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NOAA’s fabricated temperature data behind climate policies

April 21, 2024 | Image source  | Is NOAA‘s flawed data being used to determine climate policy? Temperature data is evaluated using information from the United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN). However according to scientists experienced in the field, many stations in the USHCN network are not functional or do not exist.

Certified consulting meteorologist Lt. Col. John Shewchuk stated, “NOAA fabricates temperature data for more than 30 percent of the 1,218 USHCN reporting stations that no longer exist… In these days of apparent ‘climate crisis,’ you would think that maintaining actual temperature reporting stations would be a top priority—but they instead manufacture data for hundreds of non-existent stations. This is a bizarre way of monitoring a climate claimed to be an existential threat. “Observed data is real. Altered and fabricated data is not real. Period.” Map above from website NOAACRAPPY provides location information about “ghost” stations, including when they were closed and links to NOAA readings.  Link to Article  Hidden Behind Climate Policies, Data From Nonexistent Temperature Stations


Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records

Climate Change: Researcher Admits to Altering Research To Get Published | National Review

Many climate change scientists do not agree that global warming is happening – PMC (

Link To Article HERE

Many climate change scientists do not agree that global warming is happening 1998

Despite consensus narratives, there is no climate emergency

Marketing is a globalist tool used to sell catastrophe, manipulate emotions, and wage mind wars.


Nothing happens by accident. Engineered weather, engineered “virus”, engineered economic collapse, engineered wars, engineered social unrest, engineered immigration…there’s a budget and coordination plan for every engineered crisis.

As we celebrate Earth day, observers of the “engineered crisis” phenomenon may notice increasing “climate crisis” marketing, and attempted power grabbing by corrupt politicians.


The presentation below provides historical references documenting “climate emergency” marketing through the years.

Link to Video HERE


-Statement below from The Club of Rome 1991 book “The First Global Revolution” concludes: the real enemy is humanity:

Related: Debt From Above: The Carbon Credit Coup

Most would AGREE that environmental preservation and protecting life on Earth is extremely important.


However well meaning, climate narratives are failing to add into the climate equation, (per the Club of Rome quote above) Agenda 2030, as well as over 70 years of deliberate weather and climate modification.

The climate hypothesis also fails to add dry ice, (which is also carbon dioxide, or “CO2”) a registered pesticide used for cloud seeding, and electromagnetic radiation pollution into the climate equation.

University of California Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald 1968 article, How to Wreck the Environment

MacDonald states, “Among future means of obtaining national objectives by force, one possibility hinges on man’s ability to control and manipulate the environment of his planet. When achieved, this power over his environment will provide man with a new force capable of doing great and indiscriminate damage.” In the article, WEATHER MODIFICATION, CLIMATE MODIFICATION, and SECRET WARS including the use of radiofrequency radiation are described: “The enhanced low-frequency electrical oscillations in the Earth-ionosphere cavity relate to possible weapons systems through a little understood aspect of brain physiology.”

Michael Aquino, author of From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory, was an expert in psychological warfare, a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, a satanist, and founder of the Temple of Set. He was also investigated for sexual molestation of children.


In MindWar Aquino wrote, “…this weapons system uses existing communications media. It seeks to map the minds of neutral and enemy individuals and then to change them in accordance with U.S. national interests. It does this on a wide scale, embracing military units, regions, nations, and blocs. In its present form it is called Psychological Operations (PSYOP).”

How electromagnetic weapons induce disease and mentally disable entire populations


Weather, Mass surveillance, and Artificial Intelligence



S. 3888 Artificial Intelligence, Mass Surveillance, & Weather

Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21  by Rosa Koire



By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt




Is your city following the UN Agenda instead of following The Constitution?

What Percent of Our Atmosphere is CO2?

Zero Carbon – Zero Covid: Twin Phantoms of Planetary Genocide

Carbon Pipeline Permit Rejected in North Dakota

Epic Fail: Offshore Wind Farms Are Killing Whales and Destroying Oceans

Is it ethical to purchase a lithium battery powered EV?

Freedom or Agenda 21? 

