According to the Congressional Research Report of March 2023: “In 2016, the U.S. and Israeli governments signed their third 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on military aid, covering FY2019 to FY2028. Under the terms of the MOU, the United States pledged to provide—subject to congressional appropriation—$38 billion in military aid ($33 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) grants plus $5 billion in missile defense appropriations) to Israel.”


Link To Video


Congressman Gus Savage Remarks in Congress Regarding Israel Lobby  March 1990

Discussion of the Israeli lobby and its influence in Washington w/ James Corbett 

Link To Federal Dual Citizenship-Why It’s Important By Anna Von Reitz

Dual Citizens in Congress? Americans need to know.


2.) Hamas was created by Israel.

Link To Video HERE

Israel Knew Hamas’ Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago

For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces | The Times of Israel

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas

Hamas, Son of Israel

How and Why Israel created Hamas

How Israel Helped create Hamas

Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel 


3.) Facts regarding the long history of the Israel-Palestinian conflict need to be studied and more widely understood.

400 Jewish studies scholars denounce Israeli annexation as ‘apartheid’ – The Jerusalem Post (

What Americans need to know about the Israel-Palestinian Conflict



4.) How propaganda starts wars

Similar to the attacks on September 11th, the terrible events in Israel are being used as justification for escalation of violence without confirmed evidence and investigation of those who are responsible for committing the crimes.

From The Times of Israel:  “Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the chief military spokesman, acknowledged the army owes the public an explanation. But he said now is not the time. “First, we fight, then we investigate,” he said.


Close scrutiny is warranted, as mainstream media propaganda and intelligence agencies are involved in selling Americans another endless war.

“Images on social media” are designed to stoke fires of rage and fear though they may not be true.


War is based on deception driven by the skillful use of propaganda.


Remember videos inciting fear and hysteria about the CV19 war that were later proven to be fake?



A quick scan through recent history confirms that wars have been started with the use of propaganda: 


After the events of September 11, 2001, George Bush Jr. and Colin Powell claimed that Sadam Hussein had WMDs. Even though millions of people opposed war, Congress authorized the use of military force, funded the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq — two nations that had nothing to do with the attacks on the Twin Towers.  WMD claims turned out to be false, resulting in the murder of millions of innocent people and the destruction of natural resources.

September 11th was a sophisticated military operation that was later found to be carried out by the CIA and Mossad. The tragedy served to mobilize American support for war. Many are still unaware of Building 7.


George Bush jokes about not finding WMD’s:




The babies in incubators hoax propelled the USA into Desert Storm in 1990, led by George Bush Sr.

Link To C-SPAN video HERE

Congressional testimony was part of a propaganda campaign to sell the war to the American people and was proven to be false.



The Gulf of Tonkin lie in 1964 sparked the Vietnam war.


U.S. officials distorted the truth resulting in horrific war crimes and atrocities.


1935_Major General Smedley Butler wrote: War Is A Racket






Israel created and supported Hamas. Similarly, the U.S. created and supported the Taliban and Al Qaeda. 

Link To Congressman Jim McDermott on CNN Crossfire with Tucker Carlson on September 10, 2002 acknowledging US support for the Taliban.

Link To_CNN_Crossfire_9-10-2002.mp4​


“We have to do a better job in the international side to coordinate our aid, to get more accountability for what we spend in Afghanistan. But much of the corruption is fueled by money that has poured into that country over the last eight years. And it is corruption at every step along the way, not just in Kabul.

You know, when we are so dependent upon long supply lines, as in Afghanistan, where everything has to be imported, it’s much more difficult than it was in Iraq, where we had Kuwait as a staging ground to go into Iraq. You offload a ship in Karachi and
by the time whatever it is – you know, muffins for our soldiers’ breakfasts or anti-IED equipment – gets to where we’re headed, it goes through a lot of hands. And one of the major sources of funding for the Taliban is the protection money.”

– Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee December 3, 2009

Link To Video





Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel


Blowback: How Israel Went From Helping Create Hamas to Bombing It


Weaponization of Fanaticism 


Is Mainstream Media the Disinformation Megaphone of the CIA? 


20 Years of US military aid to Afghanistan LINK


The United States’ role in funding the Taliban


Inspector General: The U.S. Government Left More Than $7 Billion in Military Equipment to the Taliban 


Is the CIA Public Enemy #1? 


