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Israel’s Pearl Harbor? Reports Emerge of Ignored Warnings

October 9, 2023 | Violence is the real problem, not a solution. What’s needed is a cease fire and immediate diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the conflict.

Added to the colossal intelligence failure of Israel to defend against ‘surprise’ attacks this past weekend are reports that Egyptian intelligence agencies repeatedly warned against “something big” being planned.

Similar to the attacks on September 11th, the events are quickly being used as justification for escalation of violence and agendas without any investigation and prosecution of those who are alleged to have committed the crimes.

From The Times of Israel:  “Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the chief military spokesman, acknowledged the army owes the public an explanation. But he said now is not the time. “First, we fight, then we investigate,” he said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s widely unpopular attempt overhaul the judiciary, fallout from the forced CV19 “vaccination” operations in both Israel and Palestine, and decades of instability in the region are matters that may be shifted out of public view in favor of more war. 

In his recent article, Brandon Turbeville sums up the situation and the need to stop escalation of the conflict:

“The current Israeli war is already spilling across borders but, if it is not contained immediately, will risk bringing in Lebanon, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Egypt, the United States, NATO, and Russia as well as the gangs and hordes of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists the West and GCC have sponsored across the Middle East.

Western powers must stay out of the Israeli/Hamas war. Both the United States and Russia (though it will likely only become involved as a result of US involvement) must show the utmost restraint in this regard. The world cannot afford to allow this war to become the graveyard of humanity.”

Predictably, the U.S. is sending weapons to Israel, consistent with the endless war policy.

Link To Full Article HERE



Egypt intelligence official says Israel ignored repeated warnings of ‘something big’ | The Times of Israel

Link To Full Article HERE 



Particularly notable is the lack of leadership, investment or interest in defending USA borders and airspace.

Pentagon Announces $150 Million In Defense Aid To Ukraine For Bolstering Borders With Russia 

Why is the Biden administration opening instead of securing southern border? 




Israel Knew Hamas’ Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago

Should dual citizens in Congress and other public offices be required to disclose their citizenship status? 

Freemasons in Congress? Americans Need To Know. 

Dual citizens or freemasons in public offices? 

Something Is Not Right About The Israel/Hamas War – Could It Lead To Genocide, World War Three? – Activist Post

What Happened September 11, 2001

This “surprise attack” on Israel seems just as sketchy as the “wildfires” in Lahaina (and the “vaccination” drives forced by BOTH Israel AND the Palestinian Authority) 

Israel ignored warning ‘something big’ was coming: Egyptian official (

Questions emerge over Israel’s intelligence prowess (

Israel Downplayed Gaza Threats, Ignored Warning: Egypt Intel Official (

Featured image source








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‘Surprise’ attack in Israel raises questions

October 8, 2023 | Image source | Questions are continuing to emerge following what is being reported as a ‘surprise attack’ on Israel yesterday by terrorists known as Hamas.

Without a doubt, violence is to be condemned and those who are proven to be responsible for violent atrocities must face serious consequences for their actions. What’s called for a cease fire and full investigation, not an escalation in violence. The USA should work to help diffuse the situation and initiate negotiations for peace.

What was learned from studying the events of September 11th, 2001, is that there are often hidden agendas in place (such as the PATRIOT ACT) and there is always more to the story, especially regarding the role of intelligence agencies such as the CIA and Mossad.

Most striking about the official narrative is that this was a ‘surprise’ attack. It’s extremely difficult to believe that one of the most sophisticated militaries in the world would be caught off guard.  Israel has a state-of-the-art surveillance system and technologically advanced weaponry, such as the Irone Dome.

The U.S. Congress gave $1 billion to Israel for the Iron Dome missile-defense system in 2021.

Link to Full Article Here


According to a former IDF member there is no way anyone could approach the border without the armed forces knowing about it. See video here:




The Case For “Inside Job” Picks Up: Did Israel Confiscate Guns At The Border Sept 1? 


After the alleged ‘surprise’ attack, mainstream media began repeating the statement that ‘Israel has a right to defend itself,’ which is true.


However, upon failing to defend their border, the response was immediate retaliation and escalation of violence.


Additionally, observers have reported that Gaza buildings “collapsed,” similar to the Twin Towers, which could indicate professional demolition.


Gaza buildings collapse after Israeli air strike 

Link To Video and Full Article HERE




The conflict may serve to provide Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu with political cover to impose unpopular policies such as judicial changes that have previously had widespread opposition. 




More information will be added as this situation continues to develop.