In Honor of Rosa Koire, Truth teller, author of Behind the Green Mask, who passed away on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021

Researchers Study Link Between RF Radiation Exposure and CV19



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Unelected Kerry Demands Obedience To Militant Climate Agenda

December 5, 2023 | Image source: Private Jets Headed for Dubai Global Warming Conference Reportedly Seen Frozen, Grounded in Munich Due to Heavy Snowfall |

In a rather awkward moment for climate agenda promoters, the president of the COP 28 climate summit, Sultan Al Jaber, stated that there is ‘no science’ behind calls to phase out fossil fuel.

“You’re asking for a phase-out of fossil fuel,” al-Jaber said.

“Please, help me, show me for a phase-out of fossil fuel that will allow for sustainable socio-economic development, unless you want to take the world back into caves.”

A thriving economy is dependent upon access to abundant, cheap, and reliable energy. While US policymakers attempt to handicap Americans and our economy with unrealistic and unreliable energy strategies, nations like India and China have mostly abandoned emissions reductions.

Unelected ‘climate czar’ John Kerry, like other globalist millionaires who fly around the world in their private jets telling people how to live their lives, stated that he is getting more and more militant about imposing economic burdens and restrictions on the public.

U.S. administrations have adopted UN Agenda 2030 energy-crippling policies, abandoning reliable fuel sources and setting a course to disable America’s thriving economy and energy independence.  For example, efforts to block the sunlight reduce the effectiveness of solar panels, reduce crop yields, and harm the environment and health.

What are the origins of 1.5 degrees Celsius and climate change marketing targets?  See 1975 DARPA SOVIET DEVELOPMENTS IN WEATHER MODIFICATION, CLIMATE MODIFICATION AND CLIMATOLOGY

In addition, covering the Earth in microwaves via satellites and ground-based irradiating infrastructure is another reckless scheme that is not green, energy efficient, or safe.

Our energy systems are being designed by corporate sponsored politicians and bureaucrats instead of by engineers. The result is more expensive and less reliable energy, ethics and human rights violations, in addition to harmful environmental impacts and devastating fires.

Though most would wholeheartedly agree that it is extremely important to stop pollution, protect our environment and all life on Earth, the politically driven climate narrative is simply not supported by actual science.



Meteorologists, Scientists Explain Why There Is ‘No Climate Emergency’ 

Climate Change: Researcher Admits to Altering Research To Get Published | National Review

Zero Public EV Chargers Built Since Congress Approved $7.5 Billion To Expand Network 



Biden climate czar John Kerry demands global ban on coal plants at UN COP28 conference 

Link To Full Article HERE

Kerry: US joining no-coal, clean power pledge 

Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference “Literally Frozen On Runway”  



China has bailed on emissions reductions making US efforts pointless


Despite consensus narratives, there is no climate emergency



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Cease Fire!

October 30, 2023 | Violence is the enemy.

As members from both sides of the aisle in Congress prepare to provide more funding for violent warfare, thousands in the USA and around the world are calling for an immediate cease fire and peace for the people in Israel and Gaza.

This past weekend at Grand Central Station in New York City, Jewish Voice for Peace led thousands in a sit-in of people from wide ranging backgrounds including elected officials, students, rabbis and academics. According to reports, 400 were arrested in one of NYC’s largest demonstrations of civil disobedience in over two decades.

We stand in a defining moment, as the world watches in horror as DC politicians continue to fund and support policies of genocide and mass destruction not only in the Middle East, but also in Ukraine. ENOUGH!


Now IS the Time for Peace Negotiations

Americans cannot afford to bankroll more war 

Peace in Israel and Palestine 



Jewish Voice for Peace Leads Protest of Thousands in NYC’s Grand Central Station | Democracy Now!

Link To Full Article HERE





A Textbook Case of Genocide (

Link To Full Article HERE



Is the War in Gaza Really About Controlling Oil and Gas? Article below provides insight into the history of the Israel-Palestinian conflict:


Link To Read Full Article HERE




This Is What It Was Like to Be Indifferent to Nazi Genocide — Strategic Culture (



Link To Full Article HERE





Rep. Delia Ramirez Backs Gaza Ceasefire Resolution in Congress: We Need Diplomacy, Not More Bombings

Dear America: We’ve Got Our Own War To Win 

Keep US Out of War 



Image source

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Why are ex-presidents partnering with Soros?