Systemic Corruption: U.S. Congress Funded the Taliban for Decades


US-funded Taliban signs oil deal with China



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Despite consensus narratives, there is no climate emergency

September 23, 2023 | Image source | Though most would wholeheartedly agree that it is extremely important to protect our environment and all life on Earth, the politically driven climate narrative is simply not supported by actual science.

1,609 scientists and informed professionals that signed the Global Climate Intelligence Group’s “World Climate Declaration,” assert that alarmist climate messaging is based on a globalist political agenda.

The Declaration states, “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific.”

In fact, without adding decades of climate and weather modification into the climate equation, there is no way to accurately evaluate extreme weather events and environmental degradation.



Meteorologists, Scientists Explain Why There Is ‘No Climate Emergency’ 


Link To Full Article HERE 



Link To Full Document HERE



Climate Change: Researcher Admits to Altering Research To Get Published | National Review

Link to Full Article HERE




Weather and Climate Modification

Link To Full Document HERE




Zharkova on Solar Forcing and Global Cooling 

Media Organizations Receive Millions From Anti-Fossil Fuel Foundations

How Geoengineering and “5G” are Linked 

What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with Radiation? 

Weather Warfare Conceals Climate & C0v*d Crimes 

Depopulation Club: The Story of the Committee of 300 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Fire Starters 

A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception

The Amazing Deception 

Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order 

NASA Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

Gavin Newsom flew from Calif. to NY to tell the UN that burning gas is destroying the planet 

Green Hypocrisy: 1,200 Gallons of Diesel Spilled Into River in Attempt to Fuel Wind-project Vessel

Climate hypocrites are all tell, no show 


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The internet domain & the invisible war on your brain

July 31, 2023 | Information warfare is not something that we often think of while scrolling through internet feeds and surfing online. However, each of us is now a target of psychological warfare, designed specifically for us according to our preferences based on our unique online history – to alter our perceptions and change our behaviors.

Dividing and conquering the population and getting people to lose their minds, is a primary objective of cognitive warfare.

A 2022 NATO report titled “Cognitive Warfare”: The Advent of the Concept of “Cognitics” in the Field of Warfare, states:

“Cognitive warfare is now with us. The main challenge is that it is essentially invisible; all you see is its impact, and by then … it is often too late…

It operates on a global stage since humankind as a whole is now digitally connected. It uses information technology and the tools, machines, networks, and systems that come with it. Its target is clear: our individual intelligences, to be considered both individually and as a group.”

From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory

From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory 


We witnessed the success of cognitive warfare strategy achieved during the CV19 operation.

During the planned CV19 event, reasonable and rational people were fooled and coerced into collectivist compliance by means of government and social media propaganda. We were socially engineered to be terrified of an invisible enemy, that we later found out was just a bad flu made in a lab.


One aspect of information warfare that deserves closer scrutiny is the role of RF/MW Radiation exposure on brain impairment. Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms | Military Medical Research | Full Text (

Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms

Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms • ZERO5G


The foundation of cognitive warfare is built on wireless communications infrastructures [satellite networks and interoperable microwave antenna systems, aka “+4G+5G+6G+”] toward an overarching Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Ten Steps to Reduce Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation in Your Home: Healthy Living 


Why You Should Destroy Your Smart Phone Now 


Cognitive warfare seeks to divide individuals and populations while inducing fear, doubt, confusion, violence, despair and defeat.


Keep in mind that the U.S. military may be operating under NATO command and that all NWO roads lead back to UN Agenda 2030.


The Amazing Deception 

The Amazing Deception


Counteracting cognitive warfare involves consciously unplugging ourselves from the internet and social media, continually questioning and scrutinizing information for accuracy, gaining local control of wireless infrastructures, while preferring and prioritizing wired connections to boost security.