This “surprise attack” on Israel seems just as sketchy as the “wildfires” in Lahaina (and the “vaccination” drives forced by BOTH Israel AND the Palestinian Authority) 

Something Is Not Right About The Israel/Hamas War 

October 3  IZ Travel Advisory Warning Issued

What Happened September 11, 2001



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Weather Engineering by Artificial Satellites

October 7, 2023 |  | Our weather is engineered. | Image Source

Most people have heard of genetically modified (GMO) food, GMO vaxxines, and even GMO mosquitoes. Climate and Weather Modification, however, is a new topic for some. Absent from most of the discussion on weather and climate extremes, the intentional manipulation of Earth’s weather and climate for over 70 years, is a factor that needs more public scrutiny and most importantly, requires regulatory oversight and prohibition.

Satellites may be used for weather management, as well as weaponry, surveillance, and communications.



Weather modification by artificial satellites

This invention is an aerospace system designed to harness solar energy to modify the earth’s weather.



Link To Patent HERE




Starlink Satellite Map:

Live Starlink Satellite and Coverage Map (





Satellite transmissions of pulsed RF/MW Radiation or Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) are capable of traveling at the speed of light.

Link To Video

6/02/2023 — Dutchsinse — Fires – Canada under attack? DEW or people?! 



*Concept and model for utilizing high-frequency or radar or microwave producing or emitting devices to produce, effect, create or induce lightning or lightspeed or visible to naked eye electromagnetic pulse or pulses, acoustic or ultrasonic shockwaves or booms in the air, space, enclosed, or upon any object or mass, to be used solely or as part of a system, platform or device including weaponry and weather modification-US20130015260A1


Link To Patent HERE




*Directed Energy Futures 2060

Link To Article HERE





Weather Warfare, Directed Energy Weapons, Lightning Strikes, (NOT climate change) May Very Well Be The Cause of the Devastating Fires 

HAARP – Holes in Heaven • ZERO5G

China and Russia Building Attack Satellites – Defense One

China Exploits Fleet of U.S. Satellites to Strengthen Police and Military Power – WSJ

NOAA: National Weather Service’s systems hacked by China –

Nebraska Weather Modification Code § 2-3237

National Weather Modification Policies and Programs 

Congressionally Mandated Research Plan and an Initial Research Governance Framework Related to Solar Radiation Management

Directed Energy Futures 2060

More Evidence Suggests Directed Energy Weapons Caused Fires in Maui 

US Satellite Systems Were Hacked in 2014

Starlink Satellites Increase RADIATION Coverage 

BlackSky Next-Generation Monitoring Satellites Will Have 50cm Resolution 

Soviet Developments In Weather Modification, Climate Modification, and Climatology

Congress moving forward on classified 6G wireless 




More Context 

What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with RADIATION?

How “5G” and Geoengineering are Linked




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Starlink Satellites Increase RADIATION Coverage

October 2, 2023 | Image source | What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with RADIATION?

Words like “capacity,” “coverage,” and “connect,” are often used to describe the exponential increase in RADIATION deployment from Starlink satellites that are covering the Earth.

There are currently zero enforced environmental safety regulations and a never ending marketing campaign promoting more and more “coverage”.

Greater public understanding (and essential regulatory oversight) of the looming ecological hazard created by unlimited satellite RADIATION deployment is critical right now.


After all, in addition to satellites providing constant “coverage” (exposure) of RADIATION, satellites provide constant surveillance. Satellite networks are also extremely vulnerable to hacking as well as having the capability of being used as weapons.

In a 1975 DARPA report on Soviet advances in climate and weather modification, the authors state that “the University of California is cited as engaged in research on the debilitating effect of weak vibrational fields on human behavior.”


Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms


As the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) continues pushing Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, including the use of satellites and overarching Artificial Intelligence, public awareness and strong regulatory oversight is needed in order to protect life on Earth and reign-in out-of-control satellite networks and their interoperable ground-based infrastructures.



Microwave Emissions and the Problem of Modern Viral Diseases

China, Russia Building Attack Satellites and Space Lasers: Pentagon Report

Live Starlink Satellite Map / Operation Starfall H.R. 5123 

Stop The Digital Prison H.R. 3557 and H.R. 4141

Is your city following UN Agenda 2030 instead of the Constitution?

Freedom or Agenda 21/2030?



“Starlink is now available across the United States.”