April 24, 2023 |   George Bush is remembered for 911, illegal invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Bill Clinton is noted for scandals, ties with Jeffrey Epstein and approving sensitive technology transfers to China.  Barak Obama started numerous wars and orchestrated the 2014 coup in Ukraine with the support of Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland.

Now these ex-presidents are teaming up with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Soros is a friend of the WEF, billionaire ‘philanthropist’, and New World Order proponent.

It’s unlikely that the best interests of Americans are a top priority in these business dealings.

As many are aware, Soros invested in defunding the police and as a result many of our great cities are now overwhelmed with crime. Funding lawmakers and DAs has also been a big focus for Soros.

Now, in partnership with the ex-presidents, a new effort is underway that is likely to increase domestic hardships.


Link To Full Article HERE

Bush, Clinton And Obama NGO Teams Up With AmEx Global To Fly Migrants Into The US


Public scrutiny is urgently needed with regard to George Soros’ influence on domestic policies and the impact that these questionable endeavors will have on the lives of Americans.




George Soros has funded 75 pro-criminal prosecutors to the tune of $40M

Why Can’t We Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America? 

Candace Owens: Soros is invested in a country that isn’t America 

Defunding Police Backfires: Crime Soaring in Cities With Defunded Police Departments 

Ruth Edmonds on Police Funding 

George Soros’ son has easy access to White House honchos (



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October 18, 2022 | ZERO Mandatory Vaxx | ACTION ALERT: PROTECT CHILDREN! OPPOSE Adding CV-19 To V@xx Schedule

Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Caregivers are encouraged to call and email the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices  (ACIP) Members to OPPOSE adding the CV-19 injection to the childhood vaxxine schedule.

In light of the millions of injuries and deaths resulting from these jabs so far, it is clear that the motive to adding more shots is not about improving children’s health. -JD



HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN |  By James Roguski | Source



  • Dr. Grace Lee 650-497-0618
  • Lynn Bahta (an RN) 651-201-5505
  • Dr. Beth Bell  404-432-3059
  • Dr. Oliver Brooks 323-564-4331
  • Dr. Wilbur Chen 410-706-5328
  • Dr. Sybil Cineas 401-444-4741
  • Dr. Matthew Daley 303-393-6604
  • Dr. Camille Nelson Kotton 617-726-3812
  • Dr. Jamie Loehr 607-697-0360
  • Dr. Sarah Long 215-427-5201
  • Veronica V. McNally (an attorney) 517-432-6969
  • Dr. Katherine A. Poehling 336-716-9661 extension: 62540
  • Dr. Pablo J. Sánchez 614-722-4559
  • Dr. Nirav D. Shah 312-952-6092
  • Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot 615-322-2035


CLICK HERE for additional information about ACIP members



The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will be meeting

October 19, 2022: 8:30am – 5:30pm ET

October 20, 2022: 8:30am – 4:00pm ET





By Joydah Mae


Link To Video



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US Marines Ask Court For Relief From C0VID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Link To Document

US Marines Ask Court For Relief From C0VID-19 Vaccine Mandate

July 5, 2022 | By Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times | Zero Hedge

Several members of the U.S. Marine Corps filed an amended complaint seeking relief from the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for service members, claiming they were denied religious exemptions.

The complaint was filed (pdf) in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida against the Defense Department, Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Gen. David H. Berger, the head of the Marine Corps.

“The plaintiffs are Marines who face a deadline to receive an injection that violates their sincerely held religious beliefs since all of the COVID shots are associated with aborted fetal cells,” said a news release from Liberty Counsel, which filed the claim on 15 Marines’ behalf.

Those Marines, the release added, “have been refused any religious exemption or accommodation,” although the deadline to receive the vaccine has long passed. “These dates have passed, and disciplinary actions have already commenced,” it said.

Now, the Marines are seeking relief to prevent them from facing court-martials, dishonorable discharges, or other demeaning measures, according to the group.