U.S. Psychological Warfare and Civilian Targeting: Peace Review: Vol 22, No 3 

Link To Article HERE



“Cognitive Warfare”: The Advent of the Concept of “Cognitics” in the Field of Warfare – Archive ouverte HAL

Link To Full Article_NATO-CSO-Cognitive Warfare 2022-03-01 (US) Claverie DuCluzel



“Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons”

August 29, 2017 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory |  Dr. James Giordano

Link To Video


Weaponizing Brain Science: Neuroweapons-   Part I   Part II




NATO and the Militarization of 5G

The Brain is the Battlefield: The Realities of Neuroweapons 

How electromagnetic weapons induce disease and mentally disable entire populations 

Psycho-Neurobiology and War 

A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception

Attack on the Brain: Neurowars and Neurowarfare 

Method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness

Disconnecting from the UN Digital Prison 

Federal government ramps up research to manipulate the human brain and engineer DNA

COGSEC – The Ministry of Truth – by Spartacus 

Declassify and Ban Neuroweapons 

What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with Radiation?

Defund and Exit the United Nations 

Depopulation is a UN Agenda 


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Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed

April 9, 2023 |   There’s a reason why politicians rarely mention lockdowns and C19 countermeasures.

One of the worst crimes of all time against the American people was the C19 PSYOP and weaponized response. The mask mandates, business and school closures, and Operation Warp Speed bioweapon injections, were never necessary but they caused catastrophic economic, health, and societal damage.

 CV19 turned out to be a bad flu with over a 98% recovery rate.

It’s an inconvenient truth that every U.S. politician at the federal, state, and local level, with very few exceptions, participated in the crime of locking down the population. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense were key agencies in the C19 operation.


How Public Health Has Been Militarized 


Biden Touts Trump Getting Boosted: ‘Maybe One of the Few Things He and I Agree on:’ (


Corporate media and celebrities parroted false talking points and viciously ridiculed those who had questions.

Government officials partnered with media platforms to censor free speech and prevent access to health information. Store clerks and unelected bureaucrats obediently followed orders.  Our government stopped following the Constitution and instead followed the policy of the United Nations WHO and the CDC/CCP.


Art of War: US-China-CDC Partnership 


Those who failed to honor their oath of office and the Constitution by orchestrating, financing, enforcing, or participating in the C19 operation, must be prosecuted. -JD





April 6, 2023 | By Jeffrey A. Tucker | Brownstone Institute


Link To Full Article HERE



November 24, 2020 | By James CorbettThe Corbett Report |

What no one is saying about the lockdowns

Link To Video 







Operation Warp Speed: The Role of the US DoD and Partners in the CV19 War on Humanity 


Operation Warp Speed Florida: 19,000% Increase in Senior Deaths After CV Shots 


Opinion | Alex Azar: Americans Need to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine – The New York Times (


Governor’s lockdowns destroy lives and economies.


C*vid doesn’t destroy lives and economies–politician’s decisions and lockdowns do. 


Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING? 


End all lockdowns and health mandates and NEVER bring them back! 


C0v|d Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever 


Is Trump really cheering for experimental jabs and lockdowns? 


New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs” 


Link To Video




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Is the balloon story BS?

February 6, 2023 | Is the balloon story BS? | Clearly the balloon story is not adding up. | Image source

The balloon could actually belong to the U.S.  The narrative was a distraction and China called our bluff.


Like every other story invented by the mainstream media and US government, one must be skeptical of the claims and examine the facts.

Recently our attention was directed to the stratosphere in order to witness an alleged Chinese spy balloon.

For reference of a timeline of events starting on January 28th please see link below:

READ: Timeline: Where the Chinese surveillance balloon was spotted before being shot down – ABC7 New York 

In the article above, consider the travel times between locations and the certainty with which the announcement was made that the balloon was headed to North Carolina.



Initially China claimed the balloon did not belong to them.

READ: Fabricated balloon lie cannot be tied down to China

Research balloons have been aloft for decades and are not particularly unusual since they are used for surveillance and weather research.

READ: Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US _ US military _ The Guardian August 2019

Many people were drawn into the narrative of the Chinese spy balloon and took to the internet to research the situation for themselves.

Notably, two news outlets strayed from the prevailing theme of impending doom. Both stories assert it was not a Chinese spy balloon and both never mentioned any other balloon. Also, notice the photo.

#1  Thousands Mistook a US Research Tool for the Chinese Spy Balloon (

Link To Full Article HERE


Link To Full Article HERE


Despite these two articles, the story of the Chinese spy balloon was gaining traction. Online sentiment was getting heated, triggering Congress members to call for military action. After consulting with the DOD Joe Biden decided to allow the balloon to continue to collect valuable data on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Naturally, at this point Donald Trump publicly remarked that he would have shot the balloon down days ago. This comment unleashed a veritable tsunami of fact checkers who discovered that there may have been high altitude balloons flying around during Trump’s watch.  To which, Trump dismissed as fake news.

