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Wyoming lawmakers introduce legislation prohibiting CDC and WHO health mandates

February 6, 2023 | Wyoming lawmakers introduce legislation prohibiting CDC and WHO health mandates in the State |

Legislators in the State of Wyoming introduced House Bill No. HB0143, prohibiting health mandates and requirements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States centers for disease control (CDC).

The proposed new state law states that these organizations: “shall have no jurisdiction in Wyoming and any requirements, mandates, recommendations, instructions or guidance provided by either organization shall not be used in this state to justify any mask, vaccine or medical testing requirements and shall have no force or effect in Wyoming”.

This law would protect the people of Wyoming and their economy from unconstitutional mandates. May all 50 states introduce and pass similar legislation. -JD



Link To HB 0143



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Exit and Defund the UN

February 1, 2023 | Exit and Defund the UN | The USA needs to withdraw membership and stop funding the United Nations. The corrupt UN organization and affiliate agencies have roots in eugenics with the goal of installing a one world government controlled by unelected bureaucrats. The US is the #1 funder of the UN, with China #2 and Japan #3 LINK -JD



LINK: Get the US Out of the UN – The Public Demands It! Update as of February 1, 2023 (

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H.R. 7806 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2022 

H.R. 7806 – GUIDE


HERE is a link to help you locate your US Representative

SCRIPT FOR CALL/TALKING POINTS (takes a few minutes to download) This script is only “suggested” feel free to use your own script but please keep it polite.

Link To Letter HERE



Link To U.S. Funding of the UN System




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New Hampshire Bill to Ban Social Credit Scores

February 1, 2023 |  New Hampshire Bill to Ban Social Credit Scores  | HB 225

“AN ACT relative to prohibiting the use of currency that could be detrimental to privacy rights, to ban social credit scores” was introduced in the New Hampshire House.

HB 225 aims to ban a central bank digital currency (CBDC) from being used in New Hampshire and prohibits any currency to be connected to a social credit score. There is a globalist push for “environmental, social, and governance,” or ESG scores, to change people’s behavior and control how they spend money. We saw this tactic play out during the trucker protests in Canada last year when some supporters who donated to the cause had their bank accounts frozen. HB 225 would prohibit these types of actions.  -JD




Link To HB 225 HERE



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State Senator Files Resolution Rejecting Foreign Troops in Oklahoma

January 15, 2023 | State Senator Files Resolution Rejecting Foreign Troops in Oklahoma | SCR 2

Senator Nathan Dahm has filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 in response to the federal government and DoD announcement that Ukrainian troops would start training in Oklahoma.

“We must put the people of Oklahoma first,” Dahm said. “We shouldn’t be allowing the unaccountable spending, corruption, and potential money laundering to now flow through Oklahoma with the presence of foreign troops on our land.”

Bringing foreign soldiers to train on USA soil creates a national security hazard and must not be tolerated. -JD



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Arkansas Governor Terminates Existing C19 Orders

January 13, 2023 | Arkansas Governor Terminates Existing C19 Orders

The newly-elected Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders repealed five remaining C19 executive orders stating that it’s time for Arkansas and America to “get back to normal.”

Calling the repealed orders obsolete, the Governor said, “In Arkansas we will not have mask or vaccine mandates. We will not shut down churches or schools. And we will move beyond COVID”.

Sanders says that as Governor, her focus is in putting the health, safety and well-being of Arkansans first.  -JD