“As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we must continue to fight for the freedom of those who protect us every day. No service member should be forced to choose between serving God and serving country,” Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said in a statement. “The Department of Defense continues to violate the law and ignore their religious freedom. This lawlessness must end.”

Link To Read Full Article Here




February 15, 2022

“Why would we even vaccinate a military that only had 20 deaths from COVID? Why would we take that chance? Why are we vaccinating healthy pilots that have essentially zero risk of dying from COVID?” asked Merritt, who completed an orthopedic surgery residency in the U.S. Navy and served as a Navy physician and surgeon.

“What’s really going on here? Why would we hide it in the database? Why would we not point out that we are the military that’s vaccinating our people with this RNA technology, but not the Chinese? The Chinese military isn’t doing this and nor [are] the Russians. So is this a military takedown?” added Meritt, who took note of the military-wide epidemiologic database that showed the rate of cancer and neurologic complications or neurologic diseases going up by 300 and 1,000 percent, respectively. (Related: Cover up: DOD silent after whistleblowers expose COVID ‘vaccine’ injuries in military)”

LINK To Article

LINK To Video


Dr. Lee Merritt asks: Is a US military takedown happening?




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North Dakota Attorney General’s Office looks into Bill Gates-related farmland sale

North Dakota Attorney General’s Office looks into Bill Gates-related farmland sale

June 22, 2022 |  By Mikkel Pates |

The North Dakota Attorney General’s office is asking Red River Trust, a Washington-based entity with offices in the Kansas City, Kansas, area, and an address at Grafton, North Dakota, to prove that it doesn’t violate anti-corporate farming laws, which would require it to sell land it purchased from owners of Campbell Farms of Grafton.

BISMARCK, N.D. — The North Dakota Attorney General’s office is looking into a land transaction between a prominent Grafton, North Dakota, potato farming family and a trust associated with billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

In a letter dated June 21, 2022, and addressed to the Red River Trust, care of trustee Peter Headley, in the trust’s Lenexa, Kansas, office, and also at an office in Grafton, North Dakota, where Campbell Farms is headquartered and still operates, the attorney general’s office notified the trust that all corporations or limited liability companies are “prohibited from owning or leasing farmland or ranchland in the state of North Dakota,” and from “engaging in farming or ranching.”

“In addition, the law places certain limitations on the ability of trusts to own farmland or ranchland,” the letter said.

Attorney General Drew Wrigley was not immediately available for comment but said he could speak on the matter after a response period.

The Trust and Headley have 30 days to respond to Kerrie Helm, a paralegal in the attorney general’s Corporate Farming Enforcement Division.

“Our office needs to confirm how your company uses this land and whether this use meets any of the statutory exceptions, such as the business purpose exception, so that we may close this case and file it in our inactive files,” the letter says.

Agweek on June 13, 2022, broke a story that described transactions about land deals, and a paper trail that connected the transactions in Pembina and Walsh Counties . The deal totaled $13.5 million, involving a total of about 2,100 acres.

The North Dakota Corporate or Limited Liability Company Farming Law has “certain exceptions, such as permitting registered family farms or allowing the use of the land for business purposes,” the letter said.

Initially, the law requires North Dakota county recorders to provide a copy of a title to the attorney general if that recorded title “conveys ownership of farmland or ranchland to a corporation or LLC.”

The letter said it had “come to our attention” that the Red River Trust “may have acquired land for farming or ranching in Pembina County on Nov. 4, 2021. A corporation or LLC “found in violation” of the law has up to a year to divest itself of the land or face a penalty “up to $100,000,” the letter said.

Link To Full Article Here



Link To




Conflict of Interest? Bill Gates Gave $319 Million to Major Media Outlets, Documents Reveal




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All Major US Airlines To Be Sued Over Vaccine Mandate

All Major US Airlines To Be Sued Over Vaccine Mandate

Link To Document_usff-v-atlas-air-complaint-final



May 25, 2022 | By Enrico Trigoso | The Epoch Times

18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

   First lawsuit against Atlas Air has been filed

“John Pierce Law has filed a lawsuit against Atlas Air, on behalf of US Freedom Flyers (USFF) and Atlas employees, and plans to sue all major airlines, 18 altogether, plus the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), contending that the vaccine mandates imposed by these agencies on the airlines’ employees infringed on their constitutional, religious, and medical liberties.