Link To Starlink Map HERE



Starlink satellites: Facts, tracking and impact on astronomy | Space


Link to Full Article HERE




The FCC just dished out their first space junk fine

The Amazing Deception


ALERT: OPPOSE Federal Bills That Would Increase RADIATION 


HR 3557 and Related Bills are a Lose-Lose for Everyone Except the Wireless Industry 


Directed Energy Futures 2060


Congress moving forward on classified 6G wireless • ZERO5G


BlackSky Next-Generation Monitoring Satellites Will Have 50cm Resolution • ZERO5G


Satellites may connect the entire world to the internet • ZERO5G


Soviet Developments In Weather Modification, Climate Modification, and Climatology


China Exploits Fleet of U.S. Satellites to Strengthen Police and Military Power 



More Evidence Suggests Directed Energy Weapons Caused Fires in Maui



More Context 

What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with RADIATION?

How “5G” and Geoengineering are Linked



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Yale University Researchers Develop Air Vaxx for Delivering mRNA

October 2, 2023 | Image source | The US government and UN have a history of testing biological agents on the population without their knowledge or consent. Researchers from Yale university have developed a method to vaxx the population by means of an airborne method, stating that the “new method of delivery could ‘radically change the way people are vaccinated”. A study was performed on mice using polymer nanoparticles to encapsulate mRNA, making it inhalable. This academic endorsement which amounts to compulsory vaxx, underscores the urgent need for meaningful public oversight and control over university programs and strong regulatory prohibition of intentional atmospheric polluting.



Link To Video Here



Air Vax — mRNA Delivered Straight Into The Lungs – No Jab Needed.

While scientists may celebrate this invention as a convenient method to vaccinate large populations, skeptics raise obvious concerns about the potential misuse of an airborne vaccine, including the possibility of covert bioenhancements a concept that has previously been suggested in academic literature. (source).

Link To Full Article HERE



Link To Article HERE




Air Vax – The Latest mRNA Delivered into Lungs – Dr. Mercola


Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare (1952)


Vaxx in the Veggies?



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Report: CV Vaxx Linked to Increased Mortality – 17 MILLION Deaths

September 30, 2023 | | A scientific report studying 17 Southern-Hemisphere countries found unprecedented increase in mortality after the rollout of the CV vaxx, especially in the elderly population. The data suggest the vaxx did not save lives, but instead resulted in 17 MILLION deaths.

Authors conclude that there was no evidence in a reduction in all-cause mortality (ACM) or any beneficial effect of the CV vaxx.

The researchers stated, “This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths.”

The report is not yet peer-reviewed.



COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

Link To Full Report HERE




COVID Vaccines Causally Linked to Increased Mortality, Resulting in 17 Million Deaths: Scientific Report 

By Megan Redshaw

A new scientific report challenges the idea that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented deaths after researchers assessed all-cause mortality in 17 countries and found COVID-19 vaccines did not have any beneficial effect on reducing mortality. Instead, researchers found that unprecedented peaks in high all-cause mortality in each country—especially among the elderly population when COVID-19 vaccines were deployed—coincided with the rollout of third and fourth booster doses.

The report, published Sept. 17 by Correlation Research in the Public Interest (pdf) (not yet peer-reviewed), quantified the vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) for all ages—which is the ratio of inferred vaccine-induced deaths to vaccine doses delivered in a given population. After analyzing mortality data, the researchers calculated a mean all-ages fatal toxicity by injection of vDFR of one death per 800 injections across all ages and countries. This equates to 17 million COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths worldwide from 13.25 billion injections as of Sept. 2, 2023.

“This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths,” the authors said. The overall risk of death induced by COVID-19 vaccines is 1,000 times greater than previously reported in data from clinical trials, adverse event monitoring, and cause-of-death statistics obtained from death certificates.

Link To Full Article HERE





Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes

On American state-level prosecution for federal government chemical and biological WMD crimes. 

The New Constitution: Living War Crimes 

Remember the Lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed 

Large Study Finds Significant Retinal Eye Damage After CV Vaxx 

Sudden deaths surge in athletes after CV injection

PubMed: Engineered graphene oxide (GO) as a vaxx nano-adjuvant

Chinese Patent CN112220919A CV Vaxx contains graphene oxide  




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Re: National Wireless Emergency Alert System Test

September 28, 2023 | | Thankfully, many are aware of the FCC/FEMA emergency alert system test scheduled for October 4th and recognize that they can power off the phone in order to withdraw from participation. 

Keep in mind that cell phones are not reliable in an emergency: Hawaii 911: Cell Phone Service Failure 

According to their news release, FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The announcement states that beginning at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET, cell towers will broadcast the test for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, WEA-compatible wireless phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA.