Thereby perpetuating more online drama and endless balloon theories. Was it a trojan horse?

China eventually changed their story and claimed that it was, in fact, their weather research balloon that had strayed thousands of miles off course.

Anyhow, instead of escorting the balloon to a safe location to examine the payload and collect data and intelligence, the US military waited until the thing traversed the entire nation and then scrambled a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor jet fighter to shoot down the balloon with Raytheon’s Sidewinder missile.

READ China Accuses US of ‘Overreacting’ When Shooting Down Balloon

It appears that the balloon really was a standard high-altitude research tool from the United States traversing the entire nation collecting valuable data, and the U.S. shot down its own balloon.

China, taking advantage of the public deception, changes its story, claims the balloon is theirs and now wants the remnants which of course includes valuable data.

READ Spy row balloon is ours and doesn’t belong to America, says China | South China Morning Post (

What is really going on here?

There are 193 nations participating in UN WMO (World Meteorological Organization) weather programs that are well aware that weather balloons, satellites and research tools are floating in and around their borders constantly.

Could the balloon incident have been a deliberate distraction from something else?

Yes.  Definitely.

From Sun Tsu’s Art of War: “all war is based on deception,” to Israeli Mossad: “by way of deception, thou shalt do war,” which has recently been updated to “without deception, a nation fails”.

Major nations and empires throughout history have incorporated elaborate schemes to obfuscate or simply hide their activities as per the Freemason motto: ‘Ordo ab Chao’.



With an overarching perspective of world events normally outside of our scope in the US, the meeting on February 4, 2023 between alliances moving away from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, may have prompted covert retaliation.




The balloon situation is a perfectly ironic distraction during a deployment of weather weaponry. Could this massive 7.8 earthquake on February 6 be related to the February 4th meeting shown above?


READ [PDF] Super Weapons (Energy Weapons) for Inducing Earthquakes, Landslides, Sinkholes, Snow Avalanche, and Erupting Volcanoes | Semantic Scholar


READ Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine (


The US military has known about the capabilities of geophysical warfare techniques for a long time.


READ Top Secret meeting held on March 20, 1974; made public on May 1974

Link To Document


Pell Believes U.S. Uses Rain‐Making To Flood Vietnam – The New York Times 1972 

Senator Pell  Top Secret Hearing To Prohibit Weather Modification 1974



READ  HAARP to begin largest set of experiments at its new observatory | Geophysical Institute (


READ How to Wreck the Environment_1968

Chapter from ‘Unless Peace Comes’, by Gordon J. F. MacDonald, U.S.A.




• 193 member nations participate in the UN WMO.

• China and the United States are both members.

• Unnecessary debate about a rogue weather balloon held the public’s attention.

• Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria bypass the SWIFT system.

• US sees this as a threatening alliance as the global economy hangs in the balance.

• Massive earthquake activity in Turkey and Syria.

• China wants the balloon.

• Humanitarian crisis in Turkey and Syria with death toll at 20,000.

The whole balloon fiasco was the left hand while the hidden hand on the right was doing something else.





READ  U.S. military’s newest weapon against China and Russia: Hot air – POLITICO


Link To Article HERE


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Mainstream Media: Weapons of Mass Deception

January 4, 2022 | Mainstream Media: Weapons of Mass Deception | The war to win hearts and minds depends on shaping and manipulating public perception. | Image Source


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  This quote is attributed to William Casey, former CIA Director from 1981-1987.


The CIA is an illegitimate agency, which according to former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, has entire training courses on how to lie, cheat, and steal. The target of operations is apparently the public.

Link To Video


Recent revelations have exposed the fact that alphabet agencies including the CIA, DHS, and FBI have a leading role in censoring information, spreading disinformation, and moderating content on social media platforms.

Imagine the implications if the American public knew that information on mainstream “news” and social media is false, designed to distract, deceive, divide and lead toward a predetermined outcome of engineered events. -JD



Is the CIA Public Enemy #1?

The Twitter Files Expose Systemic Censorship of Americans by Alphabet Agencies




Link To Full Article HERE