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2015 Report Examines Autoimmune Diseases Following Vaxx


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“The vaccine is a filthy substance, and it is foolish to expect that one kind of filth can be removed by another”.   –Mahatma Gandhi

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Authors L.E. Guimarães et al. review, Vaccines, adjuvants and autoimmunityexamine autoimmune diseases following vaccinations. “In this review of the literature, there is evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmunity and adjuvant-induced autoimmunity in both experimental models as well as human patients.”

Research focus is on adjuvants role in triggering disease.

“Scientific findings suggest that autoimmunity may be triggered by vaccine adjuvants, of which aluminum compounds (aluminum hydroxide and phosphate) have been the most studied and the most widely used.”


L.E. Guimarães et al. / Pharmacological Research 100 (2015) 190–209

“…Adjuvants and infectious agents may exert their immune-enhancing effects through various functional activities, encompassed by the adjuvant effect. These mechanisms are shared by different conditions triggered by adjuvants leading to the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA syndrome).”

Vaccines, adjuvants and autoimmunity 2015

“…Recently a new syndrome was described: “Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants” (ASIA). This embodies a spectrum of reactions, which are usually mild but may also be severe. These reactions are attributed to adjuvant stimulation, which can include chronic exposure to silicone, tetramethylpentadecane, pristane, aluminum, infectious components and other adjuvants. All of these environmental factors have been found to induce autoimmunity and inflammatory manifestations by themselves both in animal models and in humans.”


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Toxic mosquito aerial release system

October 9, 2023 | | |2015 US Patent 8,967,029 B1 Toxic mosquito aerial release system describes an invention “capable of delivering lethal and non-lethal toxins, including any agent that can be carried and administered by a mosquito”.

Acknowledged in the background information provided is the fact that well known methods of toxin delivery include dispersion using an aerosol spray.

Mentioned as an obstacle in deployment of chemical weapons, is the Biological Weapons Convention, aka the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction, which entered into force in 1997.

This potential barrier to deployment of chemical weapons could be ‘solved’ according to the patent: “one unquestionably legal application of the toxic mosquito delivery system is immunization made possible by adding a toxin, that is, a genetically modified bacterium capable of activating a person’s immune system to fight malaria, to mosquitoes. Those contaminated mosquitoes could be aerially released to immunize at risk populations against malaria.”


“With this new technology, insects can now be more important than individual immunizations or than tanks or laser guided bombs.”

“The toxic mosquito aerial release system is a new and needed technology. It is a way to administrative curative or immunological injection, to administer calmative agents, or to administer deadly disease to wipe out and disable the enemy at a minimal cost. For use in conflict, there is no longer the need to spend countless billions of dollars and to destroy entire areas with bombing, and to wound or sacrifice our bravest and finest soldiers. When it comes down to the hell of war or the miraculous, beautiful technology of a mosquito, the choice will be easy to make.”


Link To Patent HERE

US8967029 Toxic mosquito aerial release system



*It’s noteworthy that malaria alerts were issued in July 2023 in Florida and Texas, the same states that Bill Gates funded Oxitec mosquitos were released.



In 2009 Gates lectured about malaria and released mosquitos into the audience.


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Unsurprisingly, Gates has funded malaria vaxx “research”.


Other “research” on GMO mosquitos has been funded by DARPA, NIH, NSF, and the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences:

Combating mosquito-borne diseases using genetic control technologies | Nature Communications

Combating mosquito-borne diseases using genetic control technologies DARPA








Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Set to Be Released in California and Florida

Florida and California: STOP RELEASE of Billions of GM Mosquitoes! 

Genetically modified mosquitoes vaccinate a human – The Counter Signal




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To learn more about advocating for legislation to prohibit release of biological agents and toxins email: or