Integrated Public Alert & Warning System |


However, the capability to continuously transmit RF/MW Radiation, track and surveilcollect private data, implant malicious content, and remotely turn on phones to locate/record the user, is not limited to one day. These facts warrant close public scrutiny and study.
Slow motion animation: near-field chaos and far-field radiation from a dipole antenna  Scientists4WiredTech


It’s important to recognize that when powered on, ‘smart’ phones (and interoperable microwave antennas) continuously transmit pulsed, modulated RF/Microwave Radiation, 24/7/365.

Best practices to significantly reduce radiation exposure and withdrawing participation from data harvesting and tracking include: using cell phones less often, or ditching ‘smart’ phones and other wireless devices, preferring wired connections instead.

Those who have studied the harms of wireless radiation are aware that exposure to Radiofrequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation is known to cause adverse bioeffects including flu-like symptoms.



RF/ Microwave Radiation is a weapon.

REPORT:Interdisciplinary research project to explore the potential for developing non-lethal weapons based on radiofrequency/microwave bioeffects.

The Internet of Bodies
“This Article introduces the ongoing progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Internet of Bodies (IoB)—a network of human bodies whose integrity and functionality rely at least in part on the Internet and related technologies, such as artificial intelligence.IoB devices will evidence the same categories of legacy security flaws that have plagued IoT devices. However, unlike most IoT, IoB technologies will directly, physically harm human bodies—a set of harms courts, legislators, and regulators will deem worthy of legal redress.” LINK




In addition to finding ways to begin reducing RF/Microwave Radiation exposure as best we can, it’s important to address the polluting infrastructure.

We can do this by educating elected representatives, strengthening local ordinances, and getting involved in policy making at the local and state level with regard to regulations governing wireless infrastructure.


What to Do About The Digital Prison Act, HR-3557 – Wire America


Examples of Local Victories:

Massachusetts: Sheffield and Great Barrington residents approve hold on 5G applications 

Dalton Gardens, Idaho Wireless Ordinance Defeated 

Lewis County Tennessee Resolution Passed Requesting Research Proving Safety of 5G 

 New York City Communities Passed Resolutions for Moratoria on 5G

Victory in Long Beach, California Preventing 5G Tower 


Link To Article HERE





ALERT: OPPOSE U.S. Federal Bills That Would Increase RADIATION



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August 2023 Report – Injecting Aerosols for SAI

September 25, 2023 | | Report |According to authors of a recent report Optimizing injection locations relaxes altitude-lifetime trade-off for stratospheric aerosol injection, “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) is the deliberate introduction of aerosols or aerosol precursors into the stratosphere,” in an attempt to block sunlight and manipulate Earth’s temperature.

The activity of SAI is based upon climate hypothesis, now disputed by over 1,000 scientists as being politically, not scientifically driven, based on a globalist agenda.

In ongoing government sponsored academic programs to contaminate the air with aerosol pollution, there is no consideration of adverse SAI health and environmental impacts. Authors reference estimated aerosol injection of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) at 1 Teragram per year – Tera denotes a factor of a trillion / 1,000,000,000,000 grams.



The cost of stratospheric aerosol injection through 2100


To protect life on Earth, the current and long-standing policy allowing for funding and coordinating of SAI (aka environmental warfare) must be abolished and the activity of engineering weather and climate, prohibited. 



Sun, H., Bourguet, S., Eastham, S., & Keith, D. (2023). Optimizing injection locations relaxes altitude-lifetime trade-off for stratospheric aerosol injection. Geophysical Research Letters, 50, e2023GL105371.

1 School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA,

2 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA,

3 Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA,

4 Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA,

5 Department of the Geophysical Sciences, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Link To Article HERE

Geophysical Research Letters – 2023 – Sun




What can be done to ban weather engineering and other hazardous emissions:

Regulatory measures at the state and national level can be enacted and implemented to prohibit weather manipulation and the release of hazardous emissions in our skies and at ground level.

Mexico banned Solar Geoengineering experimentation in January 2023.

PennsylvaniaMaryland, and West Virginia provide precedent from the 1960’s for prohibiting and preventing cloud seeding and weather modification activities. These kinds of policies could be reenacted at the state and national level today.

The Atmosphere Protection Act was introduced in Rhode Island in 2023 to prohibit deliberate polluting activities in the atmosphere and at ground level, including both aerosol injection and RF/MW Radiation.