The lawsuit against Atlas Air was filed in federal court in the Southern District of Florida, with over 100 plaintiffs pursuing litigation.

“Fundamentally, this case is about whether Americans should be required to choose between their livelihoods and being coerced into taking an experimental, dangerous medical treatment,” reads the lawsuit (pdf).

Plaintiffs are mostly unvaccinated pilots, flight attendants, as well as other Atlas staff.

“It is also about the safety of America’s airline industry. Should pilots—under federal regulation required to be among the healthiest workers in the United States—who have taken an experimental ‘vaccine’ that is now shown to have potentially deadly, long-term side effects, be allowed to fly massive aircraft in our skies? While those who have (smartly) refrained from such a course be forced out of their jobs?” it states.”

Link To Read Full Article_The Epoch Times 

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2018 “Accidental” Government Release of Documents on Electromagnetic Weapons


2018 “Accidental” Government Release of Documents on Electromagnetic Weapons

April 19, 2018 | by David Grossman | Popular Mechanics | Source

Government accidentally releases documents on “psycho-electric” weapons

They were mistakenly sent to a journalist.


“The government has all kinds of secrets, but only a true conspiracy theorist might suspect that “psycho-electric weapons” are one of them. So it’s odd that MuckRock, a news organization that specializes in filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with state and federal government bodies, received mysterious documents about mind control, seemingly by accident.

Journalist Curtis Waltman was writing to the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC), a joint operation between Washington State law enforcement and the federal government to request information about Antifa and white supremacist groups. He got responses to the questions he asked, but also a file titled “EM effects on human” Inside, where documents like this:



Remote mind control AND remote brain mapping.



Human brain waves as described in documents held by the government for some reason.


At least some of the images appear to be part of an article in Nexus magazine describing a 1992 lawsuit brought by one John St. Clair Akewi against the NSA. Akewi claimed that the NSA had the “ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health” and was documenting their alleged methods.

Nexus was, and still is, an Australian magazine focused on the unexplained, conspiracy theories, alternative medicine and the like. It covered Akewi’s case in 1996 but was unable to get Akewi to discuss it further: “I tried ringing Mr Akwei to find out what was the out-come, if any, of his court case. He firmly but kindly told me that he could not speak about anything to do with the case over the phone and hung up,” reads an editor’s note at the end of the article.

The federal government has absolutely experimented with mind control in a variety of methods, but the documents here do not appear to be official.

Waltman had no idea why these documents were included in his request and isn’t sure why the government is holding them. The WSFC did not respond to requests for more information.”

Source: MuckRock


Link To_Government Accidentally Releases Documents on Psycho-Electric Weapons





“The invention relates to stimulation of nerves by pulsed magnetic fields.”






“The monitor of a television set emits an electromagnetic field in much the same way as a computer monitor. Hence, a TV may be used to produce screen emissions for the purpose of nervous system manipulation…” LINK






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Defunding Police Backfires: Crime Soaring in Cities With Defunded Police Departments



Photo Image  Source

Governors’ decision to release criminals last year while placing population on house arrest and closing schools, created the perfect storm for the present situation. Better police training, community involvement, and reforms are needed, not less law enforcement.



Defunding Police Backfires: Crime Soaring in Cities With Defunded Police Departments


Crime Soaring in Cities With Defunded Police Departments  LINK






Murders surge as police are defunded, up 64% in Minneapolis LINK



Blame criminals, Democrat Left for today’s crime surge LINK



The ‘defund the police’ movement falls flat on its face in New York City  LINK



21-year-old man fatally shot at point-blank on East Flatbush street: NYPD  LINK



Refund Police: Major Cities Backtrack on Defund Police After Violent Crime Skyrockets  LINK

Elected Officials in New York City Clash on Defunding the Police   LINK



Congress members calling for hearings to address crime surge resulting from defund the police scheme  LINK





Ruth Edmonds on Police Funding








Charles Barkley On Defund The Police: “Who are Black people supposed to call — Ghostbusters?”

Link To Video