Legislation to tackle geoengineering and weather modification pollution was also introduced in Connecticut and Illinois this year.

Take Action HERE



To learn more about advocating for laws to prohibit weather modification, geoengineering, and other atmospheric/environmental hazards email: or





Are Directed Energy Weapons and Geoengineering Triggering Explosive Fires? 

More Evidence Suggests Directed Energy Weapons Caused Fires in Maui 

Despite consensus narratives, there is no climate emergency

How Geoengineering and “5G” are Linked 

What is the impact of satellites covering the Earth with Radiation? 

Weather Warfare Conceals Climate & C0v*d Crimes 

How electromagnetic weapons induce disease and mentally disable entire populations

NATO and the Militarization of 5G 

Military leading the charge on 5G 

Unless Peace Comes – How to Wreck the Environment | A Scientific Forecast of New Weapons • 1968 

Technology Convergence 2035: Humanity vs. AI 

Depopulation Club: The Story of the Committee of 300 

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Fire Starters 

A Cognitive Model for Exposition of Human Deception and Counterdeception

The Amazing Deception 

Rockefeller’s War On Humanity: UN Agenda 21/2030 & The New World Order 

NASA Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]



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Biden DHS Approved Secret Foreign Flights Directly into U.S. Airports

September 22, 2023 | Image source | It’s indisputable that the Biden administration is facilitating an invasion of the USA.

Weaponizing immigration programs is another policy of treason that defines Joe Biden’s presidency. Open border policy is unacceptable, as it is compromising national security and public safety.  Securing the borders and implementing standard security protocols is critical.

Related:  Migration as a Weapon

There was once a lawful process in place for people to come into the USA to visit, work, and live, but that has apparently been abandoned.

According to reports, over 2 million migrants have crossed the borders without sufficient vetting. As Americans continue to meet the challenges of current times, many are now aware of how the Biden administration’s immigration policies are undermining national security and accelerating the decline of economic conditions.



The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC

Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion 


New records reveal that hundreds of thousands of individuals have flown into the nation with approval from the DHS. A recent report shows that with the CBP One smartphone application, migrants can take commercial flights straight to their choice of American cities.


Link To Full Article HERE





Biden is hiding illegal immigration with secret flights 

Arizona Whistleblowers Expose Crisis at the U.S. Border 

Why is the Biden administration opening instead of securing southern border? 

Orchestrating Crisis: How The Biden Administration and State Public Officials Are Undermining National Security 

Biden Administration Confused About What Border to Defend? 

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night 

Federal Whistleblower: Government Complicit in Trafficking Children

“if it gets out… the government is betraying the American People”

27 Texas counties declare invasion at southern border 

Biden Administration’s ‘Operation Allies Welcome’ Brought Suspected and Known Terrorists from Afghanistan to USA 

Why are ex-presidents partnering with Soros on immigration? 

Florida governor keeps playing politics with national security 

Texas Governor Undermining National Security? 




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Not One More Dollar to Zelensky

September 19, 2023 | Image source | Americans never authorized funding Washington’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Volodymyr Zelensky is going back to DC to ask politicians for more money for his endless war that most Americans do not support and cannot afford.


Link To Full Article HERE


Florida Rep. Byron Donalds summed up the reality:

“There’s no money in the House right now for Ukraine. It’s just not there.”

“…And to be blunt, we’re running a $2 trillion deficit; any money we’re giving to Ukraine we’re borrowing from our future. That’s the facts. Those are the truths. You can feel how you want to feel about it, I’m here to tell you what’s right and what’s real.”

Senator Paul will hold up any spending stopgap that includes Ukraine funding 

Link To Full Article HERE


Significant New U.S. Military Assistance to Ukraine – United States Department of State

Ukraine war should not have happened 

Stop Funding Zelensky’s War and Give Americans their Money Back

Pentagon leaks confirm Americans being misled on Ukraine war

Zelensky and His Generals Embezzled ‘At Least’ $400M from U.S. Aid Last Year, According to Intel. 

‘Where Is the Money?’ Military Graft Becomes a Headache for Ukraine

Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support 

Off ramp needed from DC’s failed proxy Ukrainian war against Moscow

Introduced: ‘‘Ukraine Fatigue Resolution’’ to end military and financial aid to Ukraine

Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine 

Current Ukraine Scenario Written in 2019 By Rand Corporation 

NATO membership for Ukraine is a bad idea

Ukraine NATO: Why it’s not a good time for the country to join 

Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe

Why Most of the World Isn’t on Board with the NATO-Russia War